Loss of monitoring (ie.

Loss of monitoring (ie.

Having only owned my Tesla solar system for about 8 months, I'm completely floored at this announcement:


Can I monitor solar production on my desktop?
No, solar system production monitoring will only be available using your Tesla app.

Can I still view my historical system impact and usage?
Yes. Once you’ve selected either ‘Impact’ or ‘Energy Usage’, you can select from preset timeframes to view your historical data.

However, you will no longer be able to download data on your historical production. To continue accessing your solar monitoring data, retrieve and download it from your MySolarCity account before August 1, 2019.

This is outrageous! I have a many thousand dollar solar system on my roof and the only means I have to monitor it is a phone app with no ability to see graphs of real time usage or production, compare historical data beyond a limited range, and no option to download data for my own analysis and record keeping?! I own this system, Tesla has no right to restrict my access like this. Clearly Tesla just burned any thought I had about expanding my system with a PowerWall, or any other Tesla product.

Is this a breach of contract? What are my options to replace this useless monitoring that Tesla now offers? What are my minimum requirements to let this useless monitoring system check-in to maintain my warranty?

bhegerty52 | 2019年8月16日

The Tesla app works well and has all the info the SC app did. This forum is a better setup also.

ddferg | 2019年8月16日

I just received a response to my complaint about the account monitoring change from a Ken K. at Customer Care Energy stating that the change does not violate the contract and to keep an eye to the website for changes to the Tesla App. as they are always looking to improve etc.
He stated that a note has been put on my account. Oh oh, am I targedted? lol

ddferg | 2019年8月16日

ED, That may be forthcoming. If it works for you does not mean we all can use it. Tesla, or any product seller should serve their customers. Capitalist history proves that the Customer comes first.

krbabu | 2019年8月16日

I spoke to 877-961-7652 today and explained that I'm not able to monitor the solar generation on my Tesla App. The agent promptly looked into the matter and, after a few minutes, got back to me, had me log out and log back in. Voila! Now, I am able to see 'My Home' as a new product in the Tesla App. ( She also said that it may take as much as 48 hours for historical data to appear. Thanks, Tesla! (In the transition, it seems like some of the subscribers are missing).

alex.l.williamson | 2019年8月16日

If your contract promises "web-enabled monitoring", this absolutely violates your contract. The term web-enabled indicates that the service is able to be accessed via a web-browser, not simply that web-like protocols are used in the back-end. Note for instance how the Sense energy monitor specifies Android, iOS, AND web-enabled support as separate things. Tesla is trying to argue that the functionality is similar while the contract specifies a specific usage environment that is no longer provided.

Even if you find the app useful, maybe even more useful, don't forget that your monitoring is now bound to the set of platforms that Tesla chooses to support. If you use an Android device, you have no guarantee that Tesla will continue to support and update that app. Same for the iOS app. We're talking about loooong support contracts here folks, do you know that you'll be using either of these platforms in 5, 10, 15 years? Do you want Tesla to play a part in your choice of mobile device? Did you agree to a requirement to own an Android or iOS device for monitoring when you signed the contract? Some of you may have found the web-interface less useful, but it worked everywhere, including your iOS or Android device, your laptop, your desktop, and anywhere else you have a browser. If you think the app is better, that's great, but you're locking yourself into an ecosystem that you didn't agree to in your contract.

edwardneal2222 | 2019年8月16日

actually my lease says that Solar City will

"Provide you with a web-enabled meter to accurately measure the amount of power the system delivers to you"

so what exactly qualifies is a web-enabled meter?

doesnt sound to me like I was promised web access to the information - sounds like only the "meter" would have web access

frankly this sounds more like an app than I care to admit - if the app is a meter and that meter gets its information from the web - isnt that a "web-enabled meter?

the sure are not promising web access - they are only promising that the "meter" is web-enabled

if my contract uses the same words as all the others I think Tesla has met their legal obligations

they have given us a meter that is web-enabled

edwardneal2222 | 2019年8月16日

actually my lease says that Solar City will

"Provide you with a web-enabled meter to accurately measure the amount of power the system delivers to you"

so what exactly qualifies is a web-enabled meter?

