Unbelievable--Rude Tesla Driver

Unbelievable--Rude Tesla Driver

This is a whiny post. Do not read if you are in a hissy don't hear me gripe too often....:)

Over the course of our Tesla journey (almost two years) and prior to ownership, I have only encountered two Tesla drivers that were A-holes.

The first one was at a gated community at Porter Ranch prior to our ownership. Dude was just fascinatingly rude to us as we tried to visit a friend within the gated community. Borderline racist stuff. I am Asian/Indian, by the way but have spent most of my life in the Americas.

Today was the second time, at the Westlake Promenade. Guy was behind me all the way from the freeway exit, to Westlake Boulevard, and finally to the SCs. I turned into the far section (stations on each side), turned right partially into one, and then started to reverse to back in. Standard T move. Somehow, this guy with his smaller radius 3 snuck behind me and backed right into the spot I was aiming for. Startled, I looked at the guy in the stall next to one I had partially turned into and he was rolling his eyes and pointing at the 3. I backed back into the lane, tried to look at the guy and he just stared at his phone. So I eventually parked into the stall next to eye roller, and we started chatting. All the time Mr. Rude never made eye contact with either of us.

Anyway, made another friend today. But also laughed at a numbskull.

Was I wrong in any way? I signaled and why else would I be at the SC? Did Mr. Rude think I was pulling forward into a back charging stall? And it wasn't like he really needed a charge bad. He left after about 10 minutes (guess).

And to add to my annoyance, the stall I had to switch to was not functioning!

tes-s | 2019年7月19日

These are the problems now that the great unwashed drive Teslas. It was good while it lasted.

mickeymouse | 2019年7月19日

Give him some curry :)

Hammonddave | 2019年7月19日

That's why I always carry a tire iron in my car...

SO | 2019年7月19日

Was the stall reserved for 3 priority?

Unfortunately this type of behavior is inevitable and will only get worse. This is why I’m so glad I can charge at home the majority of time.

TranzNDance | 2019年7月19日

Hopefully the rise in Tesla Cam usage will help push back against bad behavior from the general population. | 2019年7月19日

@Ohmster - Not wrong and driver clearly knew he was wrong. So far in 6+ years of Supercharging, never ran across a jerk relating to SCs. A few times at peak holiday travels where there were fewer SC stalls, informal lines were made to access the next open stall. Everyone very accepting in dealing with it.

Bighorn | 2019年7月19日

I had my first jerk charging encounter in San Luis Obispo this year. Local X driver with "SLO" as part of his designer plates. He was following me into the lot. Station was busy. There was only one unmatched pair of pedestals-1A and 1B. I started to back into 1B when I see him dart into 1A which is the only pull-forward (and handicapped) stall. He quickly jumped out of the car to plug in before I even had a chance to put mine in Park so that he would get the 75% share of the charge. Royally pissed me off. Only egregious act I've experienced in arriving at thousands of superchargers. Anyone in the SLO area who sees a dark Model X with "SLO" on the plate, give him the finger for me. Thank you kindly.

bishoppeak | 2019年7月19日

I'll take care of it Bighorn.

Bighorn | 2019年7月19日


tes-s | 2019年7月19日

STand down @bishoppeak. This is a job for a professional. Vinny from Philly is on his way out there to take care of this.

PhillyGal | 2019年7月19日

Definitely jerky.

thranx | 2019年7月19日

Elon can only fix the cars, not the drivers.

rxlawdude | 2019年7月19日

"These are the problems now that the great unwashed drive Teslas. It was good while it lasted."

Sounds a bit Marie Antoinette-y.

RanjitC | 2019年7月19日

@rxlawdude you are right but it's still true!

nukequazar | 2019年7月19日

Sounds like he was in a hurry and just needed a 10-minute charge to get to where he was going. Probably realized what a jerk he was being midway through but instead of apologizing he made it worse by pretending not to see you.

Ohmster | 2019年7月19日

^In that case if he had simply come out and stated such, I would have made two friends....

I’m quick to forgive. :)

plugzin | 2019年7月19日

In the words of Ron White, "you can't fix stupid"!

peter | 2019年7月20日

Actually this is an issue for Tesla and a man like Mr. Musk is the ideal man to resolve it.

It is all part of the pleasure of driving a Tesla and needs to be protected by Tesla.

The basic issue is that anti social behaviour is just very irritating, but, for most people, not worth risking a potentially violent confrontation . However it does leave a sour taste in the mouth.

The net result is the perpetrator wins and repeats his irritating behaviour, because for him / her it is a winning strategy.

How about this as an option for Mr. Musk to consider:

1. If you encounter this sort of behaviour either as a victim or a spectator, just issue a “bug report” and give the licence plate of the perpetrator.

2. Tesla, who monitor the bug reports anyway, keeps a record of the reports against each licence plate reported, once this exceeds a reasonable threshold of offences and has a specified variety of reporters (to stop a vendetta against an an innocent driver), Tesla imposes a penalty on the offending licence plate by reducing its rate of charge by 50% for the next 10 visits to a super charger.

3. We can all then get on with living our lives and know that anyone behaving badly will not be back anytime soon, and when they do come back they will know that there is a price to pay for anti social behaviour.

Any thoughts or better options?

barrykmd | 2019年7月20日

plugzin | July 19, 2019
In the words of Ron White, "you can't fix stupid"!

This is the second time in 24h I've seen that quote attributed to that unfunny individual. Strange...

txakoli | 2019年7月20日


I’m heading to SLO for a few days next week. I’m bringing along Ray Donovan. His baseball bat fits perfectly in the frunk.


rxlawdude | 2019年7月20日

Actually, Lucille would be better.