Reflector sunshade for dash recommendation.

Reflector sunshade for dash recommendation.

My wife has open parking at her office location and interior temperatures in So California goes way over 110 degrees. I don't want to use cabin overheat protection to save wondering what is the best reflector sunshade out there you have used and happy with.

stevenmaifert | 2019年6月12日

I use the HeatShield brand for both my Model 3 and my Model S: They use a think insulation which makes them a bit stiff and harder to roll (we just fold ours in half and stick in the back), but that insulation is what keeps the heat out.

AzAmpEtr | 2019年6月12日

I use the “AutoHeatShield” from Amazon. Relatively expensive at about $56. Custom fit for the Model 3, although could be a littleeee tighter fitting. Its thick and has the pre-creased areas where you fold it. The one mentioned above looks pretty strange with no fold lines. Mine is pretty large even when folded so I just lay it on the floor in the back since I never really have people in the back. Smells a little like plastic fumes when you open it but I don’t notice it when I get back in the car. I like it overall. Its pretty soft on the edges and I’ve read about people saying the dash on the model 3 can scuff semi easily if you’re not careful, so pay attention to that when making your decision.