Consumer Reports Audi E-Tron first impression

Consumer Reports Audi E-Tron first impression

I have been accused of being too harsh on CR because it did not give Tesla cars great ratings (they deserve). Take a look at this and what it said of Tesla's cars that are much better and of much better should become obvious to you why I said those things aboud CR. For example the CR's take:
***The E-Tron has an air of maturity that exudes quality, and it’s likely because it comes from an established luxury automaker.***
Does it feel like it came from Audi's ad agency or from Consumer Reports to you?

And its lethargic acceleration now becomes a good thing because it "doesn't lunge off from a stop" like some other EV's do. Huh? How long have you been driving? Don't you even know no EV needs to be lunged off from a stop unless YOU want it to?

And where is the mention of safety recall from the fire danger? Would ever miss the chance if it was a Tesla?

Oh and that ridiculously low efficiency of the E-tron? It's nothing worth mention now because Tesla's lead is too much for others to catch up?

How about charging infrastructure? Irrelevant because Tesla has the great superchargers network out there?

If any CR defenders still don't think how hypocritical and biased CR has becoming this one should convince you.

Kary993 | 2019年6月20日

CR are certainly biased and do not rate all the cars with the same yardstick. They continue to lose creditability when they will not mention the very low range on this car (i mean say something negative about it), the expensive price tag for what you get, and a non-existent charging network....really they just said in a few years there might be a charging network....why buy this Audi then? To charge in your own garage and go 150 miles (because that is all it will really get) around town and then charge again in the garage....for $80,000? Too many other choices that can do what is needed for far less money.

rdavis | 2019年6月20日

I haven't trusted CR in about 20 years.... so.... I just ignore them. | 2019年6月20日

Actually seems like a reasonable first look. It's not a review yet, and they do list some negatives. I suspect the negatives against other EVs is not Tesla so much as others that are far less refined. I've never felt a Tesla lunge unexpectedly, but perhaps some of the other EVs do.

I expect more knives to come out in a full review with many of the negatives @carlk points out. Most of these first impressions on ICE and EVs are fairly benign.

calvin940 | 2019年6月20日

Of course they won't talk about efficiency. it doesn't paint Audi in a good light.

Lethargic acceleration is a plus? Ha. Please, that publication is so full of shit I can smell it from my browser.

As I have said before, they are no longer a publication worth any attention.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年6月20日

I'll have to take your word for it, not going to give CR a click.

AZTesla | 2019年6月20日

This is just a first look. For the full review there will be plenty of items that they don't like, for example, I expect they will be somewhat critical of the limited range when compared to the Model X.

dmastro | 2019年6月20日

Seems pretty fair handed. Hardly a comprehensive overview (as indicated by CR)... a couple pluses (with some couched concerns), a couple minuses, and some wait and see. Most of the comments were made in a vacuum, not a direct comparison to Tesla. I think people are reading more into this article than there is.

I doubt many of the people here have driven an E-Tron so would be very hard pressed to objectively comment on accuracy of their report.

calvin940 | 2019年6月20日


You don't need to full report to see the positive slants they are placing on obvious negative points.

Regardless, I dont read them. They can (and have) printed whatever they want for whatever agenda they want.

dmastro | 2019年6月20日

Reported positives. Please tell me which is actually a negative:

- Luxury feel and smooth powertrain
- High quality interior
- Controls such as two-screen interface, haptic feedback (note that CR qualified by mentioning there is a learning curve for these)
- ride that absorbs bumps, supportive seats, quiet cabin

You specifically noted the "lethargic" acceleration. The term they used is "leisurely", but I'm sure you weren't trying to use a more biased word. (not to mention it was listed as "what we'll keep our eyes on" with a disclaimer about acceleration, not really a positive) As to acceleration, 0-60 is 5.5 second which is plenty quick for the vast majority of drivers and hardly what I'd call "lethargic".

Having not been inside an E-Tron, I don't know how accurate these are. But having driven many Audis, it sounds pretty consistent with their other cars.

Have you been inside an E-Tron, much less driven one, to objectively refute their opinions?

carlk | 2019年6月20日

@dmastro So you too agree "doesn't lunge off from a stop" is appropriate for a luxury car? And all those years Merc, BMW and Bentley were doing things wrong while Prius or Corolla are fitting for a luxury car at least in that department?

