Lug nut cover removal...

Lug nut cover removal...

Does the Model 3 come with the wheel nut removal tool?

If so, where can I find it if it is not in the glovebox?

lilbean | 2019年5月21日

No. It has to be purchased. It comes with the lug cap kit. You can also purchase an Audi one on Amazon. It works.

Passion2Fly | 2019年5月21日

Yes, it does. I had the little tool to remove the covers in my glove box. You don't really need it.

1agkirk2 | 2019年5月21日

Mine was in a small zip lock bag at the bottom of the glove box.

walnotr | 2019年5月21日

Mine is still in the glove box. To remove mine I use my fingers. They slip right off.

globalMan | 2019年5月21日

Since I could not find it in my glovebox, or anywhere in the car for that matter, I am going to use my fingers as suggested.