doesnt sound to me like I was promised web access to the information - sounds like only the "meter" would have web access

frankly this sounds more like an app than I care to admit - if the app is a meter and that meter gets its information from the web - isnt that a "web-enabled meter?

the sure are not promising web access - they are only promising that the "meter" is web-enabled

if my contract uses the same words as all the others I think Tesla has met their legal obligations

they have given us a meter that is web-enabled

alex.l.williamson | 2019年8月16日

My contract says Tesla will provide "web-enabled monitoring". That says to me that I will be able to monitor my system via a web-browser. Likewise a "web-enabled meter" indicates that the meter can be accessed via a web-browser. There would be no reason for Tesla to specify that the back-end protocols between your device and their server is "web-enabled" in an ownership or leasing contract. That's an entirely immaterial detail. Many people seem to equate "web-enabled" and "internet-enabled", which is incorrect. The internet is a big place, and only a fraction of the internet is accessible via a web-browser. That portion is web-enabled.

bhegerty52 | 2019年8月16日

Can't believe people are still crying about Solar City promising the web monitoring. Solar City is gone, Tesla took over.
You are able to monitor your system with an app, you can monitor your account on the web. Your solar system is making power. DEAL WITH IT!

alex.l.williamson | 2019年8月16日

I bought from Tesla, not Solar City. Regardless, Tesla bought the Solar City contracts along with everything else. If they don't honor this part of their contract, what else won't they honor? Good enough for you does not make this right. Irrelevant for you does not make this an unimportant issue.

mfreg22 | 2019年8月16日

I am so disappointed with not being able to monitor my power usage and generation via my laptop I am sick about it. My view of this takeaway is to keep the customer in the dark about power generation data. I have no way of knowing if Tesla is meeting its commitment to me. I now have no trust in Tesla monitoring my power generation or if panels are performing to the guaranteed levels that I was told when sold my system. I'm now blind to the raw data and have lost confidence in Tesla keeping their word regarding any performance criteria. I have friends with Solar systems purchased from competitors that provide excellent detailed web based data. I now feel I made a mistake in choosing Tesla solar.

smaches | 2019年8月17日

Web Based Monitoring is still working via the solarguard tool.

rscheuch | 2019年8月18日

I only use a pc for monitoring my solar. this is ridiculous eliminating this feature. this seems typical of a elon musk owned company to do. he does not care. I do not want a tesla car. I will be looking at my lease and contacting my attorney about the possible breach of contract. if it is a breach of contract I will have them take their panels out and I will replace them with a better customer friendly company something an elon musk owned company does not care about is customers.

mfreg22 | 2019年8月20日

Thank you "Smaches" for the Solorguard option. Use data does not work, but the important generation part does. Thanks again...

mhorowitz | 2019年8月20日

Totally useless site! Extremely disappointing. Bring back the laptop/desktop version.

bryn | 2019年8月22日

Thanks "Smaches" at least that is something - although it says that our use has consistently been about twice our generation since we installed Solar City Panels in May 2016. That isn't true otherwise we would have been paying PG@E rather than them paying us at the end of the first few years. Lets hope that Tesla gets their act together - especially the Now function. I loved being able to plug something in or out and immediately see the impact on consumption.

dinucatona | 2019年8月22日


dinucatona | 2019年8月22日

I finally can post on this forum.
Thanks smaches for the solar guard link. I can now continue to monitor my output.
The Tesla phone app is missing data for my first year (2013) and the first 8 months out of my second year. Plus there are constanty discrepancies between the different screens.
But looking thru the posts here it's on par with everyone else.

