Schwarzenegger Kicks Gas

Schwarzenegger Kicks Gas
Arnold goes undercover at a car dealership.

blue adept | 2019年6月26日

Lol! Arnie's always had a good sense of humor.

I don't know where he got that dinosaur petrol burning Hummer because his actual Hummer is electric:

andy.connor.e | 2019年6月26日

Lol he comes back as the manager with the same shirt on | 2019年6月26日

Entertaining! Arnold had ordered one of the first Tesla roadsters, but as I understand it, when he could sit in one, he didn't fit :) Had to cancel his order.

finman100 | 2019年6月26日

it's kinda misleading when there's no Tesla at all in the spoof. Sure it's a dealer ad, but c'mon, if you want to show the way to buy electric cars ya gotta show ALL of them, or at least the leader in EVs. Gimped, compliance cars are not cutting it.

Arnold's 'character' is EXACTLY why buying a Tesla is soooooooo much better. Yet another plus in the Elon column.

Continued Disruption.

Tesla-David | 2019年6月26日

Priceless! Arnold has done a lot to focus attention on Climate Change/Emergency action, especially his appearance in National Geographic series: "Years of Living Dangerously" He has long been a proponent of EV's and Tesla.

jimglas | 2019年6月26日

Well done AHnode

TranzNDance | 2019年6月26日

Yeah, I noticed that Tesla was missing, too. On the bright side, there are lots of familiar brands that might be easier for the mass market to feel comfortable with even considering EV. Maybe their search will lead them to Tesla.

jordanrichard | 2019年6月26日

That’s too funny.

El Mirio | 2019年6月26日

Very funny! Humor is a great way to break the ICE.

Earl and Nagin ... | 2019年6月27日

The organization, Veloz, is heavily sponsored by Electrify America, GM, NIssan, and BMW. Therefore, one would expect that they'd only show cars from those companies and those that use CHAdeMO and CCS chargers.
I think it is great. Schwartzenegger was a huge supporter of Tesla early on, when they really needed it. Its ok with me if he supports the underdogs today as well.
Go Ahnold!

David N | 2019年6月27日

Video was funny

blue adept | 2019年6月27日


Different wig....

blue adept | 2019年6月28日

p.s. He actually prefers 'Arnie', but whatever.

Mike83 | 2019年6月28日

Some gems I like but paraphrased.

Pollution is great as it limits human population and a noisy car will impress your neighbors and don't be a sissy and drive in a carpool lane.

Tropopause | 2019年6月30日

Bring Arnold back to replace Gavin.