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Is there a possibility to search forums on keywords?

Ivan Zhegalin | 2019年3月22日
EVRider | 2019年3月22日
basjan.dane | 2019年3月24日


steveheller49 | 2019年3月25日

unsure about interior options other than black/white in the new model Y. my question is, will the standard range also have the premium interior with leather? or will the standard range have a cheaper, cloth interior like standard M3? | 2019年3月25日

@steve - Tesla no longer offers leather on any cars. They use a ultra-leather synthetic material that is far longer lasting and has far better stain resistance. Feels like leather too, but no leather scent. Most can't tell the difference.

While Tesla has not disclosed what will be on the SR Y, I'd expect it to match the SR M3 (i.e. fabric seats). They may offer a SR+ Y with upgraded seats.

UberJumper | 2019年5月12日

You can also do this in search engines:

“ shadow overpass“

ericguthrie | 2019年5月17日

Dynamic paint color for visualization
On the in-car screen and in the app/website, a Tesla owner's car color displays on the visualizations. I like this feature. But what if the owner, on his own, has the car painted a new color (black to red, or even red to pink for ex.) Programmatically, the visualizations will no longer reflect the car's actual color. Probably a stupid idea, but how about using one of the car's self-facing cameras to periodically (like 1 photo/mo) take a shot and compare that color to what's currently in the car's color profile and then update the profile/visualizations if it has changed materially. You could hard code a sufficiently inclusive list of colors to reasonably standardize the effect across Tesla screens and apps, but yeah - thats the idea.