Are You Using Seat Covers?

Are You Using Seat Covers?


I am a new Model X owner, I am wondering if I need to get the seat covers for my new MX... I need it to protect my seats, I've googled some great seat covers for MX, but I really love the taptes one, it's really cool. friends told me it's unnecessary.

Please advice!
The taptes seat covers:


bp | 2019年3月6日

We have the ultra white seats in our 2017 S 100D and 2018 X 100D and they are still ultra white today.

We carry in each vehicle two bath size towels, with snaps we added to go over the headrests.

Whenever we are wet when it's raining outside or we come back from exercising, we'll quickly drape the towels over the seats - and when we get home, remove them (possibly wash them).

This allows us to drive without the seat covers almost all of the time - the seats look great without covers - while also keeping the cost of the temporary covers very low.

Pelli | 2019年3月10日

@bp Thx! That's a great idea! But I also need to decorate my new MX, omg, I love it so much.

PEDawg | 2019年3月11日

Do they make sheepskin seat covers for front seats in the Model X?

2020 | 2019年3月14日

I have the ones below. Leather is not as soft as the Tesla leather. Super pain to install- I gave up. If anyone wants them before I trash it can have them, just pay for shipping.

packpike | 2019年3月14日

Ultra white seats here too. Like bp, I only use a cover after working out. I have one that drapes over and won’t let water go through. Other than that, no seat covers. They look great and clean easily so why cover them?