@TT I agree that nothing was hugely wrong with that E-Tron article but only if it's looked at itself. All I'm saying is compare the E-Tron to Model S or Model 3 and what CR said about them the bias and hypocrisy is so obviously there.

Look at this CR's first impression of the Model X a couple years ago. Not only many of those comments were subjective and incorrect but the tone of it makes you wonder if it really hated Tesla. Why now it sounds it really likes the E-Tron which is not as good a vehicle as the Model X by pretty much every meaningful matrix.

dmastro | 2019年6月20日

@carlk: "Doesn't lunge from a stop" sounds ok to me for a luxury car. I don't want something "herky-jerky". That said, the acceleration wasn't mentioned as a positive - and CR clearly mentioned drivers should be aware when trying to jump into a line of traffic or merge from a stop.

5.5 seconds 0-6 is no slouch, so I really doubt there are concerns about acceleration. Again, I doubt either of us have driven the E-Tron yet and really can't say how punchy it is.

dmastro | 2019年6月20日

0-60. 0-6 in 5.5 seconds would be lethargic

How I wish for an edit button.

carlk | 2019年6月20日

@dmastro I have not been inside an E-Tron but I've owned many high end German and Japanese cars before. I know what a "luxury" interior is. Even that it has not been very high on the list of things I want in a car. More importantly here is this had never been very high on CR's list of rating a car either. That is until now this is the only attribute that (subjectively) favors another EV over the Tesla. Everything else range, value, efficiency, feature, performance or charging facility all of sudden becomes something not even worth mentioning.

rxlawdude | 2019年6月20日

I really don't think they were referring to Teslas as "lunging from a stop."

pkmantmc | 2019年6月20日

CR owes Audi big time when it accused Audi of unintended acceleration 30+ years ago that almost doomed Audi in the US. This is somewhat of a payback?

carlk | 2019年6月20日

@dmastro 5.5 second 0-60 IS lethargic for a $75,000+ EV. So is that sorrow MPGe. But as I said in the previous post this is not the only thing this car CR likes that does not measure up to ones Tesla made that CR did not like. Instead CR spent large space babbling on the luxury interior and feel of the car. When was the last time CR put that as a high priority for any cars?

calvin940 | 2019年6月20日

I have owned both Audi and Porsche so I am well acquainted with both. If the E-tron is in the same "...that has an air of maturity that exudes quality, and it’s likely because it comes from an established luxury automaker.", then I am more than familiar with that and my A6 had it's share of issues like stinky air conditioning, squeaky parts, electric windows issues and somewhat cheap feeling controls (the same ones being used across the whole family of VW and Audi).

So while I liked my A6 well enough, I was not blinded by it either.

As I said, I don't actually care what they say anymore anyhow so they can go ahead and say that all non-Tesla vehicles turn shit into gold for all I care.

carlk | 2019年6月20日

@rx What that EV would be if not Tesla? Bolt? Leaf? Or I-Pace? Could be Rimac but I doubt CR ever tested a Rimac.

carlk | 2019年6月20日

Now think about it the article is almost like I'll give you every reason, yes there is one, to buy the E-Tron but I will hide or spin all other reasons why you should buy a Tesla instead. No?

Lester Green | 2019年6月20日

I own a Model 3, I am a Tesla stockholder and I have test driven and pre-ordered the e-tron. They really don’t compare as the e-tron is a luxury SUV and the M3 is a sedan. The e-tron is not slow, but not as quick as a Tesla. The e-tron is a different class of vehicle, with much better quality of materials, fit and finish. This is absolutely not a knock on the M3 as I own it and love it. Very fun to drive. The e-tron really competes with the X. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

calvin940 | 2019年6月20日

"While it is understandable for the organization to not include more details about the e-tron, it is quite interesting to see no mention of the challenges that Audi has and is reportedly facing in bringing the vehicle to market. Currently, reports from reservation holders in Norway have indicated that e-tron deliveries are still delayed, and all units that have been sold so far are presently being recalled due to a fire risk. These details were missing in Consumer Reports‘ initial review."

uhm ya, of course they were. Can't present all the facts. Just the ones to suit the desired message.

apodbdrs | 2019年6月20日

CR didn't even mention the poor 204 range of the E-Tron, and they find out they can only go 100 miles at 75 mph, to avoid getting below 20%! And, have to charge a 30Amp charger on the road! LOL!

