Tesla App not working

Tesla App not working

My Tesla app has suddenly started saying I have no linked products. It was working fine up until about 30 minutes ago. Just curious if this is just me or if the system is down for others. I noticed that hte my Solar City app and web site are also down so I am hoping this is just a maintenance issue

victor.nebril | 2019年7月8日

Mine is down too

edwardneal2222 | 2019年7月8日

thank you

S75RedRidingHood | 2019年7月8日

same here...

edwardneal2222 | 2019年7月8日

its back up now - cam up the same time as the my solar city site so it must have been a system wide outage

markbraukman | 2019年7月9日

Maybe they are getting ready for the shutdown of the My Solar City site.

edwardneal2222 | 2019年7月9日

I suspect you are correct Mark and it is all a part of the process

Char B | 2019年7月14日

No Products linked to your account? Call this number, it is a direct line to that department and will fix it for you in 25-48 hours.

Char B | 2019年7月14日

I forgot to include the number. 877-961-7652. Sorry