Charging not stopping at lomit

Charging not stopping at lomit

Just returned from 1000mile round trip after the latest update. Set the charge limit to 60% for my daily use. Now the car is charging to 75%. Rebooted the screen and it's still going over the limit. This is a new one on me. Could it be something to do with the update that limits supercharging. Is this happening to others?

Boran | 2019年6月13日

Limit not lomit

jimglas | 2019年6月13日

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mathwhiz | 2019年6月13日

Try a power off reset

Redmiata98 | 2019年6月14日

Check the charge screen, the setting slider bar may have changed. Try resetting it to your desired level and see if it stays at that setting when you charge.

omosed | 2019年6月16日

I am new to Tesla. I installed the Wall Connector on a 100 amp circuit but Tesla X is charging at 8/hr, 245 V and 12/12amp. How do I speed up the charging process? Do I contact the electrician?

jimglas | 2019年6月16日

check your switch and rotary switch setting
Sounds like they were set wrong
Its in the manual

Ddowns2050 | 2019年6月16日

The electrician probably set the switches wrong in your wall unit. You set it to different amperages depending on what size circuit is run to it. I think this is what jimglas is referring to. You will have to remove the cover on the unit to do it. If you have the manual you can do it yourself without much trouble.

Redmiata98 | 2019年6月17日

Omosed, is it a Tesla High Powered Charger?
If so, this is the PDF link for the latest one:
You can find other versions by going to your: TESLA ACCOUNT, SUPPORT, SEARCH

Redmiata98 | 2019年6月17日

If you do not feel comfortable playing with the innards, get your electrician back and show him the manual (which should have come with the charger) to finish the job.