Model 3 3D printed nose add-on

Model 3 3D printed nose add-on

Hey guys,

As discussed in this thread on page 3:

I want to try to design and 3D print a nice looking add-on for the M3 front bumper. It's not going to be a grille. Please let's put aside the discussion whether it's needed or not, that has been discussed already many times.

I finally found the time to 3D scan my M3 front bumper, you can find the file here:
For the moment Thingiverse did not activate the 3D preview, not sure why, hope they will do it later.

What I can say after comparing my scan with the M3 3D model found here:
Is that my scan does not fit exactly the front bumper on this model. I'm quite sure my scan is closer to the real thing, I've compared it with a picture of my M3 from the top and the curvature of my scan matches while the curvature of the 3D model does not.
Anyway, i'll be using my scan as a foundation for my 3D print and the 3D model for the overall design integration.

Looking at it, i'll try to re-use these basic lines:

As my car is black, I'll try to chrome the final part and have a black Tesla logo in the middle, a bit like on this draft rendering:

I'll post progress as I'll go along.
-1: scan the front bumper - done
-2: design the 3D parts
-3: print them and check fitting
-4: assembled the 3 parts
-5: polish and prime
-6: chrome and paint the part and install

I found some chrome paint that seems to be giving a pretty decent look:

Check out some reviews on Youtube. I've ordered a small qty. We'll see.

X8IB | 2019年6月23日

Looks great! Fits he curve very well by looking at the pictures. How would you install it?

Hugues1965 | 2019年6月23日

I have in mind something like this to install it:

If anyone have experience with these please share. It should be removable after a couple of years.

FISHEV | 2019年6月23日

Totally cool! It's Tesla's logo but you might want to see if you can copyright your add-on if you want to monetize it. Then take it to a wrap shop and see what they say to design and cut a wrap vs. a paintable 3D item then we all buy from you and the wrap shop and have local guys put on. Likely cheaper than going to wrap shop on our own and their designing a

Maxxer | 2019年6月23日

The day my wife will scratch the bumper will you be able to 3d print me a full bumper with the add on instead of having me wait for Tesla to fix it?


ODWms | 2019年6月23日

This is exciting! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Hugues1965 | 2019年7月7日

Short update:
Found some time to design the add-on to fit on the 3D scan i made the other day.
Rendering on the M3 model:

Rendering on the 3D scan:

Next step: 3D print it.

syclone | 2019年7月7日

Very classy looking! What are the chances of getting one?

Hugues1965 | 2019年7月7日

I will at least make the 3D File available.
Beyond that, can't promise.

ODWms | 2019年7月7日

Love it!!! Very classy indeed!

FISHEV | 2019年7月7日

"I will at least make the 3D File available."

if you are not wanting to monetize it, send the 3D file to Evannex, Taptes or TSportline. A China factory will have them for us in a month.

St☰v☰ | 2019年7月9日

I like it too!

Hugues1965 | 2019年7月11日

I should be 3D printing the central part (the whole thing is cut into 3 parts) this saturday, will last 16h, printing at 0.1mm layer height for good finish, print will last 16h. I should have pictures sunday if all goes well. Using high temp PLA with carbon.
Here is the 3d preview of that central part:

Hugues1965 | 2019年7月11日

Forgot to say that Tesla logo will be printed separately.

hokiegir1 | 2019年7月11日

@hugues - This looks very nice in the renderings. And you saying 3 parts gives me some optimism that our new toy (just ordered the other day) might be able to accommodate it.

Hugues1965 | 2019年7月11日

Great you bought one, had mine for about 5 years, can't count anymore the number of parts i printed with it, repairing stuff, improving things in the process often, and designing new parts like the red ones on my electric bike:

I have this printer:
They say the max build size in Z is 225mm, but I checked it tonight and see i can go till 235mm, which will come handy because my 3 parts need 230mm in Z. Could always print a little bit diagonally to make them fit though.

Glad you mentioned that, I might have lost the last layers of my 16 hours print, not fun. Thanks.

hokiegir1 | 2019年7月11日

@Hughes - We had been talking about random things we could use one for, then one showed up on for $150 the other day, so we jumped on it. I'm sure it's far from top of the line, but we really are just talking toy/hobby for us. Hubby actually ordered, so I don't even remember what our max sizes are. Will probably figure it out when it gets here, I'd imagine. In the meantime, we've been making lists of things we can use it for. LOL!

hokiegir1 | 2019年7月11日

And ugh on losing the layers! I hope you can fix it!

Hugues1965 | 2019年7月14日

Allright, the 3D printing of the central part went fine yesterday, it took 14h at 0.1mm layer height.
Definitely not ready-to-paint quality, will require sanding, priming,...especially on the overhang part
Video here (you can set the video playback quality to 1080, like on Youtube):


Next steps:
- 3D print the 2 other parts, left and right
- assembled the 3 parts
- sand down, mastic, wash, rinse, repeat (the fun part)

Hugues1965 | 2019年7月30日

Allright, a bit of progress to share on my project.
I finished to 3D print the 3 parts and assembled them together.