FISHEV | 2019年6月20日

Audi’s Virtual Cockpit is the bomb. Heads up display is fun also. Having the 2nd screen in addition to Virtual Pilot and the Heads UP, elegant tech. The Audi base safety tech is way easier also, no surprises with dynamic cruise, lane keeping, auto braking and Audi’s have Cross Track Warning.

Audi loyalists will now be able to go EV. They will be stepping into an Audi that happens to be an EV. They’ll know the controls, ready to drive, no surprises. That’s a good thing as it takes and EV evangelist to buy a Tesla, people wiling to put up with the issues, just don’t stop the work.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年6月20日

Half assed efforts by ICE manufactures is ultimately intended to turn loyal customers off of EV's (they are playing the ICE long game).

syclone | 2019年6月21日

CR is the go-to source for appliance ratings. Automotive ratings - not so much. I dropped my subscription to CR when I noticed that they had a strong bias for foreign cars, especially Japanese cars. I saw several feature descriptions that were painted as a positive on Japanese cars, that were twisted as a negative on American Manufacturers.

That being said, Tesla vehicles, although constructed with high grade materials, definitely project a more Spartan look and feel than Audi or Mercedes. Of course, in Audi's case, that's until the parts start falling off.

Tyguy | 2019年6月21日

I sold a 2013 A4 after I bought my 3, and I've been inside a powered up E-TRON. No test drive, though. We originally planned on owning 1 EV and 1 ICE, but after a few weeks with the 3 made the decision to go full electric in the next couple of years when our daughter takes our last ICE to college with her.

We're on the hunt for an SUVish EV and the Audi caught our attention. I frequent Europe and have seen the E-TRON there, and then our local US Audi dealer had one in their show room for a short period. I've sat in each seat, measured the storage, and came away disappointed that is wouldn't be an option for us for several reasons.

First, the interior feels old school. Yes, the material quality and level of fit/finish is quite high, but after the simplicity of the 3 we feel there are way, way too many buttons and screens in the E-TRON to have to interact with for basic functionality. I guess "cluttered" would be a good descriptor. Sitting in it felt like going backwards after our 3.

Second, the range stinks. It's hard to believe they're getting so little range out of such a large battery.

Third, the charging network isn't there yet. VW group is committed to a charging network but we haven't seen the results of those promises yet, so we'll wait until there's more concrete examples of a network rivaling Tesla.

Fourth, space is wasted. The frunk is worthless, and the rear storage area has comparatively low vertical height. For such a large vehicle I had higher utility expectations. If I'm going to live with a smaller interior, then I want the efficiency that should come with it.

Fifth, no one-pedal driving, which is now a must-have for us.

On the positive side, the paint quality is exceptional, as already mentioned the interior material quality is excellent, all of the seats are comfortable, and I heard many people in the showroom mention how they liked that it resembled a "normal car". It's also backed by a massive car company with resources. I think the E-TRON is a classic example of an ICE manufacturer still thinking like an ICE manufacturer instead of reinventing the idea of personal transportation. I want to see a dozen+ manufacturers with solid EV offerings so I have more purchase options in the future, but from what I've seen so far I'm thinking our second EV will be another Tesla.

That's just my opinion and I'm only one shopper. While walking away from the E-TRON I mentioned to my wife that I hoped they sell like crazy so VW group continues to invest.

detayls | 2019年6月21日

Have any of you Googled the French translation of etron?

Techy James | 2019年6月21日

Why would I spend 80K for the E-TRON versus 39.9K for a Model 3 that would beat the range of the E-TRON by 35 miles, plus have access to the Tesla Supercharging network. Don't think that makes a difference, use and compare a drive from Cleveland Ohio to Nashville TN. About 9.5 hours in Tesla Model 3 LR versus just shy of 13 hours in another EV that don't support Tesla Supercharging network. While Electrify America is working to build a better charging network for other cars, they are way behind Tesla in the center of the USA than Tesla and years away from being close.

