2019.12.1.1 Put a Smile on my Face

2019.12.1.1 Put a Smile on my Face

Just received 2019.12.1.1 on my 2017 S with AP2 - the latest and greatest update to date! Navigate on autopilot, view progress of software download, new games, sentry mode, on-route battery warm up, additional language support and autosteer stop-light warning. I feel like the car is brand new. Most surprising was the sentry mode, which I thought was an exclusive feature to cars built after August 2017 (my car was built in February 2017). I know I can't record on a thumb drive, but having video stored even for a short time on Tesla's cloud is remarkable. Thank you Elon!!! Can't wait to go for a drive with navigate on autopilot.

Mike83 | 2019年4月29日

Love it. Sentry mode works. Also new Atari games are very cool.

kerryglittle | 2019年4月30日

To bad we cant drive with the fireplace app going. Can you imagine the looks of some people when you are driving and someone sees it? FIRE!!!!. Would make the news for sure. Tesla spotted on fire on the freeway.

EVRider | 2019年4月30日

@sr.smr: What version did you have before? None of the features you list are new in 2019.12.1.1.

reed_lewis | 2019年4月30日

Amazingly, I got it last night for both cars (Model S late 2016 75D, and Model 3 Late 2018 Dual Motor) at the same time. I was updating both cars at the same time. Now I have 2019.12.1.1 on both cars.

I had 2019.12 on my S, so no major differences between what I had and what I have now.

papa | 2019年4月30日

2017 S with AP2 also. You answered my question regarding sentry mode, I saw that it was added to the app but didn’t think I could record, unlike my wife’s model 3.

FSD ordered so recording may be available when computer is upgraded to AP3.

Love these machines.

richard_lawson | 2019年4月30日

I tried Sentry mode but all the videos are empty. It seems to have saved videos but there is nothing on them. Am I doing something wrong?

Ohmster | 2019年4月30日

On TSMC I read only those on 12.1 were getting 12.1.1. My S went from 8.5 to 12.1.1.

EVRider | 2019年4月30日

@richard: Is your car HW2 or HW2.5? As noted in the OP and previous replies, you can only record video on USB with HW2.5, which went into production in August 2017.

EVRider | 2019年4月30日

@Ohmster: Chances are anyone who got 2019.12.1 was getting 12.1.1 because it fixes some bugs in 12.1, but anyone else getting an update now would probably get 12.1.1 also (as you did). For example, my wife’s Model 3 is still on 2019.8.5, but if she got an update in the next couple of days, I would expect it to be 12.1.1.

sr.smr | 2019年4月30日

@EVRider. My previous version was 2019.8.5., which had problems with unexpected rebooting. I have not had 2019.12.1.1 long enough to verify if this problem is resolved, but am loving the boat load of features I just received. This should calm us S owners that complained we were being left out in the cold compared to 3 owners:)

packpike | 2019年4月30日

@sr.smr - I still want enhanced summon then we’ll be closer to the M3.

Jcastillo18 | 2019年4月30日

I’m still waiting still on 2018 firmware jealous

mizunosan | 2019年4月30日

@packpike enhanced summon is not available yet. The videos you may be seeing are only to select testers and it still needs a ton of work before it's safe enough to be available to the masses.

richard_lawson | 2019年4月30日

EV Rider, I am a 2.0. Interestingly there are files on the drive but all are blank. Thanks for the clarification.

packpike | 2019年4月30日

@mizunosan - maybe I’ve missed it but I’ve only seen advanced summon in M3's. The Early Access Program MS's need some love, then we're 'level'.

Q Q | 2019年4月30日

Hi Everyone - does anyone definitively know if Sentry Mode for AP2.0 cars actually saves data to "the Tesla Cloud?" And if so, how would we go about getting access to the videos if we needed them? I am not convinced that this isn't just the fake Sentry Mode that Elon promised on Twitter....

