Enhanced/Smart Summon - Part of FSD or EAP?

Enhanced/Smart Summon - Part of FSD or EAP?

For those of us who bought the Enhanced Autopilot package before Tesla made AP standard, are we going to get Smart Summon?

Like many of us, I am looking forward to the Version 10 release, supposedly out in a month or two. We can expect lots of goodies, from stoplight and stop sign detection, improved autopilot, voice texting, streaming of Netflix and YouTube, and perhaps a new game or two.
But the enhanced/smart summon is the big present under the tree.

Frankly I'm not sure whether I will be getting Smart Summon. I'm confused over whether this is only part of Full Self Driving or whether it is part of Autopilot.
I purchased my car in August of last year, with the "Enhanced Autopilot" package ($5k). It includes basic autopilot (traffic aware cruise control, lane assist, etc.) It also has Navigate on Autopilot.
As I understand it, this year Tesla has moved those features around a bit into different packages: basic autopilot (traffic aware cruise control, lane assist, etc.) is now standard with the car; and Navigate on Autopilot is part of the Full Self Driving option.

When I read up on the new Smart Summon, some articles say this will be bundled with Full Self Driving, some say it is part of Enhanced Autopilot.
The same articles that say it will only be offered with FSD also say that Nav on Autopilot is a FSD-only feature. So I'm dubious.

Do any of you know for sure?
For those of us who bought the Enhanced Autopilot package before Tesla made AP standard, are we going to get Smart Summon?

EVRider | 2019年7月30日

Elon has previously said that people with EAP will get Smart Summon.

hokiegir1 | 2019年7月30日

There's no "ect." with the new split off AP -- it's strictly TACC and lane-keep. You have to turn it off to change lanes. No current Summon. No auto-park.

The articles that say it's under FSD are referencing this new split, where everything other than basic TACC and lane keep is considered a FSD feature -- so for those cars, it will be part of FSD.

Elon Musk previously said (disregard the timeline, though) that Enhanced Summon will be added for the old EAP cars. (

synfendia | 2019年7月30日

That's what I thought. Thank you.
So it seems there is still no current benefit of FSD over EAD.
There are future advantages to FSD for me, as it would eventually upgrade my car computer.... and, of course, give me a robot car after many years of legislation.

But for now, the features max out with EAD.
Got it.

Joshan | 2019年7月30日

Resale value... FSD is not going to get cheaper and your car will be worth FAR LESS in the future without it and HW3.

hokiegir1 | 2019年7月30日

I also believe Smart/Enhanced Summon is the last item promised under EAP -- so if you want stop light/sign recognition or NoAP on City Streets, it will require FSD.

synfendia | 2019年7月30日

NoAP on City Streets will be fun

wiboater4 | 2019年7月30日

So do you think smart summon is somewhere in between current summon and what they were calling "Advanced summon" ?

hokiegir1 | 2019年7月30日

@wiboater - it's changed names a few times. It was Advanced Summon, then Enhanced it's Smart Summon. I think they all basically have the same intent/features.

tdwin2000 | 2019年7月30日

I have never heard it referred to as anything other than Enhanced Summon. And, yes, it is confirmed that it you have EAP from a model 3 that you paid $5000 for back in 2018 you will have Enhanced Summon when it becomes available. For this reason even though the FSD has been brought back down to a realistic price I am not ordering FSD. If I didn't have all the features that EAP got me in 2018 it would be a pretty big deal. FSD is nowhere near getting approval IMO in the next 2 years. I'll wait or put the $3000 into the stock market and make more than the cost of FSD today by the time I decide to order it and it's available.

Shparker | 2019年10月12日

I recently purchased a 2018 M3, version 2.5 HW and EAP but no smart summon..? Does anyone know if my car is not elegible for it? Thanks

EVRider | 2019年10月12日

@Shparker: If you have EAP, you’ll get Smart Summon with V10, assuming you live in a country where it’s available.

Shparker | 2019年10月12日

I do have V10 and I'm in Florida country. Is there something I need to do to enable it? I have done a reboot hoping that would work but I don't have any option for it.

EVRider | 2019年10月12日

Check your Summon settings (under Autopilot I think) and make sure they’re enabled.

Rutrow 3 | 2019年10月12日

Make sure your phone app is the latest version. The version I have is 3.10.0. I frustratingly did without Smart Summon for several days after v10 update until I realized my app version was out of date. Don't confuse your vehicle's software version at the bottom of the app home screen for your app version. You have to open the settings of the app and scroll down to see the app software version.

Good luck.

Shparker | 2019年10月12日

I do have the latest phone app and even received another software update last night. I have V10 for almost 2 weeks now. I don't have a Summons setting under autopilot either. It seems like I'm not getting it for some reason...

Shparker | 2019年10月12日

I just heard back from my Tesla sales rep. Smart Summon is only included with FSD not EAP. He then quoted me 6k to upgrade...guess I'm not getting it.

jlhm | 2019年10月12日

That Tesla rep is wrong. This is from Tesla web site:

With Smart Summon, customers who have purchased Full Self-Driving Capability or Enhanced Autopilot can enable their car to navigate a parking lot and come to them or their destination of choice, as long as their car is within their line of sight.

Tronguy | 2019年10月12日

@jhm: And if the car is within 60 m. Um. That's not _that_ far.

Passion2Fly | 2019年10月12日

I have “come to me” and don’t have FSD, just EAP.

vvnguyen1981 | 2019年10月12日

I can confirm as well. EAP does have 'SMART SUMMON' or "COME TO ME" feature.

EVRider | 2019年10月13日

Even without Smart Summon, you should have Summon settings under Autopilot, unless you only have basic AP or live in a country where Summon isn’t available.

Shparker | 2019年10月13日

@EVRider, I definitely have EAP . I will call Tesla directly. There are to many conflicting opinions.
I can auto steer, set distance between cars, adaptive cruise control. But no Summon option.

bradbomb | 2019年10月13日

@SHparker When did you purchase your Model 3? Are you sure you have EAP? The features you mention are a part of AP? Do you have Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark?

nukequazar | 2019年11月12日

@Shparker, did you end up getting Smart Summon with EAP?

spuzzz123 | 2019年11月13日

Can you ‘navigate on autopilot?’ You’ll see a button called navigate on your screen (when autopilot engaged) and it would direct lane changes and automatically on-ramp / off-ramp.

That would also be a sign that the old EAP is part of your current package.