Avoiding red lights

Avoiding red lights

Hi Elon,

Can we please have this feature?


Mike UpNorth | 2019年2月18日

Whoa. Super cool.

Bighorn | 2019年2月18日

Only Audi needs this so as not to be embarrassed lining up with a Tesla at a red light. Have never met a Tesla owner who would find this desirable.

lilbean | 2019年2月18日


Shesmyne2 | 2019年2月18日

'Restart the engine when the red light is turning green'
Isn't that what regen is for?
without the engine part...

Still Grinning ;-)

lunde | 2019年2月18日

Audi should call this feature the New Green Deal. Oh, wait…

charles.a.braun | 2019年2月18日

Be like this guy and dont concern yourself with red lights. He and his passenger walked away completely uninjured. Of course he damn near killed the 3 people in the Infinity. But hey, that's what they get for being in an inferior automobile.

CST | 2019年2月18日

I always time them manually and do quite well myself.

lilbean | 2019年2月19日

+1 @CST
Audi drivers need special help.

walnotr | 2019年2月19日

One of my greatest pet peeves is the timing on traffic lights. Nothing is more irritating then getting up to speed just in time to stop for the next light. Years ago there was a stretch of road in SF posted with signs stating if “X” mph was maintained all lights would be green. There was a light at every intersection but you could drive all the way through the area without stopping if the speed was maintained. Of course traffic was not nearly as bad then. It also illustrates how much more efficient highway driving could be if all vehicles maintained a constant speed and people didn't constantly try to save a few minutes by causing others to slow to avoid their bad driving.

hokiegir1 | 2019年2月19日

It's too much fun being the first off the line (without really trying) and being at the next light when the rest of the "pack" is barely crossing the last intersection. LOL!

disapr | 2019年2月19日

This is the company that is working with Audi to make this possible.

It's pretty interesting and would be useful for an EV, but it does seem like more of a solution for ICE powered vehicles. For pre-green auto-start and also lower emissions due to starting and stopping.

More info on how it works

hokiegir1 | 2019年2月19日

The thing this would be better for is when FSD is eventually released. This could be useful in timing those lights better and recognizing states of lights rather than just relying on cameras.

walnotr | 2019年2月19日

@hokiegir1- I agree it is fun to look in the rear view and see everyone else in the distance behind me and am always amazed at how “slow” they seem to be. The down side is I’m waiting for them to catch up at the next light. I don’t feel like I’m really accelerating that hard either. I simply get up to speed quicker than them.

It was the same for me on snowy Alaskan roads while driving my studded tired awd Audi. That car saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年2月19日

@walnotr You are thinking of 19'th AVE. The lights were timed and signs posted on them as to what speed they were timed at.

jjgunn | 2019年2月19日

Damnit! Had to stop at a red light this morning in my Tesla. Sucks!

andy.connor.e | 2019年2月19日

We're getting closer to just not needing traffic lights at all.

walnotr | 2019年2月19日

M8B, that could be it. It was late 50’s early 60’s and we were going to GG park.

RedShift | 2019年2月19日

I’m sorry, I don’t see color. I was just brought up like that.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年2月19日

Yup, 19th drops right into the park. The signs and timing went away in 70's. I believe Sunset was also timed for a while (will also take you into the park closer to the beach).

CorkChop | 2019年2月19日

I predict that as part of a step to level 5, Tesla will start alerting you to bad behavior (running yellow lights) and warning you to STOP at a red light, much like it alerts you to slow/stopped cars in your lane now.

jjgunn | 2019年2月19日

Magic 8 Ball | February 19, 2019
Yup, 19th drops right into the park. The signs and timing went away in 70's. I believe Sunset was also timed for a while (will also take you into the park closer to the beach).
Great Highway & also Octavia are still timed lights & work too.

teslu3 | 2019年2月19日

Optimization that varies speed to avoid red lights will improve energy efficiency. FSD should do this. If other cars follow it will help their efficiency as well. I do use autopilot on some roads with few stop lights but turn AP off when approaching lights to gradually slow instead of rapidly stopping, improving mpge (after 15700+ miles, my average is 200wh/mile).

CST | 2019年2月19日

Up in Reno, there is one light that will turn red on you if you're going too much over the posted speed limit.