2019.8.5 - Two Thumbs Down

2019.8.5 - Two Thumbs Down

Just updated to 2019.8.5 on my 9 month old S100D. So far, not so good - previous routing errors haven't been fixed and new ones have been introduced. For example, on a frequently traveled route (95 North out of Philadelphia) it proposed an arbitrary exit from the highway and return at the next interchange as if there were a traffic backup, but everything was open and clear. It also suddenly reduced TACC max speed from 70 to 50 three times, each next to an exit I wasn't taking. In all three cases there were no other vehicles around, no shadows, no anything that would explain it.
One lane change (initiated by me via turn signal) that should have been very straightforward resulted in starting to move into the passing lane, then back to the driving lane, repeated twice before actually passing.
Recent versions have also introduced a hesitation before merging back into the driving lane after passing. If there's a car coming up behind me in the passing lane, it looks like I'm being a jerk, intentionally slowing down before moving out of the way.
For sure I'm not enabling automatic lane change - it's clearly not ready for that.

EVRider | 2019年4月8日

The routing and speed limit errors are probably unrelated to the software update, unless there was a map update too.

What version were you on before the update?

Bighorn | 2019年4月8日

What level do you have set for re-routing? Probably an easy fix by turning it off or lengthening the threshold.

I found an exit area where the car slows down even though I was staying on the interstate. Obviously a GPS fencing glitch, but it’s easily compensated for with a little pedal and tapping the speed limit sign on the screen. I guess I’m used to being a beta tester and don’t mind being part of progress. The alternative is to turn it off until it’s fully vetted. I wonder if it has anything at all to do will the GPS catastrophe set to occur this week.

MarcelB | 2019年4月8日

The routing issue may be related to Google: I've seen very similar weird routing just this weekend on my Android phone (not any where near our Tesla).

The Adaptive cruise control issues are quite real, and I'm going to complain to Tesla:
* even at a setting of "1" there's a large gap (~1/2 to 3/4 of a car length) in front of me in stopped freeway traffic
* the following distance is broken, compared to before: it's further away from the "target car" in front of us, but less forgiving (in control speak: the gain is way too high: almost chatters (yes, we're engineering nerds))
* the AP brakes seemingly randomly for what are "non threats"

It's to the point that we don't use the adaptive cruise control in heavy commute traffic anymore (and that was one of the best features).

MezzaLuna | 2019年4月8日

I believe I had been on .4, but only for a few days/one week or so.

I'm not clear about the differences between software updates and map updates - do map updates happen automagically? I don't remember ever seeing any update specifically for maps. In any case, the change in behavior correlated strongly to .5 -- it's a route I travel frequently.

Bighorn, I believe re-routing is set to 10 minutes. But as mentioned, there was nothing at all either on the map or in the real world that would have suggested re-routing was called for. The highway was completely clear.

Is .5 beta? Or are you more generally saying that we're all sort of beta testers? I sure feel that way, with hands and feet always at the ready. | 2019年4月8日

@MezzaLuna - Map updates are infrequent for the internal resident map (which you see in the interment panel when navigating). Google maps are realtime and are always up to date. Expect an internal map update perhaps once a year, and it is mostly automatic, but does require WiFi connection. It is not downloaded via LTE.

Also keep in mind traffic provided by Google (in all their platforms) often lags reality by 5-10 minutes. Perhaps there was a slowdown, that disappeared when you got to it. Waze would be no different.

Some features are beta. When you go to Controls, and see an option on/off that says "Beta" it is a beta feature. For example, auto Wipers is still considered a Beta feature (if memory serves me correctly). Keep in mind the current system is a driver assistant feature - not full self driving. You need to be prepared to take control at all times if some event unfolds in front of you that AP can't resolve. | 2019年4月8日

interment -> instrument

EVRider | 2019年4月8日

@MezzaLuna: If I recall correctly, both the new Navigation Beta (not so new anymore) and Navigate on Autopilot required map updates before you could use them. As TeslaTap said, the map updates happen silently and only over WiFi.

garyjtate | 2019年4月9日

After update yesterday to 8.5, Dash Cam flash drive has gray X.
Sentry useless.

NOA works well.