PS for 80K I could pickup a His & Hers version of the Model 3 SR+ with AP. Or if your Single you could splurge on the M3 LR Performance with FSD (future functionality) and still have 15G in your pocket, able to go 105 extra miles on a full charge plus 0-60 in 3.2 Seconds versus that sluggish 5.5 second from the Audio. Now since the etron is closer to SUV, we have the X SR for about 500 more with AP with 50 more miles of range and a 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Better towing ability and similar cargo capacity.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 2019年6月21日

Uh, $80,000? F that S!

carlk | 2019年6月21日

@FISHEV "CR is pretty much metrics based"

OK let's see how they measure up.

Interior Volume -- Model X sits seven and has more more interior volume. OK E-Tron is closer to Model 3 in size than Model X but Model Y will also sits seven and likely will have at least as much interior room as the E-Tron.

Value -- It's way over-priced compares to either Model X or Modle 3/Y. You pay about the same or a little more but are getting MUCH more of a car with the former and pay a lot less but still are getting (non-capitalized) much more of a car with the later.

Performance -- No comparison here even though CR thought the relatively sluggish acceleration fits the image of a "luxury" car better.

Technology -- Tesla has autopilot, soon to be upgradable to FSD, and OTA. Plus the computer like user interface. Audi feels like it's from the last century not to mention what you get now is when you will have as long as you own the same car.

Efficiency -- That miniscule range for such a huge battery? The range on paper is a joke for a $75,000+ EV today. The real world range is an even bigger joke although range or mileage has never been a concern for CR (yes that's sarcasm) and can be completely ignored.

Interior -- Oh yeah that luxury interior from a traditional auto company. This is the only objective (sorry another sarcasm) metric that matters. It trumps everything else and gave Audi the edge. Hooray!

Is there another "metric" you can think of?

All auto reviews from Motor Trend and Cars and Driver to Top Gear and Der Spiegel praise Tesla as best of the kind. They at best gave the E-Tron a meh even though they most likely enjoy those advertising money and free promotional trips those automakers offer that Tesla don't do. I used to own a Porsche and still visit Porsche forums from time to time just to chat with some people there. Even there people are disappointed with the E-Tron. Yet CR would praise Audi for "the luxury feel from a traditional company" and ignore every "metric" that clearly put it as much inferior to the market leader Tesla. If that does not show its strong anti-Tesla bias I don't know what else is needed to convince you of that.

Lester Green | 2019年6月21日

I agree with pretty much everything FishEV said. That said crash rating are essentially equal. Also, my Model 3 has been mostly reliable. The front passenger headlight did need to be replaced. The better comparison is the e-tron to the X, not the 3.

FISHEV | 2019年6月21日

"The better comparison is the e-tron to the X, not the 3."

Agree but the comment I responded to was comparing it to buying an M3.

Biggest complaint from the eTron buyer about the X was the screen. She just hated the big screen which lead to us figuring out how to turn it off.

Family are Audi loyalists and Audi takes care of them. The eTron means Audi loyalists have an EV to buy that puts them in an for everyone. I find the low range an issue especially if Audi wants people to live between the 20's like Tesla, 60% of battery capacity. That's just 120 miles for the eTron. it will work for them as they have home charging, short commute and are Audi fanbois, so a bit uncritical.

dmastro | 2019年6月21日

Lmao when all the fanbois get defensive over a short first impressions article that doesn’t make a conclusion about the E-Tron or even make a direct comparison to Tesla (except one small mention IIRC).

Your insecurity is showing!

FISHEV | 2019年6月21日

"Your insecurity is showing!"

No kidding.

calvin940 | 2019年6月21日

Wonder what nuggets they are hiding given that they are lying, fraudulent little cheats.

carlk | 2019年6月21日

@dmastro What insecurity? How many people would even buy the $75,000+ EV with only 200 miles range, mind you that's much worse than even the Bolt, you think? Still the total lack of objectivity and potentially damaging purchasing decision it could lead to from a "consumer" magazine is just reprehensible. What if someone went out bought an E-Tron without considering the Tesla because of those CR articles and only found it out months later? I'm sure there are people who have little idea of how much difference 200 and 300 miles range could make until they have driven their first EV for a while.

