Hedge Fund Manager Palihapitiya vs CNBC on Musk and Tesla

Hedge Fund Manager Palihapitiya vs CNBC on Musk and Tesla

This is a PERFECT example of a Tesla believer taking on a CNBC host spouting the usual nonsense about Tesla and Musk with the cherry on top of taking down Jim Chanos. It's funny and perfectly illustrates how the "straight" business press gets sidetracked by nonsense. The interviewer's befuddlement as Palihapitiya rips the "Musk is crazy" FUD apart is classic.

Mike83 | 2019年5月7日

Thanks dm1240 +100

There are several honest analysts who don't profit on shorting/destroying a great American company. There day will come.

jordanrichard | 2019年5月7日

Most press these days are just gossip columnist/reporters. This CNBC interviewer kept coming back to Elon’s behavior and the hyped up sensationalism over it. I love how Palihapitiya flat out said with regard to Elon’s behavior/Tweets, “ what”

wisam.alrawi | 2019年5月7日

Absolutely loved it !!!!

carlk | 2019年5月8日

Great video. I like that golf analogy. Someone can hit a ball into a cup nine out ten time and all you can do is to find something wrong with his golf attire?

Here is a recent article from Cody Willard. He's a hedge fund manager who used to have shows on Fox Business and CNBC. He's a long time vocal Tesla bear but came around to become a Tesla and TSLA owner after a thorough study of the situation. I like to think we will see more of people like him. They did not have malicious intents but were just too ignorant and too lazy to put any effort into figuring out what are facts and what are FUD. Like that competition is coming comment. Did you even try to find out what kind of sorrow competition Audi (and everyone else) could offer? | 2019年5月8日

@dmm - Nice video with Palihapitiya. Clear and hits the FUD straight on.

@carlk - Also nice article with Cody. Hopefully more investors will see the light.