rpopovich | 2019年8月22日

I've been reading all of the post here seeing how I've experienced all of the same negative things Tesla is forcing on us Solar City customers. Without even going back to my PPA my first thought was breach of contract as I too will only monitor my system which I lease via my PC. I did call CS when all this stuff transpired and they actually shut off the monitoring and really was angered by the attitude I got over the phone. I've even had problems when Solar City ran the show especially with billing problems which at one point took over 5 months to resolve after waiting a month and a half to get a new inverter after mine failed. I told them I'm not some melenial who lives their whole life on their phone and that at my pleasure I allow their gateway to live on my home network so that monitoring of my system can be performed. I would look to none other than the CEO who sets the tone for what goes on in the Tesla corporation and how they see doing business with their customers. Elon Musk may think it's cool to smoke a joint in a media interview but he definitely doesn't understand a thing about customer service. They really know how to apologize well which I told them does nothing to fix real problems but that's about all I got when I talked to CS. If I didn't have a 20 year lease starting from 2015 I would have them take the whole system off my roof tomorrow and never come back and as for "referrals" that's plastered large in my face when I log on to my Tesla account I wouldn't refer any one for any reason to them! I'm just really angry over the whole thing and tired of dealing with really stupid acting pompous people.

kenmercer65 | 2019年8月26日

Terrible change for our home. Need to monitor production as last year PG&E gave me poor months that were in error and I got it corrected. Need a comparable web site to solar city for production.

salian1 | 2019年8月30日

Sounds like Tesla found a new source of money by defrauding the consumer.

pompcj | 2019年8月31日

I downloaded the Tesla App but when I log on it says I have no product linked to my Tesla account.

I have 3 open case #’s since they deleted the

What did I miss doing? Changed the password like it said.

jksagan | 2019年9月1日

Thank you, smaches. This is extremely helpful. I wonder how long this information will
be available? I hope Tesla does the right thing......

censign1 | 2019年9月1日

I actually just stumbled onto the fact that we have lost our monitoring reports, and I am outraged at Tesla's cavalier removal of our web based monitoring capability. I will be calling tomorrow.

bills | 2019年9月2日

Tesla has the absolute worst customer service in the world. Since August 15th no monitoring of energy production, Tesla app tells me "no linked products". I have opened at least a dozen email requests for help to correct this problem. I only get stock responses, no real human, no help.

Instead of sending roadsters into space they should worry about fixing these issues, we know rocket scientists work for Tesla now lets get them to fix the Tesla Solar Energy App !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gregbrew | 2019年9月2日

Isn't there an old saying about a definition of insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result"?

You could take a lesson from your mentioned "rocket scientists" and do something *different*...


SMartin408 | 2019年9月5日

+1 to the list of Solar City/Tesla Energy customers who are upset about losing access to their system monitoring.

I've been a LONG time proponent of all things Tesla and this is an extremely unusual and bad response (lack of response) from them. I've sent numerous emails, navigated their website messaging through the slew of 404 and "staging" links (bad form, people), submitted online inquiries, made several (long hold time) calls to them, and even stopped by a store to no avail. Their customer service people don't have access to correct the problem.

If we can't see some forward momentum in the next few days, we should add some volume to this message (add other messaging forums/social media).

SMartin408 | 2019年9月5日

Oh -- and for reference, the contact number for Tesla is +1-650-681-5100 - I believe option 2 is still directing callers to Tesla Energy for service related issues.

edskupien | 2019年9月7日

I recommend a class action lawsuit. Anyone know a good attorney that specialises in contract abrogation?

harrigill | 2019年9月7日

Yes, I will join in a class action suit against Tesla by Solar City customers. In the mean time, I am considering sending a notice of breech of contract, and a threat to discontinue payments. Has anyone done this yet?

gregbrew | 2019年9月8日

You can still access many of your systems that have a communications gateway using the older web-based "SolarGuard" site. It uses the same log-in credentials as MySolarCity, and preceded the MySolarCity site.

Who knows how long it will last...

I recommend *against* discontinuing payments. Whoever holds the loan would trash your credit in short order.

harrigill | 2019年9月11日

I have Solar City panels and have been tracking daily usage in a spreadsheet. I had to call Tesla to register my devices in the app. I was eventually able to use the app and see my information. You can download historical data, but have lost some granularity. First, you must select the time frame (e.g. monthly to get daily totals for the month). Then you select download. It will create a .CSV file that you can save locally or to a cloud drive like Google MyDrive or Microsoft OneDrive. Open it with Excel. It is not at detailed as the SC data. The totals are given with one decimal place (tenth of kWh), and there is no running total on the unit's total output. So, it is not as good, but it is something.

evensteven01 | 2019年9月11日

I too am upset with the change to Where are the nice charts previously available? Why are you going backwards?