Then again every Tesla hater seems to like that CR article just reinforced what many of us thought of what the magazine has becoming.

Lester Green | 2019年6月21日

People really need to stop comparing the e-tron to the Bolt or the Model 3. Different class of vehicles. X to e-tron is fair. I bought a Model 3 because in my opinion it was a quality, good looking and comparatively affordable car. I bought the e-tron because I wanted a luxury electric SUV that looked good and wasn’t as relatively expensive as an X. Sure the X has better performance and more range, but in my opinion the X is not a good looking vehicle, it’s too expensive and the interior quality is not as good as European luxury vehicles. Fake leather, really Tesla? In a car that expensive leather should be standard and if people want vegan they can pay for it.

carlk | 2019年6月21日


Not taking advertisement so it will not be influenced by companies is another CR lie. From the Wiki: "Consumer Reports does not allow outside advertising in the magazine, but its website has retailers' advertisements. Consumer Reports states that PriceGrabber places the ads and pays a percentage of referral fees to CR, who has no direct relationship with the retailers."

Of course those auto magazines take advertisements too and they often get paid vacation trips by automakers to review new cars (not sure if CR do that or not) but a least they are up front about them. I really admire it that many of them still went all their way to praise Tesla. They probably know magazine's reputation is more important than a few advertising dollars.

Still, although so obvious, no one knows real reasons CR's bias came from. In the beginning it too was giving Tesla off charts scores but somehow that relationship soured. It totally changed the tone on Tesla even though Tesla cars had improved over the years. There were some speculations but those were just rumors we have not way to verify.

carlk | 2019年6月21日
carlk | 2019年6月21日


Don't spread FUD here. There might be some isolated cases that early Model S had issues, just like every new model would face, but those were blown out proportion and spread by people like you. My 2014 S and 2016 X had been more reliable than any of those Japanese and German cars I've own, part of it was because the nature of EV of course.

Talk about reliability did you know with first few thousands produced E-Tron already has a recall for battery fire danger? And no one knows reliability of the first EV Audi ever made. If you really want to venture into it I'd trust batteries and drivetrain Tesla made much more so than what Audi is making (yes talk about driving an experimental car). But I did not mention any of these because you wanted to be data driven. Didn't you?

carlk | 2019年6月21日

In case some here don't know Model S 60kWh had 200 mile range and 85kWh had 265 mile range. 85 kWh performance model accelerates from 0-60 in 4.1 second. And those were with (Tesla's) 2012 battery and powertrain technology.

E-Tron has a 95kWh battery. Yes I know luxury interior from a traditional company still rules to CR and Tesla haters.

carlk | 2019年6月21日

What conspiracy theory? I was only stating the obvious, how they were biased and how they were lying. I do hear conspiracy theories but I refrain from telling any if they are just rumors.

jjgunn | 2019年6月21日

étron in French is turd or excrement.

That's not fanboism....that's a fact

leo33 | 2019年6月21日

@jjgunn Maybe they really polished it up in luxury style.

Tropopause | 2019年6月22日

"We’re just putting on its break-in miles before we subject it to our usual regimen of tests."

What kind of break-in is required for an EV?

Either CR is making up stuff or Audi is covering up one of the many advantages of EV's.

howard | 2019年6月22日

The long plan was to replace my wife’s Q3 with the Y but that is obviously not happening. We were both at the Rivian event, along with a bunch of fellow Tesla owners, and she really liked the R1S. We plan on driving the E-Tron in the next few weeks and see if she wants to wait or not. The competition is heating up. Hope Tesla starts concentrating on finishing/improving the M3.

carlk | 2019年6月22日

"The competition is heating up."
Yeah a lot of vapor from the heat. Good luck to find anything comparable or just anything.

"Hope Tesla starts concentrating on finishing/improving the M3."

bradwright1 | 2019年6月22日

Back in the early 2000s, I interviewed a reviewer from Consumer Reports for a radio program. My takeaway from this was that Consumer Reports reviews are done by just regular, under trained, non-experts staff writers. It hasn't surpassed me that Consumer Reports reviews are not credible. They are largely opinion based written by people without much credibility.

Tropopause | 2019年6月22日

How many units/year does Rivian plan to produce? Where will they source the batteries?