Both my center screen and dash now have yellow border

Both my center screen and dash now have yellow border

I've read about folks having a yellow border on the center screen which I have... But now the screen behind the steering is getting it.

The service center is telling me they know about the problem but no fix is available. They also say they can't change the screen.. I ask if they would change the screen if it was cracked and they say they could...

So what I'm getting is that they don't consider this defect even though my car is less than 6 months old.

I'll be honest this is my 2nd model s... And my last tesla...

Anyone have any thoughts on how I should proceed?


Bighorn | 2019年7月9日

I’ve read that there is a fix that I think involves applying light to remove the yellow.

rickrparker | 2019年7月9日

I got the same response regarding my yellow border. Today I am celebrating my 30th day. After driving S-Class Mercedes, Service has much to be desired. Hope they are working on it.

Bighorn | 2019年7月9日
md_d | 2019年7月9日

I'm getting the same thing but it looks more orangy on borders of infotainment screen
No fix at this time. Second tesla only 7 months old. Will be my last.

Bighorn | 2019年7月9日

There is a fix. Do y’all read?!

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年7月9日

Glad to hear there is this fix.

jacques | 2019年7月11日

@md_d I agree with you, pretty sure this is my last one... This is my 2nd model s and the quality of this one is wayyy lower than my last one. Was in the shop 1 time in 3+ years on my old one and been in the shop 5 times on my new one which i got 6 months ago.

Also if no refresh by the time my lease is up then the Porches mission-e/taycan will be hard to ignore.

dougk71 | 2019年7月11日

Well of course Tesla has problems. They are not starting with 100 years of experience making ICE drive trains.
Yet Tesla has made the safest cars ever and they don't pollute and are much fun to drive.
Now traditional ICE manufacturers produce ICE lemons by the dozen and they have no experience at all with EV's.
Now Tesla has a multi year jump on the competition so if you go for an ICE manufacturers first EV you will need luck to avoid getting a lemon and get little support since the 20% extra you will pay at the dealership to cover sales and advertising won't have gotten you little if any trained EV service technicians.
Tesla even with blemishes is the only sensible choice and if it is frustrating as they work through their exponential demand curve all other choices will have worse outcomes.
Tesla saves you the 20% overhead a dealership brings with it plus the Tesla is superior to any car on a dealership lot.

Tropopause | 2019年7月11日

If only there was a fix, maybe these dedicated customers would remain loyal to Tesla.

BH- did you mention something?

Bighorn | 2019年7月11日

Apparently not.

inconel | 2019年7月11日

Too short to have heard anything. It went over my head.

jacques | 2019年7月11日

It's a rumor of a fix. I was at the service center and the service guy had no idea when I discussed this very thread with him. So if the tesla service Mgr does not know about a fix... And the phone tech service does not either then I'm going to assume it's not a done deal. Also... It should never have broken in the first place..

NKYTA | 2019年7月11日

It’s a fix that isn’t happening at your SvC at the moment, and apparently they don’t yet know about at your SvC. So, NOT a rumor.

Electronics and LCDs break all the time, usually early and then not until their lifetime has been exceeded. I assume Tesla’s supplier is on the hook for this.

rxlawdude | 2019年7月11日

Bonnie Norman of TMC had the fix applied (using a big UV device that is going around for SvC training) and reported it worked.

Bighorn | 2019年7月11日

Its not a rumor, dipshit. There are before and after photos in my link.

rglossin | 2019年7月12日

So it's name calling now or is dipshit his name?

Bighorn | 2019年7月12日

Three strike rule.

PBEndo | 2019年7月12日

Settle down everybody. I have it on good authority that there is word of a fix in the wild.

Innkeep | 2019年7月12日

I’m old, fat and ugly. My Sparky has a little yellow border. My car is still Motor Trend’s car of the century. When I drive it I can still forget all my troubles.

Maybe the complainers would give up on me for my cosmetic imperfections too. I could say something about trophy wives, but I won’t.

jacques | 2019年7月12日

Seriously folks, are you saying that a defective screen for a 112k car is just how it is and I should just accept it? honesty, if this was happening on your audi s8 you'd all be pissed at audi. Be honest.

Ironically I'm actually a tesla fanboy but I can still call them out on bs.

And bh, your composure on here is defilightful to witness.


NKYTA | 2019年7月12日

I don’t have an Audi, I wouldn’t be caught dead owning one.

You are NOT a Tesla fanboy, don’t try and pass yourself off as one.

You are a shill.

PBEndo | 2019年7月12日

Not saying you should accept it as it is obviously a problem. However, it is a minor problem that can be fixed so no big deal. Tesla isn't perfect, but they can fix a yellow border leaving you with an exceptional car.

Madatgascar | 2019年7月13日

Scroll up to where Bighorn posts the link to the fix. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be OK.

Bighorn | 2019年7月13日

It should also be pointed out that the yellow band is the result of trying to engineer out the problem of gel leak. Presumably it’s the discoloration of an adhesive that can be reversed with UV light therapy.

cleanhp | 2019年7月16日

I'm utterly amazed that the fix for this is reliant on a tool that nobody can seem to locate and therefore not predict when it will be able to be fixed. Just another example of what happens when you let a bunch of software engineers run a car company. I really, really want them to be successful (and keep enjoying my car), just hope they fix these customer service problems in time.

rweggert | 2019年7月19日

I see the yellow border on the MCU when it's in direct sunlight. If I shade the screen, the coloring goes away. I'm pretty confident the yellow shading is caused by the sun and it will burn into the screen over time just like the burn in problems that occur on CRT's and some of the new OLED screens. Keep your screen out of the sun and search for a screen tint or some other sunblock solution.