Password hacked?

Password hacked?

Couldn't log in today with what I know was my password. I don't see anyway to do two factor authentication. Changed my password and it's good.

EVRider | 2019年7月18日

How do you know your password was hacked? | 2019年7月18日

Sounds like password mistyped or forgotten. Happens to all of us on occasion. | 2019年7月18日

If you couldn’t log in how did you change your password?

lilbean | 2019年7月18日

Was caps lock on?

Xerogas | 2019年7月18日 "If you couldn’t log in how did you change your password?"
Asking the important questions

EVRider | 2019年7月18日

You can ask Tesla to reset the password if you forget it. I haven’t done this, so I don’t know how they handle it.

TabascoGuy | 2019年7月19日

You could always pick the "I forgot my password" link in the middle of the login dialog box.

lilbean | 2019年7月19日

When I changed my password, it took about six hours to be applied. I was unable to access my account and app during that time.

Icyroads | 2019年7月19日

Reset your password...

SCCRENDO | 2019年7月19日

A good excuse to get off the forums and get a life