Great Elon interview with Lex Fridman MIT

Great Elon interview with Lex Fridman MIT

Very good interview with Elon & Lex Fridman of MIT

Mathew98 | 2019年4月12日

Man, it's too early for bed time. The guy was so dry, he was more effective than a sleeping pill...

AERODYNE | 2019年4月13日

You missed the best the very end...awesome to see Elon in deep thought.

AERODYNE | 2019年4月13日

You missed the best the very end...awesome to see Elon in deep thought.

PeteB Lake Oswego | 2019年4月13日

I really liked his certainty about the speed of AP evolution. Growing exponentially... Although he says maybe 6 months until we don't have to have driver attending the steering wheel, that's probably more like end of 2020 in actuality.
I purchased FSD so really excited to get the new computer maybe in a few months...

SO | 2019年4月13日

Right now, we don’t need the new computer. Current AP uses about 80% computational power of the current chipset.

Mike83 | 2019年4月13日

Great interview . Thanks Boonedocks. I am using this Youtube to show others.

SamO | 2019年4月13日

Tesla has 99% of the data collecting fleet. Their miles collected increases by the millions on a daily basis.

Tesla Network soon.

inconel | 2019年4月13日

An awkward moment I feel when Elon mentioned that the study on human attention during autopilot use will very soon become a moot point with the rapid improvement of AP. The poor MIT team spent years on that study.

jordanrichard | 2019年4月13日

Do keep in mind when Elon speaks about something being possible by “x” month/year, while he is right, that doesn’t mean it will be legal on your local roads. Look at advanced summons. It is only to be used in a parking lot, why? Because that is not on public roads, where it is illegal to have a driverless car. Also, I am sure that the “within sight/150ft” limitation is a legal restriction.

bjaminaltman | 2019年4月14日

inconel, that was a balloon flattening event. I believe him when he says in the future, perhaps nearer than anyone believes, human drivers will be a hazard. I know quite a few now. Elon is testing the real deal in his own vehicle as are many of the engineers I presume. The FSD computer will change the world is the vibe I got. Can't wait to have mine retrofitted. Love the current navigate upgrade. Only disappointment is that it stops once I exit. From what Elon is saying, the vehicle's worth will grow exponentially in the near future once people realize FUD in a Tesla is not only possible, but a preferred mode of safety. Hah. That is a game changer. I've been drinking the Koolaid from the start I can't trust my own response to this which is like a kid before Xmas. Will this be the tipping point for the common man/women to desire a Tesla over any other vehicle? Elon just ate this MIT's kid's lunch and spit out roses.

bjaminaltman | 2019年4月14日

FSD, not FUD. Been reading too many posts this am!