Jeda or Nomad

Jeda or Nomad

I'm curious to hear what the opinions are on the relative merits and disadvantages of these two chargers (and others that may be available for the 3 as well)... I'm trying to decide which one to get..


marym23 | 2019年3月28日

I purchased the Jeda first as it was the only one available at the time. It doesn't have any lights showing that it's charging and didn't hold the phone as snugly as I had hoped for. Once I did more research, I came across the Nomad and purchased that. I LOVE it. It definitely looks more OEM than the Jeda, has lights that show it's charging and that it's fully charged. The lip on the bottom that actually holds the phone is more substantial. Hands down, I prefer the Nomad. Both work but one looks better doing it!!

dsvick | 2019年3月28日

I'm very happy with my Nomad. It charges my phone just fine through my dual layer Otterbox case, holds my phone perfectly in place, looks just like OEM and I've had no issues using it with a USB hub so I can use the dash cam as well. My only complaint would be that it does prevent you from fully opening the tray that it sits on so it makes it harder to reach USB ports - but I rarely have to get at them so it's pretty much a moot point.

Effopec | 2019年3月28日

I got the one from Taptes. Only $50 and it's worked great so far.

hcdavis3 | 2019年3月28日

Love my Nomad. I have used other Nomad items for my iPhone too.

guydude | 2019年3月28日

Nomad is excellent

ralphfiol | 2019年3月28日

Nomad is awesome. Very happy with it. Not sure if it's standard, but they also included USB splitter cables with my order. Thus, I still have full use of my two center console USB ports. I say "not sure if standard", because the cables where not in the Nomad box, but instead included loosely within the shipping box.

cborstein | 2019年3月28日

I ordered the one from RPM Tesla. Looks just like the Nomad one but its about $60 cheaper. I have not received it yet, but heard good things on reviews.

82bert | 2019年3月28日

Love our nomads.

Mikael13 | 2019年3月28日

Nomad.... best one out there. Got mine earlier this week. Have not heard of anyone complaining about it (except for cost) so I decided to purchase it. I loooove it.... Looks OEM like it should have been in yhr first place. Amber light to confirm charging a plus for me. I am not associated with Nomad but if you Add WELCOME10 as promo code, you get 10% off. And yes.. they do come with (2) USB splitters, which @ralphfiol stated came (loosely) with the packaging (sent via FedEx).

calvin940 | 2019年3月28日

Love my Nomad!

thedrisin | 2019年3月28日

Taptes. Looks OEM. Why pay more?
Would be nice to know comparison of amps output of each one.

christian | 2019年3月28日

I had the Jeda first. I had to return the first one because it didn't fit, which took weeks before they'd send me a new one despite them admitting that they sent me a bad one. Got the new one and installed it. It never stayed down completely (it relies on adhesives to keep it down), the phone slipped off of it continually when accelerating, and then finally it started creaking so bad when the car moved that I thought something was wrong with my center console. It was a few weeks before I even realized it as the Jeda and not the Tesla. I eventually took it out and thew it away.

Then I ordered the Nomad and it's been perfect. None of the problems of the Jeda plus it comes with a splitter so you can still use both sides for charging and have your USB drive plugged in, and it adds a little light so you know your phone is charging. Wish I hadn't wasted time and money on the Jeda.

stbgmannv | 2019年3月28日

Also, went to Lights to indicate charge status, nice texture hold phone, price speaks for itself.

If you can wait a bit for delivery...Check

thedrisin | 2019年3月28日

Just tried my Taotes since recent firmware 2019.8.3 upgrade. Doesn't work now. People are now reporting this issue on other threads about the wireless chargers.

82bert | 2019年3月28日

Nomad still works with 8.3.

ravtdi | 2019年3月28日

Can someone please measure their height and width of where the phone sits on NOMAD. I have an iPhone 7 Plus with a Mophie Wireless Charging case that adds some extra height to it. Also, does anyone know if the NOMAD will charge if the phone is in Landscape mode?

czamara | 2019年3月28日

I have the Jeda. It works, but when I accelerate or corner hard, the phone falls into the storage compartment which you have to open to get it out again. The Nomad has a larger shelf at the end to hold the phone in place.

jim | 2019年3月28日

I'm very happy with my Nomad. I can charge two phones at once along with my music and dashcam drives. Also, still working great after the last update.

Cactusone | 2019年3月28日

I have a Jeda for sale $50

dsvick | 2019年3月28日

@ravtdi - "Also, does anyone know if the NOMAD will charge if the phone is in Landscape mode?"

There is a vertical divider in the middle of the charging pad so you can't place your phone on the pad horizontally.

ENVUSM3 | 2019年3月28日

The Nomad doesn't charge the phone in landscape. I purchased both and ultimately sent back the nomad. The lights aren't that big of a deal for me as the phone clearly shows if it is charging or not. The new 2nd Gen Jeda charges in landscape and comes with a much tacky/stickyer pad so that you phone doesn't slide.

I opted for the Jeda. Hope that helps.

dmaini | 2019年3月28日

Don't use any.. very inefficient way to charge a phone.. too many losses and very slow. Use the dock given by Tesla.. save yourself the $$

Kary993 | 2019年3月28日

Nomad has been great for me. As other said, like the divider, the lower lip and the easy to see charging light when in use for both sides. it also looks like it came with the car.

gridc | 2019年3月28日

Agree with all the comments about the Nomad here, it looks OEM and holds the phone super well. Would buy it again. My only minor complaint is that the lights, which are supposed to be orange when charging and white when completed, seem to turn white at random even when the phone is still charging. I'm guessing it might have to do with the Smart Battery Case I have on my iPhone.

