Autopilot Hunting Left/Right

Autopilot Hunting Left/Right

In autopilot on the freeway I can feel the car sway from side to side as if it's bouncing off the lane markers. The movement is around 6 inches I would say. Not much but I can feel it in the steering wheel and in my head. It is around 3-5 seconds between bounces. Is this normal for you?

EVRider | 2019年5月17日

No. Are you sure you enabled Autosteer and not just TACC? You wouldn’t be the first person to make that mistake.

SteveWin1 | 2019年5月17日

This used to be pretty common, but they've improved it. I actually did notice it within the last week, but normally don't. I'd say, yes, its normal, but not frequent.

Kahn | 2019年5月17日

only time i've seen that is on a windy day. and when i took my subaru out or put it in manual steering i had the same issue

gmr6415 | 2019年5月17日

Have you checked your tire pressures?. A low tire on the front on one side could certainly do it.

CharleyBC | 2019年5月17日

One other possible external suspect. There is a stretch of I-5 here with grooved pavement that tends to pull the car off course, and then Autosteer says, "oh no you don't" and brings it back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So, yeah. Groovy pavement.

Mikael13 | 2019年5月18日

I have felt something similar since I’ve had the car. When on freeway, when I get into my lane (after a manual lane change) and then engage AP, it veers to the right lane then straightens out. Always happens. I got used to it. Is this normal, like calibration, for AP? It just seems weird since I’m already in the middle of the lane after moving in to it.
Note - I do not have EAP/NoA which explains why I have to re-engage AP. Just basic AP (sniff). Tire pressures are not an issue.

ODWms | 2019年5月18日

My understanding is that people think they're in the middle when they're not, and the car finds true center. Either way it my be better if, in a future update, they can have the car make that change much more gradually. Rather than right away, maybe the AP can make up that 2-3 ft difference over a couple or so hundred feet, if nothing more than so other drivers don't think you've veering toward them.

Idahorefugee | 2019年5月19日

My M3 has always done that. I only notice it on straight sections of freeway and it has been less pronounced with recent software updates. I've always assumed that the car had to move the steering wheel just a little bit to make sure my hands were still on it.