SnoR | 2019年4月30日

I was pleased to see Sentry as well, but without a way to get the videos it's kind of just a screen saver. =( I get not having the dashcam, but why not save those videos to USB? Or it would be cool to log in to your account and view x many videos.

RanjitC | 2019年4月30日

Anyone with AP1 get the new update? If so what was upgraded?

EVRider | 2019年4月30日

@richard: Other people with Sentry Mode on HW2 tried to record on USB, and got the same results you did — just empty files.

@Q Q: Tesla says the video is saved online somewhere, but hasn’t told us how you can get it.

JimmyK | 2019年4月30日

Just as an FYI, I just jumped from a 2918 release to 2019.12.1.1 on my 2014 P85D AP 1.

JimmyK | 2019年4月30日

But it just finished so i have not yet even read the release notes.

Ohmster | 2019年4月30日

Big friggin smile.

Faster charge rate and all crazy braking on NoAP gone. Granted I had to do a ‘Power Down + Wait 3 minutes + Brake Reboot’ to shake out the gremlins, but this is a sweet, sweet, release!

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio)*2+12.1.1/8.5. Grin on!

richard_lawson | 2019年4月30日

EV Rider; thanks again. I appreciate the response.

Dramsey | 2019年4月30日

Personally, I'm disappointed. My HW 2.0 car went from 8.5 to 12.1.1 last night, so I tried it out today. I have several routes that I use NoAP on frequently enough that I know how the car will behave: what situations it will handle and what situations it won't.

My first disappointment was turning off auto lane change verification. When you do this, Tesla displays a warning that this does not make the car autonomous, you have to pay close attention at all times, and that the car can change lanes at any time. still have to verify each lane change by tugging on the rim of the steering wheel. In other words, NoAP still requires you to approve each lane change, only the approval has changed from "tap the turn signal lever" to "tug the steering wheel rim."

My second disappointment was that the car's behavior while on NoAP didn't change in any of my tests. The parts it handled well before it continued to handle well; the parts it didn't handle well continued to be problematic.

Advanced summon is of course missing in action, although if you order a Tesla today and pay for FSD, it sure looks as if it's available now, especially since other FSD features are specifically listed under "Coming later this year".

Several red light tests yielded nothing. Perhaps this feature doesn't work on HW2 cars with the monochrome cameras. And of course I don't get sentry mode or faster supercharging.

So, literally the only change I see is the ability to select what kind of confirmation NoAP lane changes require. Sigh.

Ohmster | 2019年4月30日

@Dramsey....I have 12.1.1 as well but on HW2.5. Auto lane change verification is exactly that. There is no tugging or tapping needed. You have a choice of warnings.....chime, vibrate, and both, I think. But it does work as stated.

nwfan | 2019年5月1日

@Ohmster, does your 75kw cars charge at higher rate? I thought on the S and X had to be 100kw.

Charges normally at home.

Ohmster | 2019年5月1日

When I charged at a SuC last night, it was at a higher peak rate for the SOC and the taper off was much less pronounced. Two cars on same circuit initially.

90kw @52%
62kw @72%
34kw @85%

52% to 87% took 25min.

‘17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio)*2+ 12.1.1/8.5. Grin on!

Ohmster | 2019年5月1日

Hmmmm. I went back and looked at a SuC visit on 4/24. Rates and peak were comparable but with only one car on circuit.

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

They also added INSANE+ mode to insane cars and removed to battery prep option. Now I'm always ready to kick ass!! :)

kurfer | 2019年5月1日

2019 update has shattered my view on Tesla. AP1 users took a massive hit. I’m fine with no new features but when you take away features on a $120k car I have no other reaction than being punched in the gut.

My car has lost max battery power and launch mode. This is equivalent to a .3 lost in 1/4 mile time and makes the p90dl slower than a m3 sport. The ludicrous upgrade was an extremely expensive option and you basically took performance away from previous owners.

