Loss of monitoring (ie.

Loss of monitoring (ie.

Having only owned my Tesla solar system for about 8 months, I'm completely floored at this announcement:


Can I monitor solar production on my desktop?
No, solar system production monitoring will only be available using your Tesla app.

Can I still view my historical system impact and usage?
Yes. Once you’ve selected either ‘Impact’ or ‘Energy Usage’, you can select from preset timeframes to view your historical data.

However, you will no longer be able to download data on your historical production. To continue accessing your solar monitoring data, retrieve and download it from your MySolarCity account before August 1, 2019.

This is outrageous! I have a many thousand dollar solar system on my roof and the only means I have to monitor it is a phone app with no ability to see graphs of real time usage or production, compare historical data beyond a limited range, and no option to download data for my own analysis and record keeping?! I own this system, Tesla has no right to restrict my access like this. Clearly Tesla just burned any thought I had about expanding my system with a PowerWall, or any other Tesla product.

Is this a breach of contract? What are my options to replace this useless monitoring that Tesla now offers? What are my minimum requirements to let this useless monitoring system check-in to maintain my warranty?

davidwaltz123 | 2019年11月14日

Wanted to share a slightly different experience. I am too a Solar City transplant. Initially the monitoring app did not work on my android phone or iPad as app did not find any product to link to. I did open a trouble ticket. About 2 to 3 weeks got a reply back and it was fixed. Once I had a person, they were very responsive to my other questions. (just disappointed it took so long initially to get help)

Here is my new findings. The app also shows how much power I am sending to the grid during peak production, do not believe the Solar City app showed that.
Second key part is now you can download the data in csv format and use it on you PC. The app must have been updated since the summer as initially, that was not a feature (that I was aware of based on forum complaints). With the app, I can go back through all my old data, back to when my solar panels were installed in 2015.

Overall, I do miss not being able to view the graph directly on PC. However, having the ability to download CSV files of the data, I do have the ability to track on my PC in a couple of steps.

Good luck!

gregbrew | 2019年11月14日

Yes, you *were* able to download data on the old MySolarCity site. In my case, Tesla did not port over my old production data from 2015-2019. My Tesla app data starts from when I got my Powerwalls, and I have to add historical data (downloaded fro the MySolarCity site) to the Tesla data for my lifetime production figure moving forward.