parking for long periods in hot weather

parking for long periods in hot weather

MS100D 2018 HW2.5 2019 20.4.2 has I believe a max temperature that will trigger automatic cooling when parked.
The concern is that if the Tesla is left parked for two weeks and starting with a full range charge the car range is reduced to zero
by cooling below the max temperature over the two weeks.
Some daily loss of range is expected that could take all range away after parking for months.
Am I mistaken and if not can the cooling be turned off when parked ( like in a Fl cruise port lot) in the sun for a week or two?

PrescottRichard | 2019年7月16日

There’s a ‘cabin overheat protection’ setting that you can turn off, is that what you’re looking for?

FWIW- I flew out of Phoenix for a week and my car lost range just sitting in the sun with no overheat protection on. If you’re going away for that long leave the car at home plugged in and take an Uber to the cruise lot, that’s what I would do.

murphyS90D | 2019年7月16日

The battery will not go below 20% Yes it can be turned off. My AP1 car defaulted to off.

EVRider | 2019年7月16日

Unless you live very far from the parking garage at the airport or cruise terminal or whatever, leave your car at home and take an Uber. In most cases you'll spend less than what you'd pay for parking anyway, and you don't have to worry about losing range.

Even with cabin overheat protection on and hot weather, you should be able to park somewhere for a couple of weeks without draining your battery (unless you use Sentry Mode, which uses 1-2 miles per hour). AC doesn't use that much energy -- heating uses much more. You can also configure cabin overheat protection to use just the fan without the AC.

BarryQ | 2019年7月16日

How do you configure cabin overheat protection to use just the fan?

dougk71 | 2019年7月16日

I think the part I don't yet fully grasp is that the traction battery has overheat protection. I was expecting I would not use sentry mode and would not have the passenger A/C set to on.
I hearing from others that even out doors in an Arizona summer the car can be parked for a couple of weeks.
I am deciding to use covered parking at a cruise port ( 2 hour drive away) but I saw a video of a car in China that caught fire when parked and the issue was that the traction battery overheated. Tesla's purported solution was to modify the BMS so that the cooling came on to cool the battery.
I expect 2019.20.4.2 may contain that fix so at some unknown temperature battery cooling comes on.
I hope since it works in Arizona heat that the temperature it comes on at is higher than most summer temperatures.
Does anyone know if the BMS temp fix is in 2019.29..4.2 and if so what is the trigger point.?

It won't be a problem in FL but presumably the traction battery can't be allowed to freeze in a Northern winter creating a similar weather related drain of range when parked for long times.

EVRider | 2019年7月16日

@BarryQ: You’ll see the option under Controls > Safety & Security > Cabin Overheat Protection.

BarryQ | 2019年7月16日

I see the option to turn it on or off, but not to select fan only.

EVRider | 2019年7月17日

@BarryQ: Maybe that was added in a firmware update that you don’t have. It’s also documented in the latest manual. Which firmware version do you have?

CygnusX-1 | 2019年7月17日

i only see the option for cabin overheat on or off. and an information button that describes the function. no way to change the behavior. this has been the same for evecant see what im typing...ry version of code. currently @ 2019.4..3. sorry for the noncaps, but im typing this in the screen on my car.

CygnusX-1 | 2019年7月17日

now i see it after i posted. That was totally F**ked... Sorry.

BarryQ | 2019年7月18日

I guess I don't have the latest software version. I have (V9) 2019.24.1.1d133ad.

dborn | 2019年7月18日

That is the latest version certainly for my 2014 S85. Received it just this past weekend.

bp | 2019年7月19日

If possible, recommend you try parking your S outside in the sun in conditions similar to the cruise terminal parking for a full day, with the vehicle set with maximum energy savings enabled (range mode, disable always connected, disable sentry mode, disable overheat protection, …).

And then measure how much battery loss you see. You can then use that to project how much charge will be used during a 2 week cruise.

There is an increased risk of getting the yellow band on the console display if the vehicle is exposed to high cabin heat for an extended period - though it appears Tesla now has a solution to recure the adhesive to correct this.

