Aftermarket dashcam - need reliable switched 12V outlet

Aftermarket dashcam - need reliable switched 12V outlet

I installed a front and rear dashcam. Plugged it into the 12V outlet under the armrest. The problem is the car does not cut power to it immediately upon exiting and locking the car, or even if I press the power off button on the screen. Sometimes it turns off in 5 minutes, other times like last night where it remained on for 2 hours after I got out of the car, so I have 2 hours of complete darkness recorded. The issue with that is one, it's using up the 12V battery power unnecessarily and two, it overwrites possibly important video footage.

Any of you guys with aftermarket dashcams have a solution?

h2ev | 2019年3月16日

Also, as long as the car is plugged in, the 12V outlet will not shutoff. My 64GB card holds about 6hrs of footage, so the whole card will be overwritten.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年3月16日

If you like to tinker, perhaps you can make a 12vdc relay switch to be installed between the 12v accessory outlet and the dashcam. This one from Amazon might do the trick.

kcheng | 2019年3月16日

Can you rewire your dash cams to use USB?

Bloob | 2019年3月16日

Unplug it?

h2ev | 2019年3月17日

@Lonestar, in fact I love to tinker. There are so many applications for that relay. I will definitely look into that. Thanks.

@kcheng, the dashcam actually does use a USB connection for power. Yes I can simply use one of the USB ports under the center console, but I assumed that the USB will also behave the same way. I will plug in a USB light or something later to find out.

Since my very first car, I've always insisted on hardwiring any in car electronics - you will never see any of my cars with wires dangling off the 12V outlet. In any other cars, it's a very simple matter of tapping into the fuse box. Done in minutes. Since there's no fuse box in the Tesla, I ended up disassembling the entire center console to tap the 12V outlet power line, and added a 12V outlet by the footwell under the center console. Great thing there is easy access in the future - the carpeted cover by the foot well just pulls right off.

@bloob, I wired the front main dashcam body right up against the edge of the windshield that the USB connector is actually under the headliner. Very clean look if I may say so myself ;) So it can't be easily unplugged.

h2ev | 2019年3月18日

Thanks Carl. I have a feeling all 12V circuits in this car will behave the same way - remains on until whenever the car decides to go to sleep. From that video it looks like a very tough reach to tap that harness, but at least not much disassembly to get to so I will definitely give it a try.

BTW I erased my wifi profile from the car and it now seems to go to sleep much more quickly when in my garage. It seems to make sense as my guess is when the car is connected to wifi, it probably phone homes to mothership doing background stuff and keeping the car awake over random periods of time. I will keep monitoring it.

Not sure if coincidence, but since removing the wifi, opening the app on my phone also wakes the car immediately, rather than taking 30 seconds or more.

abalsone | 2019年3月18日

I use that same plug that Carl posted the video to. Powers my dashcam and radar detector. They turn off as soon as I close the doors. You can get to that plug without really any disassembly, just gotta fish your arm up there.