Price increases on Monday

Price increases on Monday

I am taking delivery on Monday and am particularly concerned about the Autopilot upgrade. I heard it is going up, but by how much? Is it reverting to $5,000 with Enhanced Autopilot features (e.g., auto park and summon)? If I don't add Autopilot to my design now, will I be able to add it later for $4,000 or will the stripped-down Autopilot be gone as an option? If anyone has a Twitter account, can you ask Elon? Thanks.

rdoubleug | 2019年3月16日

Did you order after 2/28? If you did, the prices are not going up for AP or FSD. They will be more expensive after delivery, however ($4000 for AP & $7000 for FSD). They are $500 more each during the 30-day trial. Again, this is only if you ordered after the new prices were announced on 2/28.

Bill9999 | 2019年3月16日

Thanks! Yes, I ordered after the price decrease but they found a match in inventory. At $500 more, I think it will be worth my while to wait and try it out for a few weeks.