Noam | 2019年9月12日

It seems the PowerGuide "share" pages are still working, at least for now. So if you ever sent that link to someone else (or yourself) to be able to monitor your system without logging, that's a way to get to the old graphs. If you know your system ID, the URL is:[your system id]

ffgene51 | 2019年9月15日

I agree with all comments that this was truly a bad move on Tesla's part. I used to check my solar production in real time and pertinent facts related to conditions (e.g. hours of sunlight, positive impact on the environment etc). For such a "forward looking" company this seems to be a step backwards. Called customer service for advice and was told there was an hour wait and if I wanted a callback to press "8". No call back even after repeated tries. Looks like they are (1) failing in customer service and (2) breaching contract agreement for web access to accounts. Would not recommend to friends or relatives unless this matter is rectified. Class action might prompt a response ?

dinucatona | 2019年9月15日

Good news for me today. Took about three weeks of waiting for a response to my help request email and then maybe another to get it fixed but now all my production shows up in the new Tesla app. Yay....

moran_cookie | 2019年9月17日

We've had my solar panels up for over 2 years. It's been over a month since we were last able to monitor my system from my desktop computer. We're not getting the service were promised. We paid over $11,000 for this. Now we have no way to check up on our system????? Do we need to get lawyers involved in this? This is serious.

Noam | 2019年9月18日

They are supposedly working on a new web version of the Tesla app (though I'd prefer they just bring back the MySolarCity site - it is worlds better than the Tesla app).
However, I found out the other day that the PowerGuide "share" pages are still working. So if you ever shared the link to show others your system, you can still use that to see the PoweGuide.
Here is the format of the link:[your_system_id]) . If you don't know your system ID, you can get it by going to , and logging in with the same e-mail address and password you used for MySolarCity. Then look at the URL for the site ID.

gregbrew | 2019年9月19日

Suh-weeet! Thanks, Noam! I hadn't ever shared a link to my data, so wasn't sure where to find my installation ID, but this, your latest post, fixed me right up. I've been using SolarGuard (by your recommendation), but it doesn't have a "Now" tab, but hallelujah, I have access to that again.

The big question is, how long will it last...

Again...THANK YOU!

mlrshots | 2019年9月26日

Horrible CS!! System not working and cannot get through to Tesla. Any suggestions?

Noam | 2019年9月26日

They are having an issue with the monitoring system today. They are working on it. It seems to be affecting at least the legacy (non-powerwall) customers - if not everyone.

medendog | 2019年9月26日

the app doesn't even work for monitoring either. when I log in, it just says I have no products linked to my Tesla account... so does that mean I don't have to my "non-existent" solar panels???

Noam | 2019年9月27日

The server issues from yesterday should be fixed now.
If your app gives the message that you have no products listed, then you need to contact Customer Support (calling is likely going to get a faster resolution than e-mailing), and ask them to make sure your account is properly linked to the app. You're using the same e-mail address that you used to log into the old MySolarCity app and portal, right?

familyevitt | 2019年9月28日

This must be the most STUPID customer support unit in history. Here we are, all upset with the loss of monitoring, and Noam gives us a link which I repost here , that gives me everything that I got from the Solar City site. I don't know if it is unique to the inverter I have, and the graphics are a little different, but from my PC I can download production data in 15 min intervals that give me time, energy, voltage, and current. I can access historical data by day, week, month or year, back to when my system was installed. They have the data. They have a website. What and why are they hiding it?!

Noam | 2019年9月28日

If you want the "share" version of the PowerGuide (which has almost everything that the "authenticated" version did, use this link format:[your_system_id]

tomstiller | 2019年10月3日

For what it's worth, I've written a python3 script which mimics the Tesla app's daily performance data. I run the script unattended on my Raspberry Pi and copy the data to mu iMac for plotting using Excel using a macro.

