ICE explosions, But all we hear about is a possible tesla fire in China?

ICE explosions, But all we hear about is a possible tesla fire in China?

Mike83 | 2019年4月28日

Who owns the news is all you need to know.

Tesla-David | 2019年4月28日

Yes, the incredible FUD against Tesla is beyond repugnant. I focus only on the more positive articles. The shorts, and Tesla haters are pulling out all stops to promote a false impression of EM and Tesla. I utterly despise these scumbags. Would love to have 5 minutes with some of them to let them know what I thought of them. I am sure Koch brothers, and other oil interests are behind a lot of these efforts to tar and feather electric cars, and Tesla in particular.

rglossin | 2019年4月28日

No mention of the BMW recall of 180K vehicles for possible fire.

greg | 2019年4月28日

its not who own the news these days, but more like who is paying $$ to the owners to advertise on them that you need to examine the motives of.

I am not at all sure that Tesla fire is likely real - I doubt the video is faked but it could have setup/caused by many many things not Tesla's fault.
Could be as simple as the vehicle could have hit something on the highway while driving around earlier in the day.
[Not like that never happens right? - here or China]

It also could have been a simple case of an attempted revenge attack by a rival of some kind [business/political/ex] to the Tesla's vehicle owner. Not that never happens either.

We know almost nothing about the background story nor the details from the clip leading up to the fire. Some reports are of it smoking for 45 minutes, that sure is not a spontaneous fire.

But you know, some places never lets the facts get in the way of a good news story. For reasons why, see my first paragraph.