Bighorn | 2019年4月9日

Sentry records to the Tesla cloud--not useless without a drive.

jagirardi | 2019年4月9日

Just installed 2019.8.5 and no longer have mobile access. It is not even on the saftey & security options screen.
Anyone else experiences this condition?

foster.steve | 2019年4月9日

A couple weeks ago when I upgraded to 2019.8.3, I started experiencing all the problems you described. It was so bad I had to not use TACC on a very long trip. Last night I got the 2019.8.5 update and went out and tested it for an hour today and had no problem, TACC is now working the way it used to work for me. I was passing cars, semi’s and exits and didn’t have any unexpected breaking events. I even tried moving closer to a semi as i came up on it, and I passed it without any issue. It’s strange how the software is behaving differently in different vehicles.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年4月10日

I live in Philly. I have been on 2018.50 not 2019.8.5. If you are talking about what happens at the new section of I95 just North of Center City I have had that happen for some time now. I believe this issue is because the new section of road is now wider and over the old local road. I believe the GPS maps have not been updated by Google. Because of this the system thinks we are leaving the highway. The slowing is because the system thinks it is on a local road with a much lower speed limit. Since this section of road is so new and still under construction I cut them some slack. I would not give the system two thumbs down just for this exception condition.

garyjtate | 2019年4月10日

@bighorn read that Tesla was going to do that but release notes do not address this only flash drive.

garyjtate | 2019年4月10日

Received 2nd update in two days after calling Tesla. 8.6
Dash cam Still does not work....

Sentry alert app appears to work but recording fails since dash cam is not working.

Sailfast | 2019年4月10日

Installed 8.5 yesterday and had to drive car before the suggested 1+ hour load time. The car said it was done but there were no release notes. Did any of you get release notes for 2019.8.5?

Using 8.5 and cruise control on 2 lane roads my wife reports car autobrakes whenever there is an oncoming car, and when coming up behind another car, tour car gets quite close, then brakes hard. Also she says the auto headlights dim sooner than she expects. The car was built 1/22/17, has all the automatic stuff.

Also worth noting: on 8.4, the automatic wipers worked better than on earlier versions.

EVRider | 2019年4月10日

@Sailfast: You might need to reboot in order to see the release notes. If you think you might need to drive the car you shouldn't install an update -- you won't be able to drive until the update completes.

JW_100D | 2019年4月10日

Hi everyone. I got 2 updates back to back over the weekend. The first one added the auto lane change features, dog mode, and sentry. The new Nav on AP was awesome.

24 hours later it took another and we lost alot of the Nav on AP features we've had for awhile.

My car has EAP but not FSD. Is this loss of functionality normal/correct?

Ohmster | 2019年4月10日

^EAP owners should not ‘lose’ any features they had before. Some of the functionality will move to the ‘FSD’ umbrella but that’s another matter.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked AP2.5 Bio 8.5)*2. Grin on!

MezzaLuna | 2019年4月10日

@Anthony, my two thumbs down was definitely not just for the problem you described. That Richmond St exit issue has been there for quite a while, and for the reason you mention - the road was slightly rerouted and Nav hasn't figured that out yet. I had been hoping for a fix (I've called it in a few times). It's the other problems that I'm more concerned about.

@Sailfast, yes, release notes were on screen when I first got in the car after the update.

@TeslaTap, helpful answers as always, thanks. And yes, I'm definitely aware that we're a long way from self driving, moreso with every new release :-)

Bighorn | 2019年4月10日

Did you try to reference the release notes on the Tesla screen?

EVRider | 2019年4月11日

@JW: Which updates did you get, and which NoA features did you lose on the second update? I haven’t heard of anyone else losing NoA, so check your settings and make sure none of them were changed by the update (which happens sometimes).

JW_100D | 2019年4月11日

@EVRider I got the auto lane change with first update last weekend. After the second update (my wife reports) that it no longer takes exits by itself, suggest lane changes to pass a slower car, no auto lane change, etc.

I have not confirmed her claim as I'm out of town but she drives it everyday and probably knows better than I.

I'll check the settings however. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't an intent of the update, for folks with EAP but not FSD, to be limited in functionality.

Thanks for the reply.

Sailfast | 2019年4月11日

@ Bighorn I just checked, and we do have the release notes. I also rebooted, and will check it all out tomorrow.

EVRider | 2019年4月12日

@JW: Sorry if I wasn’t clear before, but which versions did you get with the two updates?