Center screen bubbles, might no longer be under warranty?

Center screen bubbles, might no longer be under warranty?

Hello friends,
I wanted to ask what information were folks getting regarding repairing center screen bubbles? I reported the bubbles to Tesla a bit over a month, at the time they told me that there was a new part in the works,that would permanently fix the problem, and that their recommendation was to wait for the part instead of replacing the screen now with a part that could potentially have the same problem. I was told the new part would be released beginning of June. I stopped by Tesla yesterday, while there I decided to ask about the new part and they told me that the part was still coming but that they were reevaluating if the bubbles would be still covered under warranty. Has anyone heard anything similar? I know that many center screens have been replaced and they offered to replace mine but I opted out since I was told that a permanent fix to the issue was coming. My car is still under the original 4 years 50k Tesla warranty. Thoughts?

jordanrichard | 2019年5月11日

Well, you didn’t say how many miles your cars has to help us judge the degree of urgency. As long as you have identified the problem before the bumper to bumper warranty is up, then you are covered.

BTW, while many screens have been replaced there are hundreds of thousands that haven’t........ Mine being one of them and the car is now 5 years old.

antonio.varillas | 2019年5月11日

Thanks for the reply Jordan, we’ll my car has 45k miles on it and a few more months of Tesla warranty left. I did identify the problem well before the warranty, and at the time I was told the issue was covered under warranty. What I am explaining is that I was told that they are now, evaluating if the issue will still be covered under warranty. I was given this information by an adviser. Furthermore, I was told that they are not replacing any units until they figure out what’s their plan of action regarding the coverage of the issue will be.

p.c.mcavoy | 2019年5月13日

@antonio.varillas - You might want to actually pull out the warranty document and review it. I'd look closely at the Exclusions and Limitations section to familiarize yourself with it. I would ask them to show you specifically which section or exclusion they are pointing to if they should tell you that the screen replacement is not covered under warranty.

The couple which they might point to is a one that references:

- does not cover any vehicle damage or malfunction directly or indirectly caused by, due to or resulting from normal wear or deterioration

- General appearance or normal noise and vibration, including, but not limited to, brake squeal, general knocks, creaks, rattles, and wind and road vibration

I personally think trying to use either of those for actually bubbles is a bit of a weak argument, but may be good to be knowledgeable of the actual language if you do get into a further debate with them. | 2019年5月13日

I can see waiting until the new display design arrives, as the current display yellows with age (or perhaps UV exposure). The bubbles issue should be replaced if you're still under warranty. I'd get it in writing that the issue has appeared prior to the warranty expiration. I think the holdup is Tesla is seeing if there is a solution for the yellowing without replacement (I don't see how myself). That's a separate issue from the bubbles.

The seal has broken and goo is going to eventually start to leak out of the bottom. With a broken seal, the bubbles will very slowly increase in size and quantity (i.e. perhaps a year to double in size). It doesn't affect the visibility of the display or touch operation. So not much urgency, but I'd get it done within 6-12 months from when you first noticed it - even if it means getting a display that yellows over time (a more minor visual issue).

antonio.varillas | 2019年5月14日

Thanks for taking the time to reply guys. The bubbles have increased fairly quick in size and in numbers, they are still at the top only for now. I feel a bit disappointed because I was offered a replacement before and declined per their recommendation to wait for a permanent fix. Should I try a different service center? Or should I try calling? Thanks

inconel | 2019年5月15日

I heard the yellow border is no longer replaced and Tesla is trying a new software approach to try healing it...

drewjet | 2019年5月15日

I have the bubbles. May 2015 S85. I took in a few months ago, had them document bubbles. They just texted me yesterday and set up the appointment to replace it.

antonio.varillas | 2019年5月15日

Will be going to another SC and see what intimation I get regarding the current status of warranty for bubbles on the screen.

p.c.mcavoy | 2019年5月16日

@inconel - RE a software approach to address the yellowing. I'm not sure it's software versus some reporting that there is some form of "healing" process which has been developed and can be performed on the screen. One owner has reported an email from Tesla that implies they may need some form of special equipment to do this, another owner reports having received message that is specific about how the healing is done, other than to say it can possibly be done in-vehicle but that they are awaiting details on the process.

Those comments are towards the end of this article which details some of the levels of requirements of these type of electronic components, how an automotive in-dash mounted display is potentially one of the harshest environments with regard to thermal exposure, and how Tesla's sourcing of an industrial grade display fell several grades short of what many automotive manufacturers likely would specify for such a component. While maybe a tad long, and at times loaded with technical spec language, may be an interesting read for some. | 2019年5月16日

Good article. Seems no one made an automotive grade 17' display although the industrial one seems fairly close. Interesting idea if they can correct the yellowing with some kind of equipment. Seems far fetched to me, but stranger things have happened.

drewjet | 2019年5月29日

Mobile service changed out my center screen yesterday. He showed up on time, had the job done in just over an hour, and was extremely professional (Thanks Andrew), Orlando service center is awesome.

He confirmed that bubbles are covered, but yellowing is being repaired somehow.

Polybius | 2019年8月21日