New owner!!!

New owner!!!

Hi All-
I just got a M3 Standard from Tempe and just LOVE it... driving home to Tucson hit 107 without even trying. And the regen braking is so easily controlled. Got home with 44 miles and plugged a UMC Gen 1 into my home 50A circuit, it is only charging at 8kW (32A238V). Would love to get a bigger circuit and a bigger EVSE... (Stopped at Casa Grande just to see what it was like to use a Supercharger, SO EASY!!!)

Gonna go out and do some eperimenting Chill/steering etc tomorrow.

Later - Rush

cliffordsf | 2019年4月13日

Welcome to the club! I've had my Model 3 for nearly a month now and I'm still excited every time I drive the car. I was NOT a car guy until I got my Tesla. It's solved nearly everything I dislike about ICE cars.

David N | 2019年4月13日


shawncordell | 2019年4月14日

Welcome to the club!! 107 mph? Sheesh...

iLuvDividends | 2019年4月14日

Chill mode is the best mode. So chill.

JarvisM3 | 2019年4月14日

Welcome! Did you get the standard or the standard plus?

msalter23 | 2019年4月14日

Just received my 2019 m3 performance car Thursday in NH.....fantastic ... 3 days later still waiting for fedex registration docs needed to get proper badges for the “Blue One”

EVolution | 2019年4月14日

will receive my standard April 20th

can’t wait

jordanrichard | 2019年4月14日

Rush, welcome to the future, we have been waiting for you...........:-)

gmr6415 | 2019年4月14日


It looks like you're getting all you're going to get from a home charger and a standard battery pack.

ALDONY | 2019年4月14日


lilbean | 2019年4月14日

Did you lease? Asking for a friend.

Hyperspice | 2019年4月14日

Congrats. Just an FYI the M3 standard/mid range only supports 32A on-board charging. Even if you get a bigger circuit, it won’t charge any faster.
I have the mid range. Not sure if that’s a hardware or software limitation.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年4月14日


melmartin | 2019年4月14日

Hey Rush...

Another Tucson owner here... got my LR RWD in November. It's been trouble free and a blast to drive. You'll love it.


gyhc71 | 2019年4月14日

Hi everyone, I have had my Tesla 3 for 8 months. Has anyone had problems returning to the car to find the window, R rear, or R front open 6 to 10 inches? I have had it happen at least 6 times. I am keeping a record book in my car to log Time, Date and Place for any problems I find. I will take it to the dealership to show them when I go for service.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年4月14日

@gyhc71 Try setting up a camera to catch the ghost. There are quite a few reports of this and I have done it myself. It is usually the driver accidentally hitting the switches when exiting the car and not noticing. I could be faulty car but since it is happening on two different windows, for you, the description sounds like accidental roll down.

zp | 2019年4月14日

Standard or standard plus?

Curious if you have the non upgraded seats and non wood-like dash accent.

Carl Thompson | 2019年4月14日


Try recalibrating. Open the window by pushing down on the button as usual except after the window is all the way down keep holding down the button for an extra 10 seconds. Do the same for closing the window keeping your finger on the button 10 seconds after it fully close.

I have never needed to do this but others say it works.

jjgunn | 2019年4月14日

Agree with the recalibration - should help.