Key fob warning light

Key fob warning light

I replaced both batteries when Model X key fob battery warning light came on. The light did not turn off even though I rebooted car twice. Advice?

mojojojo | 2019年6月8日

Lots of people on this forum would say "User Error" /jk

Here are what other forum members suggested before:

- @R.pause: mine goes off when the voltage goes below 3.00 Volts. A fresh Sony 2032 cell shows a voltage of 3.26 Volts. The cell is rated “3 Volts”. If you’re having problems with your fob, check the cell voltage first.

- @parkerjs: try rebooting your car by holding the brake and pressing and holding both of the thumb wheels on the steering wheel.

- @stevenmaifert: After putting a fresh battery in both FOBs, and rebooting both screens multiple times, the nag persisted. It took a trip to the service center to get it resolved.

- @paulfgoode: I took both keys to car and unlocked and locked a couple of times alternating between both keys. The message disappeared and has not returned in 3 days. I did not replace the batteries.