Kary993 | 2019年3月28日

This forum really needs the ability to upload files to show pictures. Yes I know I can provide links to popular sites uploading my pics, but I have clicked on a few other's links and guess what? Virus attacks because free sites like that are hacked all the time!

lemonpie889 | 2019年3月28日

Got the gen2 jeda and am really liking it so far. Very thick, sturdy build quality. Fits perfectly into the compartment for the phone charger. Idk what people are talking when they say they phone slips or moves around when you accelerate or steer. They clearly have the gen 1. The gen 2 has upgraded rubber and a more pronounced lip, preventing your phone from moving around. I don't really care about the status light. Who really needs to know when their phone is fully charged vs uncharged? The landscape mode is also clutch.

cdiamond | 2019年3月29日

I love the Nomad

calpilot7 | 2019年3月29日

I bought the Jeda 2.0 and am EXTREMELY pleased. The Jeda is extremely well made and designed. The Jeda looks more OEM than the melted looking Nomad design and I can flip up the tray to access the storage compartment with the Jeda. The Jeda material is also exactly like the material the stock pad is made from. With the Jeda you can charge two phones portrait or one phone landscape and the phones are not moving at all under acceleration or spirited driving. Highly recommended.

EM34ME | 2019年3月29日

Nomad here, very satisfied.

calpilot7 | 2019年3月29日

PS...Nomad to me looks like it was melted in the just doesn’t look OEM like the Jeda 2.0.

calpilot7 | 2019年3月29日 wears the crap out of the lightening connector having to constantly plug the phone in and who wants to fumble around trying to blindly hook up a phone to a connection? Much better to open the car door and simply lay the phone down on the charging pad.

Carl Thompson | 2019年3月29日


I completely disagree about the look of the Nomad. It definitely looks _better_ than the cheap OEM mat / pad that comes with the car. Nothing "melted" about its looks. And The Nomad does not keep you from opening up the compartment as you are implying.

But I'm glad to hear the Jeda is good too.

calpilot7 | 2019年3月29日

Another thing I wouldn’t like about 5he Nomad is the additional lights,,, I DONT want any additional lighting especially from aftermarket devices. Phone beeps when charging starts.

ripatriot | 2019年3月29日

love my nomad. looks great. works great. the added weight of the pad also got rid of a plastic creak sound coming from that cell phone tray as well.

thomaskpang | 2019年4月17日

Sounds like Jeda V2 may have a chance here.

slingshot18 | 2019年4月17日

I just ordered the TapTes.

stbgmannv | 2019年4月17日

I have the TapTes Wireless Charger. I works well, had to change the way the USBs plugged in like the other brands. Have patience on the delivery times.

bpatter123 | 2019年4月17日

at the recommendation of an earlier poster, I tried this -Gikfun Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board Coil Wireless Charging Micro USB Port DIY EK1854- from Amazon, for $8. Plus $2 for a USB A to C 6" cable & duct taped it to the back side of the existing panel. It works fine even with a 3mm Apple case, and the existing Lightening connector remains for my current wife's iPhone 8. Looks stock & works for ~$10.

Legendisdope | 2019年4月17日

@bpatter123 do you have a picture of your set up? sounds cool.

bpatter123 | 2019年4月17日

Google this: Gikfun Qi Wireless Charger PCBA Circuit Board Coil Wireless Charging Micro USB Port DIY EK1854- make sure to put coil side closer to phone side (more obvious when you see the pic). And remove the Tesla backing part so you can experiment with the optimal coil placement for your phone- use a 5W wall charger to power it for trials.

woster402 | 2019年4月17日

Just installed the Nomad. Seems to be working a ok along with the new ssd I installed for dash am and sentry.

Hcwolohon | 2019年4月17日

I order my Jeda 2 back in March,,, never got a shipping date.... so looked close thru the website and found they are shipping till mid April... mid April is here still no Jeda wireless 2,,, just checked website and iit say,
“All orders placed on our website will ship the end of April! ”

Mmmk k.
So there’s that.

Hcwolohon | 2019年4月17日

I order my Jeda 2 back in March,,, never got a shipping date.... so looked close thru the website and found they are shipping till mid April... mid April is here still no Jeda wireless 2,,, just checked website and iit say,
“All orders placed on our website will ship the end of April! ”

Mmmk k.
So there’s that.

Hcwolohon | 2019年4月17日

Sorry it double posted.

user705459 | 2019年4月18日

DO NOT BUY JEDA. does not work poor customer service DO NOT BUY JEDA

Nightshade780 | 2019年6月19日

Anyone get the new Jeda? I am more interested in the fast charge capability by plugging to 12v center console for fast charging.

jojoe | 2019年6月19日

Nomad is perfect. Everything works like OEM. Looks great. My apple employed wife thinks it rocks

slingshot18 | 2019年6月19日

TapTes. Works awesome. Looks great. Cheaper than Jeda or Nomad.

thedrisin | 2019年6月20日

Why spend more?

wb808 | 2019年6月20日

I have the Jeda 2. The shipping took way longer than desired (ordered early April, finally received early June), but that was mainly because shipments were delayed due to a production change and won’t necessarily be the case should you order one now. I’m totally happy with it, no issues. The reason I like the Jeda over the Nomad was the Jeda allows for your phone to be placed in landscape orientation, nice to have when only one phone is being charged and when using waze. Plus the Jeda has cutouts allowing for wired connections as well should you need it, and it’s nice that the usb cables are detachable from the Jeda (Nomad’s cables are integrated). Overall very happy with it, if any of those features unique to the Jeda appeal to you I’d suggest considering it.