I want to get rid of this car and can’t find myself not getting angry every time I look at. Don’t even care to wash this thing anymore.

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

Max battery power is no longer necessary from the looks of it. They added insane plus on my car after removing max battery power.

This removes the time needed for the pack to warm up.

Not sure about launch mode, but I don't think it's a big deal that they may have completely removed it.

kurfer | 2019年5月1日

I’d love for that to be the case but you are incorrect. MCU 2.0 users are still prompted for max battery in ludicrous + mode which means it’s still there. It’s only the MCU 1.0 that ford y get prompted which means it’s missing. One SC said it was a bug and another said it’s removed on purpose.

At this point it’s all about be left in the dark and not given any information from a company that sold us a six-figure car is absolutely unacceptable it’s flat out problematic and insulting.

Buyer beware.

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

Obviously an error.

kerryglittle | 2019年5月1日

@Silver2K. I also lost launch and max power too. Just have insane and insane plus. Left it on for a couple of hours on a drive and never did say battery was warm or no launch ready. Asked my buddy at Tesla about it and he said it was the first he had heard about it. He's going to investigate into it. I thought at first maybe it just changed location but could find nothing. Even in Insane plus I don't feel the car was as fast as it was before.

Jcastillo18 | 2019年5月1日

What is improved in this new Firmware ?

Sonofman | 2019年5月1日

I lost launch and battery warming with my P90DL but I'm still thrilled with the car. I do believe they will patch it and in the mean time I got better battery prep, GPS mirror folding, download info, Dog Mode, new games, better HVAC controls etc.

I love that a 4 year old car has the newest features it can handle hardware wise.

My Wife's 2013 P85+ got the same update so a 5 year old car is now up to date!

Thanks Tesla!

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

Kerry, my car feels more responsive in insane + mode.

Placebo effect?

EVRider | 2019年5月1日

@Jcastillo18: 2019.12.1.1 doesn’t add any features that weren’t in .12, just bug fixes. New features in .12 depend on which version you had before — it’s hard to keep track because the release notes repeat features from previous releases, but I think a couple of features that were new in .12 were Sentry Mode on HW2 vehicles (without the ability to record video on USB), and faster supercharging. I think most of the other recent feature additions came in 2019.8.x or earlier.

kerryglittle | 2019年5月1日

Could be Silver. Could be. Plus its easier to fool old people and I'm old. LOL.

barrykmd | 2019年5月1日

Silver - there's a special neural link between an insane car and an insane individual :-)

kerryglittle | 2019年5月1日

Are we the missing link Barry? :-)

Dramsey | 2019年5月1日


Interesting. Immediately after I'm warned of an impending lane change, I'm prompted to apply "light turning force" to the steering wheel. The lane change does not happen until I do this. I wonder if this is limited to HW2.0 vehicles?

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

Kerry, he's calling me insane ;-)

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

By the way, the car is definitely quicker. I'm hitting 90mph around a specific turn I've been taking at 70 mph for years with same pressure on pedal

kerryglittle | 2019年5月1日

Don't get any tickets with your investigation. LOL

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

I want investigation. I took the turn easy as always but when I looked down I was doing 91 when I normally come out of the turn at 70.

Silver2K | 2019年5月1日


Silver2K | 2019年5月1日

Wasn't investigating... sheesh

diamonds2 | 2019年5月1日

Someone is reporting at the TMC forum that IRO dashcams will continue to record while parked, with Sentry Mode activated on HW 2.0 vehicles. (I have not tried it yet).

DRFLGD | 2019年5月1日

Dramsey: The same thing happens to me, i.e. needing to apply light force to the steering wheel to make a lane change instead of using the stalk. I have HW2.5. It's a misnomer and I told Tesla that when I tested-it out under EAP.

Also it appears that Sentry Mode has to be turned on when you leave your car. I was under the impressiong that it would stay activated all the time (unless there was less than 20% SOC).