10 days trips VA -> Orlando -> Miami -> Naples -> Orlando -> VA

10 days trips VA -> Orlando -> Miami -> Naples -> Orlando -> VA

I added 3K mikes trip using free referral super chargers during July 4th week/weekends. Glad to report that not a single time where I had to wait for super charger. There were about 3 instances where I see every spot takens but there was never a wait. The place I visited, destination charger wasnt available, i just wait till kids go to bed and go out to super charge every nights while I wasnt traveling between cities. Palm beach and Miami were among the busiest chargers, glad I wasnt around when that FL super charger explosed due to gas leak (I was there couple hours prior). Vacation with a Tesla is fun, i do lose about 45mins - hour a day due to charge but that also because I did so much driving. I would had lost that much time sitting at costco waiting for a cheap gas line any way.

Disney to VA on way back was 6Am - 1Am trip :), I am so glad for auto pilot. For some reason even for that grid lock on I95 all day long, I was still enjoyed the drive. Maybe I just need a longer Road trip next time, 7k free super charger left to go (expires in 5 months?)

I had Tezlab app running half way through the trip, i do lose about 30miles a day due to sentry Cam and florida 99 degree weather.

Anything that I can pass on to Tesla is that to show me what restaurant available at super chargers directly on the screen.

I had to use in car webpage with better route planner. I was able to click on the chargers to see restaurants at that location as a work around.

rsingh05 | 2019年7月10日

I did a ten day road trip as well and drove 4K miles. Similar supercharging experience as yours - zero wait in the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies.

I didn’t mind the extra wait at all - left me way more relaxed than driving in a gas car.

I do think Tesla is the ultimate road trip car, with its civilized ride, autopilot and mandatory supercharging breaks :-).

hokiegir1 | 2019年7月11日

@RedTeslaModel3 - I generally look up the superchargers on Plugshare, where people have listed nearby amenities. I'll especially do this if I have a choice between 2 chargers for stops -- I'll look and see which has a better option for the type of stop we are planning (short bathroom break or full meal).

PhillyGal | 2019年7月11日

I'm glad you enjoyed!

Also great that you shared the fact that on a busy holiday travel weekend you came across busy superchargers but no waiting. The network really is growing at a fast enough rate to keep up with demand in almost all cases.

vmulla | 2019年7月11日

I did that route several times. If your family is upto it, a good time to start the drive is late in the afternoon to arrive at your destination by sunrise. It will work if both the drivers are comfortable with AP at night, and if they can take naps while the other drives.
This works great for our family. Less traffic, kids asleep, spouse not asking for a conversation - just music on low volume. We do splash and dash, so each of us sleeps about 3-3.5hrs between charges.
Big incentive for it is a whole extra day of vacation.

Not for everyone, but works great for us.

Bighorn | 2019年7月11日

I drove down to Miami and back on July 4. Only issue was a dead pedestal at an otherwise full Fort Drum. I just kept going to the next charger instead of waiting.