HW 3 upgrade

HW 3 upgrade

What is Tesla’s plan to replace HW3 on existing qualifying cars?

jjgunn | 2019年7月10日


Joshan | 2019年7月10日

End of Q4 per Tesla. So they have 5 month to figure it out. They have not given any plans yet.

tung1900 | 2019年7月10日

Can’t wait to make some money with my m3. I want to let my dog out by it selfs n get some income.

jimglas | 2019年7月10日

you can drive for Uber now if you want to "get some income"

tung1900 | 2019年7月10日

Drive by it self, not me drive for lyft or Uber, i have to stay home n watch the babys.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年7月10日

Any idea what insurance would cost for you to run your own self driving cab business?

I am guessing you will need a business license and appropriate insurances.

howard | 2019年7月10日

tung1900 | July 10, 2019
Can’t wait to make some money with my m3.

The Tesla plan to make money with your FSD Robo Taxi Tesla is so far off your car will be recycled into a third world solar power storage device by then. Even Musk has backed way off this claim.

david_gelfand | 2019年7月10日

A TMC posting indicated that someone had scheduled HW3 installation in her M3 using the App to schedule. Upon reading that, I did the same and was offered an appointment at our local service center. A few days later, just before mobile service had been scheduled to show up at our home, I was informed by text message that our scheduled service date was cancelled and would be “rescheduled” when Tesla decided to install HW3 for folk who had already paid for FSD when they ordered their M3. BTW, for us that was over 19 months ago and still nothing! Disappointing.

Blacklamb | 2019年7月10日

My car had a mobile service today and I was talking to the ranger about these upgrades and learned a few things. One was they are doing a very small rollout to some of the early VINs to work out the process, and that they are replacing failed HW2.5 with the 3.0s when they need to replace them. He was telling me in a Model 3 it is 2-3 hours+ to replace them, mostly because of the cooling lines and testing that the connections to the loop don't leak. He suggested to me to wait a few months after they start doing them in mass to try to get it as more install kinks will be worked out.

efuseakay | 2019年7月10日

2.5 owners won’t start to get upgraded until 2020. Just you see.

And actual FSD is more than 5 years away. At least.

calvin940 | 2019年7月10日


You should contact Elon as I know he is looking for very knowledgeable FSD experts like yourself.

Atoms | 2019年7月10日

End of year.

rhj | 2019年7月10日

When FSD is ready, the HW3 upgrades will be available to those who paid for it.
Some time after everyone gets their past due spoiler and badging