We usually park our Tesla at cruise terminal or airport parking for trips lasting a week. For two weeks, with covered parking, we should be able to park and have enough charge when we return with our S 100D or X 100D, though with the higher parking charges, it's less expensive to take a shuttle than to park.

Parking outside especially in high or low temperature weather for 2 weeks may be possible - but if you aren't completely confident, you'll likely spend the trip periodically checking your Tesla app to see if you miscalculated...

EVRider | 2019年7月19日

@BarryQ: Your version is newer than the one documented in the owner’s manual (2019.16.1.1). What year is your car? Maybe the “fan only” option is only available in newer cars.

bsteinesq | 2019年7月19日

I bought a car cover (Evannex--no affiliation) and use it to cover my S when left outdoors at JFK long term parking. The cover stops the sun from heating the interior, so the car doesn't get as hot. I also turn off the overheat protection. That, along with turning off several other items keeps the loss to a minimum, e.g. 13 days, loss of 12 rated miles or about 3kw of energy. You may want to consider doing this.

BarryQ | 2019年7月19日

@EVRider - I have a 2015 P85D and a 2015 70D. This option is not on either car. You're not confusing cabin overheat protection with climate keeper are you?

Hart | 2019年7月19日

To my knowledge, Cabin Overheat Protection will not be active when the car has been "asleep" for over 12 hours. So if you want to keep the car cool in very hot surround temps (e.g. parked in AZ in the summer), you need to ping the car daily in the AM and turn the AC on for a minute or so. This way it will not ever get hotter than 105 degrees inside. Obviously it will have to be plugged in if you do this for many days, much less weeks. I just used this method while vacationing in Europe for over three weeks.

EVRider | 2019年7月20日

@BarryQ: Here’s what it says in the manual:

“Cabin Overheat Protection

The climate control system can reduce the temperature of the cabin in extremely hot ambient conditions for a period of up to twelve hours after you exit Model S. Touch Controls > Safety & Security > Cabin Overheat Protection and choose:

• OFF: Disable Cabin Overheat Protection.

• NO A/C: Only the fan operates when the
cabin temperature exceeds 105° F (40° C). This option consumes less energy but the cabin temperature may exceed 105° F (40° C).

• ON: The air conditioning operates when the cabin temperature exceeds 105° F (40° C).”

bill | 2019年7月20日

I live in Downtown Denver and park in a public garage. Luckily they have a couple of l2 and 1 Chadmo chargers so I keep an eye on the charge via the phone and usually charge up before I use the car.

If you use a car cover make sure it doesn't interfere with the cooling ventilation so if the car does need to be cooled down you are not making it harder and less efficent.

BarryQ | 2019年7月20日

Ok thanks EVRider. I guess older cars don't have that option. I can only turn it on or off.

EVRider | 2019年7月20日

@BarryQ: If that's the case, I'm guessing you need MCU2 (introduced March 2018) to have that option (but that's just a guess).

BarryQ | 2019年7月20日

Makes sense. On a related note: Is it better to have the cabin overheat protection on in a hot climate, and have it cycle continuously when outside on sunny days, thereby protecting the electronics, but putting additional strain on the a/c system, or save the a/c at the possible expense of the MCU? (I'm going with cabin overheat protection on).

EVRider | 2019年7月20日

@BarryQ: I'm not sure any of us can answer that question with certainty, since we don't know how tolerant the electronics and other interior materials are to extreme heat. I assume (and hope) they're as tolerant as in ICE cars, none of which have cabin overheat protection. I live in south FL, but my car is usually parked inside so I don't have to worry about it.

BarryQ | 2019年7月20日

Yeah - I think it's a kind of pick your own poison type of choice.

kerryglittle | 2019年7月21日

Billions of cars sit in the sun all day long without cabin protection. If its a concern it will run your battery down just buy a sun shade and not use cabin protection. I'm not sure how the main battery handles extreme heat on some days. Do the cooling fans come on no matter what if its needed????