Axel clicking and tires dragging on 2013 S60

Axel clicking and tires dragging on 2013 S60

I have had that issue where I could hear clicking sound in the rear end of my car, then it became worse where one rear wheel would suddenly drag; it almost feels like one rear tires is spinning normally while the other one has the breaks slightly applied.

I took it to Tesla, and they did couple of things, after a day the noise came back. They told me to make another appointment and bring the car in because it's a drive-train issue; unfortunately while driving 2 days before the second appointment, one wheel dragged and the car crashed, total loss of course.

I have read about the axle noise a lot, but have not read about the wheel dragging anywhere, anyone else got that problem at some point?

AERODYNE | 2019年7月16日

Sounds like a problem with the old non ceramic drivetrain bearings. Never hear of one locking up though. A well known problem caused by return current pitting the bearings, surprised the SC did not diagnose and replace the DU...

Sorry for your lost...

Amped | 2019年7月17日

Oh wow. I also have a 2013 60. Had the clicking about a year ago and was the bearings.

leohazou | 2019年7月20日

I also know that so some point they had to change the charging port, and upon driving I would hear the sound of metal rattling. They sent the mobile repair car, and they said there was something loose with the emergency brakes ( As I remember .) So it could've been both issues for all I know.

Either way, I was advised by the tesla service manager to take it with the HQ lawyers....

trevor58 | 2019年7月21日

I went to leave one morning and my 2013 S85 wouldn’t budge in drive. Emergency brake had locked up on the right rear and needed to be replaced. Sounds like same issue, except yours occurred while driving, with much greater consequences.