I can make the script and macro available if there's any interest.

mjchan0820 | 2019年10月31日

Thank goodness for this site and the sharing of links so I can see my SolarCity power. I have emailed Tesla 4 times over the past year and haven't gotten any responses from Tesla. Took some searching around to find this place. Thanks to people in this community.

ogsterman | 2019年11月6日

I have just finished reading all the comments submitted by owners/leasers of the SolarCity system which generates electrical power through the solar arrays which all of us have had installed on our homes. I also am angry that Tesla has seen fit to unilaterally breach our contracts with SolarCity. There are several things that concern me about this arrangement that was adopted by Tesla without regard to contract law or the opinions and rights which we as customers/owners of these systems have been subjected to without our consent, and without any input ('til after the fact). If they think they can get away with this seemingly small detail, what makes any of us think that they will not at some future date make other changes that are even more pertinent? I will join my voice with yours to protest this corporate decision that in fact can be considered theft, as well as breach of contract, as it does in fact involve our time and in some cases actual monetary loss on our parts.

Not to deviate from the subject, this change in terms must be opposed for reasons that are affecting us beyond just the inconvenience and breach issues involving our ties with SolarCity/Tesla. Have any of you noticed that the impact of this corporate decision means that we are now supposed to all have a cell phone in order to track our system use? A few have mentioned this aspect of the controversy. I am opposed to owning a cell phone for any number of reasons, not the least of which is the tracking of data that identifies us to advertisers, the government, corporate and private think tanks and other individuals (hackers and thieves)! Has anyone been subjected to this subtle form of coercion by their bank or credit card companies?
My meaning here is that they collectively are brainwashing our thinking so that everyone feels that they MUST have a cellphone in this modern world. I do not
agree, and I resent the thought that they think we should get one or else be excluded from information which cellphone users are privy to. Why? Because they SAY SO!
PERIOD. Sorry if you think this is off the topic, but it is so important to us as a free society. This is part of what is referred to as the Deep State. I will never give in to this type of autocratic bull....! I could go on in detail, but it is enough to have planted the seed in what I am delighted to say are an above average group of citizens who comprise this forum group. Enough said on this.

Now as to what to do about it, many of you have already suggested that as individuals, our complaints have been slightly to grossly ignored, and that the only way to confront this issue is as a united front. I agree that if we expect to be fully made whole, or close to it even, this is the only response that will get the attention that it needs to be addressed by the corporation who are responsible for the actions we are not happy with. Only through united action will our voices be heard and taken seriously. We would be deluding ourselves to think otherwise. In that vein, I am adding my small voice to all the other voices here and will be monitoring this situation closely, until there is a satisfactory resolution to our concerns and our contract rights. I thank all of you who have taken their time to voice their concern,
and I join in them right now. I have learned much here, and we should remain steadfast in our expectation of justice and fairness.

R. Ogrodny

jurek969 | 2019年11月8日


I agree and am in the same boat. Tesla customer service has not responded to online chat or messages. I have called multiple times and attempted email correspondence only to be asked whether or not I actually had solar on my house because they "don't have a record".I have sent them copies of lease signings, emails from SolarCity during installation time, my system schematics, everything I've had. Both customer service representatives that wanted me to email the documents have ghosted me.

I actually suspect that my system isn't producing what it is rated to and if I am being told that my system doesn't exist and they have no knowledge of it then that seems to be proof that they are not monitoring the system output as agreed and not planning on changing my inverter in the next year or two. I have had this system since 2011 and never had an issue until now and it is being exacerbated by their callous and incompetent customer service department.

Working a few escalations to executives next but, at this point, I don't know what else to do other than consult an attorney.

bjcrozier | 2019年11月12日

Add me to the list of former happy solarcity customers who are disappointed, frustrated, and increasingly angry about how tesla has abrogated their responsibility and legal agreement to provide 24/7 access to the production data from my solar system. The solarcity web site provided exactly what I needed to track the operation of my system. The tesla web site has NO such data for former solarcity customers. And, even if I could accept the limitations working with a tiny cell phone screen, the supposed tesla app doesn't even exist for my LG cell phone (running older version 4.4.2 of Android).