Buying Full Self Drive

Buying Full Self Drive

So I’m wondering if I should pop for the FSD upgrade before the price increase. I have a hard time justifying something I don’t even know if it will be legal in my state? I live on the corner of three states, how annoying would it be if I cross the state line and it switched off for legality reasons. Anyone with Enhanced Autopilot thinking about getting FSD?

lilbean | 2019年4月20日

I’m not thinking about getting it because it isn’t available yet and it isn’t legal yet. Nobody knows when it will be available. You might have another car by then. Just my opinion.

airwaves60 | 2019年4月21日

I just saw a video from one of the Tesla You Tubers demonstrating a leak version of FSD. He was sitting in the back seat of his car while the car was driving itself. I think tomorrow Tesla is going demonstrate the FSD option for all to see.

Redmiata98 | 2019年4月21日

That is similar to what AP1 was when first introduced before the nanny-nag add ons!

Teslapalooza | 2019年4月21日

I think a part of FSD is already rolled out and available today. Automatic lane change without confirmation, automatic interchange between highways, automatically getting off on the correct exit etc. Sure there are minor kinks to be worked out, but personally I love what I have today. Even if 'the full self driving' takes a long time, I think they will get to 90% of the way within 1 year. So if you ask me, it is worth paying for it.

jjgunn | 2019年4月21日

Let's see what happens after April 22 FSD demo.

TBH....right now it isn't worth $7k to me. ($5k before delivery)

For those of you with EAP & without FSD best of luck in your decision.

girishfall2010 | 2019年4月22日

If I buy FSD for my AP2.0 will Tesla retrofit FSD chip, they demoed on 04/22/19 free of cost? Will it retrofit in AP2.0 car? I believe thats the price early adopters pay, you get the best out there but then feel outdate pretty soon :)

Teslapalooza | 2019年4月23日

That is what I gathered from the event yesterday. The new HW3.0 FSD computer will be retrofitted in all HW 2.0/2.5 cars, at no additional cost. I am not sure if they have any cut off date after which the retrofit won't be free. That is something you will need ask Tesla.

I also heard during the event that the new computer will draw a bit more power than the current one. That would mean we might see the range drop by a few miles I suppose. | 2019年4月23日

@Teslapalooza - I heard differently :) Power consumption may be less than HW2/2.5 with HW3. Actually, it's not really clear - a number 100 Watts was tossed out. I took that to mean one of the Superchips Tesla is using in HW3. It uses two of these chips (or 200W). Other parts may consume a bit more. We also don't know what power saving strategies are used.

Current HW2.0 takes about 250W, and I estimate HW2.5 takes 300 W (it has more parts). Range effect is fairly small - figure 1 mile of range per hour of operation. To get the EPA numbers, Tesla must have already included this in the power budget. Also you can't turn if off, even if you didn't buy AP or FSD - it's used all the time for safety features too, such as side collisions avoidance and AEB that all Teslas include.

@sgehlhoff - As for buying FSD, my advice last year was to wait until we see something. Boy did we see something yesterday. Very impressive what Tesla is doing. It's much harder to give advice what to do, especially not knowing what the price increase will be. I jumped on FSD last month, but more due to curiosity than any need I thought I might have. I always like the latest hardware (if the price is right).

Tesla RoboTaxi tosses the entire pricing into a whole new light. Likely to happen in late 2020, every Tesla with FSD (S/X/3) can join the RoboTaxi network if you desire. In essence Tesla offers a driverless Uber, at half the price of Uber/Lyft to customers. Your car(s) that you elect to be in the system will provide ride sharing, Tesla keeps 25-30% of the fee, and you get the rest. For a Model 3 SR+, the payback of the entire cost of the car can be as little as 18 months depending on the usage in your area. You still get the use of your car when you want it. It's going to upend the entire vehicle market, while killing Uber and Lyft.

The only issue is how fast can Tesla roll it out. New Model 3 leases do not allow buy out, as Tesla wants those cars for the RoboTaxi network. It may also mean any Tesla with FSD will be worth a lot more on the used market. People could buy the cars just to use as a RoboTaxi and make a very profitable business from it. It also means fewer used cars available to buy, as Tesla stops selling used Model 3s. Both will increase the value of our cars.

The next two years are going to see some major industry disruptions when these Tesla's services go active.

sgehlhoff | 2019年4月27日

I think the whole board is 100w usage, both channels. But I took that for just the board itself.

The announcement really has me on the fence. I have EAP, so right now a $5k upgrade to FSD, will replace the board I assume. My biggest worry is the legality portion of the equation. I know Tesla will likely load it up sometime this year, where the driver still has to monitor. But will individual states/cities have different rules? Will this shut on and off via geofences as I transit different municipalities? Or would the rules be something like the driver is responsible for knowing where this is legal to use and where it isn’t? (Hoping this is the case). The uncertainty vs the savings due to a price increase...

chuckgrim | 2019年4月28日

As long as the software requires you to hold the steering wheel and watch the road legality will not be a problem. If you plan to sleep while the car is driving you legality would be a possible problem.

sgehlhoff | 2019年4月28日

So this is my biggest complaint with EAP. I’m driving down the straight road from Cincinnati to Indy without a turn in sight for a couple of hours and I spend half my energy making sure I don’t get the beep that counts as a strike toward shutting down the autopilot. I’m used to having my hand on the controls without making an input. I’m hoping even if I legally have to hold the wheel it won’t care if I’m not wiggling it to let it know I’m still there. Wish there were sensors on the wheel (like the screen) that detected a grip.

sgehlhoff | 2019年4月30日

Well I get a reprieve I was told by Tesla they’ve extended the price increase until May 10th.

mbp11 | 2019年4月30日

I have heard that jamming an tennis ball or orange into the steering wheel next to the crosspiece allows the detection of pressure to stop the nag screen. However I would not recommend this, nor am I going to try this any time soon. I can rest and just add about 1/2 to 1 pound of pressure downward on the steering wheel on the left to stop the nag screen.

Mainiac | 2019年5月1日

My understanding is if you have EAP there is no added functionality at this time by adding FSD. If you have AP only, FSD adds lane changing and Navigate on Autopilot, maybe some other the stuff already included with EAP.

bdumd | 2019年5月1日

2018 X, Paid $5K April 30... hopefully increased ability to assume new functionalities as they are released, in addition to FSD.
No turning back now.

bdumd | 2019年5月2日

2018 X, Paid $5K April 30... hopefully increased ability to assume new functionalities as they are released, in addition to FSD.
No turning back now.