Assist with CPO pick up trip

Assist with CPO pick up trip

I'll be picking up my wife's CPO 85D soon (assuming I ever have an actual conversation with sales rep, which would be a different post.)
I've got to get it from Paramus, NJ to Dallas.

Using the online trip planner I'm approximating by selecting the 75D. I don't see a way to choose one of the older battery models.
I tried manually tweaking the route URL to include "v=MS_2015_85D", but no dice.

I don't see any easy way to determine timing between stops, separate from charging time, so I can decide where to grab a hotel.

The MS has ~20k miles, so should get close to full range, though it's looking like I'll be driving in some cold weather.
I'm suspecting the planner does not consider this, so I'm expecting more or longer stops until I get farther south.

It appears the planner avoids going through major cities and really doesn't want to take the route through Memphis and Little Rock.
That could limit the hotel choices along the way. Expecting I'll have to stop twice if I can get a fairly early start. Not sure if that's realistic for how the pickup process works.

Any recommendations on how to plan the full trip; taking advantage of charger locations to overlap with sleep stops?

Advise, lessons learned, etc. are appreciated.

Bighorn | 2019年2月16日

Try evtripplanner or abetterrouteplanner
The car will figure it out in your hands if you don’t need to know everything ahead of time. Routes don’t necessarily avoid cities. I’d plan for it to take the number of miles divided by 50 MPH, in hours. I don’t do planned sleep stops, but I’d break it down by however many hours you plan to drive each day using the equation above to plot intermediate distances.

p.c.mcavoy | 2019年2月17日

I likewise use evtripplanner to figure out my routes. It will allow you to put in intermediate waypoints if you have a specific route you prefer.

If you do decide to overnight it, take a look at Plugshare for hotels that may have a charger. Once I have a general idea of where using BH’s 50 mph average rule of thumb, I’ll then see if I can find a convenient place that also has a charger. Don’t lock in on only destination chargers, but any L2 charger for an overnight stop will allow you to leave fully charged the next day and likely save you one supercharging stop. Many times you can find hotels near a supercharger, but overnight an L2 charger is just as effective. I will typically call ahead, make sure it’s working, and see if there is an option of having them block one for me, especially if I’ll be coming in a little late.

Hope everything with your CPO delivery goes smoothly and you have a good road trip taking it back home.

Goozin | 2019年2月17日

Ha, one week and still haven't had an actual conversation with SA. Will try again tomorrow in between his off days.
Not too worried, since I'm happy to do this after the snow melts a bit.
Great advise to think outside the SC box, so thanks for that. I'm hoping to use points for hotels, so do want to plan ahead, even though I'm the type to usually plan about 5 minutes after I start something. The 50MPH napkin number will definitely help me narrow things down.
I'm excited about the trip (likely the most I'll ever get to drive it), but maybe not all 3 days. Was trying for something in CO or GA, but this one was such a great deal it couldn't be passed up (assuming I do close on it.)
The route it's offering over the Appalachians looks OK, but wondering how bad that gets. We Texans don't know much 'bout gettin' through the pass in February. :-)

Ronflanagan | 2019年4月13日

How did it go? I'm about to embark on the same journey.