Are anyone’s else M3 backup cam off centered ?

Are anyone’s else M3 backup cam off centered ?

I think mine is off centered.. every time I back into a parking spot, my car is kind of slanted... & before anyone ask.. yes I can park well

Zztops | 2019年6月12日

Mine isnt necessarily making me slanted, but it is more to the right of the vehicle, so I end up being over to one side about 2-4 inches more if I solely use the camera and its lines.

I notice this most when trying to hug an end spot of a row of parking. Line says I should be on the curb if I get close enough on the right side, when I still have clearance. Says the opposite for the other side. Nearly got some nice custom work on my wheels one time haha. This is kind of expected though and is actually still pretty accurate. compared to the back up cameras in other cars I have driven.

The camera is not dead center in the car. The camera is only supposed to be an assisting measure. Use your mirrors primarily for dead center.

Mde0509 | 2019年6月12日

Same here! The left line is inside the tire and would scrape the curb easily even with a small gap showing in the reverse camera. The right back up line is outside and can be aligned next to the curb and leave some space. I hope all Model 3s are like this, and not half and half.