Pictures/video below is just a very rough cut of how it could look like. It's just the first coat of a grey primer/filler with a black Tesla logo hand drawn. Still lots of work to do until the chrome finish with the black (3d printed) Tesla logo in relief.


And with:

Short video:

Let me know what you think. I guess chrome with black Tesla logo is the right choice for a black car, but maybe you have other ideas. Black carbon vinyl wrap ? Red vinyl wrap ? Matte black vinyl wrap ?

vincelorto | 2019年7月30日

That looks very cool. Dont forget the ceramic coating... :)

howard | 2019年7月30日

Hugues1965, That is awesome. Great job.

ODWms | 2019年7月30日

I’d go with a satin “chrome” finish like the trim on the rest of the car.

So far so sweet! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

dwejr99 | 2019年7月30日

I've been accenting in red. That would be an awesome add. New wheels are my next gift to my car.

Hugues1965 | 2019年8月10日

I'm not finished to polish the part yet, still some defects, but I tried to wrap it with the chrome film I bought, just to try the fit. I don't have the black Tesla logo on yet. But it gives an idea. No error messages with the radar so far, behaves normally.


Hugues1965 | 2019年8月10日

I posted the same link twice again, here is the other link:

tbd2001_01 | 2019年8月10日

Post and share your 3D STL files here and on Thingverse

herrmdogg | 2019年8月10日

Wow, I LOVE this, I need one ASAP and I haven't even had my car for 24 hours yet!

FISHEV | 2019年8月10日

Looks great. How can we get local shop to make one? They need to have 3D printer? Do you have to paint it when it’s done or is this that how it look coming out of the printer?

Hugues1965 | 2019年8月10日

One needs a 3D printer, and most 3d printers require extra finishing steps before it can be painted or wrapped.

howard | 2019年8月10日

tbd2001_01 | August 10, 2019
Post and share your 3D STL files here and on Thingverse


Would really like to see the files as well. Be nice to lay it out on one of our printers.

FISHEV | 2019年8月10日

“One needs a 3D printer, and most 3d printers require extra finishing steps before it can be painted or wrapped.”@howard

And what kind of shop would have this as I’m guessing it needs finishing work and adhesive on the back.

howard | 2019年8月10日


How thick is it? I am wondering if I machine it out of 6061 aluminum and send it out for bright nickel plating if it would then conform to the bumper when applied with 3M VHB. What do you think with respect to the curvature?

howard | 2019年8月10日

Maybe satin finish to match the door handles?

ODWms | 2019年8月10日

Agreed. A satin finish would give it that OEM look.

I don’t know about by one else, but I’m loving this!

Hugues1965 | 2019年8月11日

To answer the questions above:

- I'll probably make the stl files available to people who request them, but I won't post them on Thingiverse for 2 reasons: quite a lot of time when into this work, and the liability issue with the radar. More info to follow once I have installed it.

- There are many online 3D printing services, some offer a polishing service as well, Google is your friend.

- It's about 7 mm at it's thickest. If you make it out of aluminum, i wonder how this will affect the radar that is just behind the right arm. Might blind it. The shape is only curves, practically no flat surfaces, probably difficult to machine, but I'm not expert in this. Cost of complexity is so low with 3D printing, I did not design it with machining in mind.

- I'll probably go for a satin finish. But my door handles are not satin, you can see yourself in them, more chrome like. The window trims are more satin chrome.

Hugues1965 | 2019年8月31日

Hi all,
After much priming and polishing, I finally got to paint and install my front moustache and logo. After asking around, people preferred the silver gray finish to the chrome, so i went with this for version 1. We'll see how the feed-back goes.

Front view pic:


Short video:

Let me know what you think, good or bad.

ODWms | 2019年9月1日

I like it. The satin finish was a good choice also.

howard | 2019年9月1日

It looks great. Very nice job! I would probably take the logo of the frunk. If you decide to share your solid/stl I would like to give it a try. The solid would let me consider machining it. I would 3D print the curved work holding base. Thanks for sharing.

Hugues1965 | 2019年9月2日

I went on and repainted the part with a more reflective paint, that matches better the rest of the car. It does not show much on these pictures, but I prefer to update this thread with the final pics.

Those who have experience with 3D printing and are interested in the STL files, you can contact me through private message on Thingiverse (see the link on first page of this thread) or on the forum.

januszp560 | 2019年9月2日

Thanks, Hugues1965, your project seems to be a huhe hit (certainly is with me).

One question/suggestion: Did you consider making it without the Tesla logo? You could monetize it right away and without red tape. The logo could be replaced with something else, like owner's monogram, or...?)

Oh, and i would love one of these, logo or not.

Hugues1965 | 2019年9月2日

Actually the part I designed is without the Tesla logo. The Tesla logo is printed separately, you can find it on Thingiverse.

wmaung | 2019年9月3日

Thanks for new updates. I like it. Hugues1965, Would you mind sharing your STL file?
Did you print solid form in printer?

marcuscarter5921 | 2019年11月12日

I would also like this design as well any chance you could share it with me?

Varricks | 2019年11月13日

We should all show reverence for the memory of the Renault Caravelle.