2019.8.3 on model s with HW 2.0

2019.8.3 on model s with HW 2.0

So I just got 2019.8.3 on my HW 2.0 model S and the release notes were blank. I’m not expecting to get sentry mode as I’m assuming that requires 2.5, but does anyone have an idea on what I should get: stop light recognition, dog mode etc...?

Dholl | 2019年3月28日

Yes, dog mode and stop light recognition. I have same vehicle and notes show up eventually after being blank at first

RedJ | 2019年3月28日

Thanks, I also didn’t think to do a reboot which I’m guessing will also help.

steven | 2019年3月29日

In Europe, some cars seem to be getting Navigate on AP with this update, but others have the same firmware version and do not get the NoA feature. Any idea what's up with that?

EVRider | 2019年3月29日

@steven: Do the cars that are not getting Navigate on AP have either EAP or FSD? If so, it might be a map update issue — from what I recall, Navigate on AP required map updates in the US, and map updates happen separately from firmware updates (and only via WiFi).

Gigabit | 2019年3月29日

Same for me as RedJ with blank release notes(early 2017 MS HW 2.0, 2019.8.3). I have a few questions that I would like to pose to my esteemed colleagues that I haven't seen any clear answers to and that I thought I would just throw out there:
1) Is there a possibility to have the the HW 2.0 upgraded to 2.5 or 3.0 either as a company wide upgrade or individual by request and paid for by the individual?
2) Will there be an upgrade for DashCam and Sentry mode etc. for HW 2.0 possibly with less stellar features?
3) Am I just better off being satisfied with what I have or consider trading up to the current model S?

Bill_75D | 2019年3月29日

4) Be satisfied with what you have and keep it. Trade up will kill you on depreciation.

EVRider | 2019年3月29日


1) If you paid for FSD, you'll get the HW3 upgrade. If not, you probably won't, but it's not clear what benefit you would get from it anyway.
2) No one knows, and in fact it's not even clear if HW3 will give HW2 cars dashcam capabilities.
3) Be satisfied with what you have. If you trade up just to get the latest and greatest, Tesla might upgrade the car soon after you trade up and you'll be sad. The only thing you're missing out on is the dashcam (and Sentry Mode), which aren't worth trading up for -- you can always buy an aftermarket dashcam and alarm system, and they will likely be much better than the Tesla offerings.

Gigabit | 2019年3月29日

Well said @EVRider! I have to remember that I basically have a computer on wheels. You will always be a step behind the best unless you have an endless supply of money to burn (which I don’t). I still look forward to every day that I get to drive it.

Ohmster | 2019年3月29日

My 2.5 on 8.3 S’s release notes were also blank. Rebooted and still blank for a few moments.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 8.3)*2. Grin on!

Jcastillo18 | 2019年3月29日

Can I have a 2016 model s and upgrade? Without buying a new car, upgrade the hardware ?

EVRider | 2019年3月30日

@Jcastillo18: Not if your 2016 Model S has HW1 — does it? HW2 started rolling out around October 2016, if I recall correctly.

Gigabit | 2019年3月30日

Just got 2019.8.4 in my 2017 MS HW 2.0 this morning. Release notes tell me:

1) Autosteer Stop Light Warning- When in Autosteer, your car MAY warn you if you are about to run a red light.
2) Dog Mode-Keep your pet comfortable.........
(Don't know why anyone would want to have a pet, let alone a dog, in their Tesla.... Clearly, I'm not a dog person. To each their own)

p.c.mcavoy | 2019年3月30日

@Gigabit - “Clearly, I’m not a dog person”.

Not even a robotic dog to do along with your computer on wheels? There are quite a number of ‘breeds’ to chose from these days.

Jcastillo18 | 2019年3月30日

I think I’m Hw 1 since hw2 has more than one camera correct ?

RAR | 2019年3月30日

HW 2.0 started with builds in October 2016. It has 8 cameras (including backup used for autopilot), while HW 1 has only 1 (plus backup not used for autopilot).

EVRider | 2019年3月30日

Right, HW1 has one camera for AP (not counting the rear camera).

EVRider | 2019年3月30日

Missed it by that much...

SO | 2019年3月30日

I wish they would have the red light warning even if not in autosteer.

Would be a great safety feature to turn on for all Teslas regardless if you have purchased AP or not.

larry | 2019年3月31日

@SO +1

RedJ | 2019年3月31日

@SO I agree. Should be standard safety a feature just like forward collision warning with adjustable sensitivity settings.

Sefar | 2019年4月9日

I have an option to buy a sentry upgrade in my Tesla page online. I guess that means my late 16 MS can't do it as configured? | 2019年4月9日

@Sefar - Are you sure you're not looking at the intrusion module option? It is unrelated to sentry mode. It adds a module with microphones inside the car that detect glass breakage and sets off the alarm. I also have a late 2016 S, but already bought the intrusion module. Items for sale at the bottom of your Manage page are just suggested items you could buy from Tesla's store.

So far Sentry mode is only for HW2.5 cars, although I saw an unconfirmed note that a lite version may be coming to HW2.0 cars. No dashcam recording though, but some video may be sent to Tesla's servers. No way to get access to these uploaded videos so far, and I suspect the upload costs will make it prohibitivly expensive for Tesla to get very much footage.

PatientFool | 2019年4月9日
RedJ | 2019年4月9日

I can confirm that my HW2.0 car on 2019.12 has sentry mode as an option in the security tab. I’ve tried several times to get it to record video to a usb drive but have failed. I am a little hopeful that’s it a fixable bug and not a faux sentry mode because files were created in the correct folder of the usb drive. However they look like they’re incomplete (<1k in size and unplayable).

It’s also interesting that when I plug the usb back into my computer it says that it detected errors on the drive and asks if I want to fix them. When I click yes it tells me there are no errors. | 2019年4月10日

Thanks @Patient and @RedJ for the confirmation. Had a download yesterday hoping for Sentry, but only got 8.5 :( Not sure why some are getting 8.12 at the same time, but perhaps some are in the early access program.

EVRider | 2019年4月10日

@TeslaTap: I think 2019,12 is going out to mere mortals, not just those in the EAP. I was supposed to get invited to the EAP because I bought FSD before all the price changes, but nothing yet.

alanvw | 2019年4月13日

My HW 2.0 Model X j(built prior to Aug 2017) ust got 2019.12 cb68c3d which includes Sentry and Dog Mode. There is nothing in the release notes about using a thumb drive to record the video. I guess you have to contact Tesla after a break in to actually receive the video?

RedJ | 2019年4月14日

@TT I’m not on the early access program so that’s not a prerequisite for 2019.12. It’s been a very long time since I recurved the latest download that wasn’t already going into wide release. Maybe they stoped it from going wide in order fix something.

EVRider | 2019年4月14日

I got 2019.12 a couple of days ago (HW2.5). I had 2019.8.3 before that. The release notes repeated a lot of what was in the 8.3 release notes — the only new items I can recall are the browser update and a new software update UI in the car.