Strange behavior overnight?

Strange behavior overnight?

Yesterday I installed 2019.28.2 on my 2017 S90D. I did my usual hard reboot on both screens. However that was 12 hours later. (Not doing it right after install is a first for me.) Last night, out of the blue, the car slow blinked it's write headlight twice. This was followed by it blinking it's left headlight twice. This first happened at 11:10 PM then again at 4:27 AM. Anyone else notice this behavior on your car?

In case you're wondering, it was caught on my Nest camera.

EVRider | 2019年8月7日

Oh, you meant the car... :-)

dougk71 | 2019年8月7日

I see this when parked in the garage MS100D Dec 2018 2019.28.2. I also went from losing 3 miles range over night to losing 10 miles every night. I suspect it is related to Sentry mode that even if off still is on . I don't think you can ever fully switch sentry mode off it appears to leave the sensors powered no matter if you select off for Sentry Mode.

EVRider | 2019年8月7日

@dougk71: I don't think Sentry Mode is responsible, otherwise everyone would see this problem, and I don't. My car is also a December 2018 S100D and I'm also on 28.2. Do you have any other settings that might be using more energy than normal?

murphyS90D | 2019年8月8日

A failing 12 volt battery that has lost capacity and needs to be charged more often would increase the vampire drain.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月8日

I don't use Sentry Mode because my car is to old to record to USP card. By the way I rebooted again. However at 4:27 AM the car did it again same time as one of the times the night before. This happened only once in the night not twice.

Since two updates back I to notice high Vampire Drain. The settings all seem the same. The car does respond to the app much faster. This is as if it wasn't going to sleep. At this rate I would be afraid to leave the car at an airport unplugged.

dougk71 | 2019年8月8日

It is too coincidental that the alarming overnight range loss was noticed after a recent update. I had the 12v battery replaced in December 2018 after 4 days of ownership anyway it is unlikely that so many 12v batteries start failing in the same time frame. I agree that without a statement from Tesla as to the amount of time you can leave a Tesla unattended we all should assume the worst some thing like 7 days or less if an OTA update might occur. Maybe 14 to 20 days if an OTA isn't sent. Since there is no way to know if a range stealing update will be sent we should never plan to leave a Tesla over a week without being plugged in.

dougk71 | 2019年8月8日

If it is not Sentry mode that steals the overnight range then perhaps it is the BMS. Maybe cell charge is being sacrificed to balance cells. Maybe the highest charged cells are being purposefully drained down to the charge on the lowest cell to balance a power module. It is all conjecture. Only Tesla knows what they did and why they did it.
It is unfair they can't tell us directly or via their service staff.

bhanuk99 | 2019年8月8日

@Anthony, yes. I noticed that few nights ago. I park my car on the driveway and have a Nest camera also. The camera picked up 3 or 4 random headlight flashing during the night. I did not enable sentry mode during that time. I posted at the TMC also about it. II had done a scroll wheel reset before. I did a scroll wheel reset again yesterday morning and last night I did not see the random headlight flashing. i got my 28.2 on 8/2 and 28.1 on 8/1. I have a December 2018 S100D. Another strange thing I noticed last night after my supercharge was that my rated miles went from 301 to 311 which I have never seen before. The second reset cleared something from cache. Hope it helps.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月8日


dougk71 | 2019年8月8日

December 2018 S100D 2019.28.2...I tried the scroll wheel reset and instantly the range jumped from 237 to 255.
Maybe just maybe overnight tonight the drain will be back to 3 miles. This issue is difficult to pin down but the car seems to have overnight range issues beyond the normal self discharge. Something is left on like a sensor that triggers ghostly activations of head lights etc or maybe some new BMS software is venting electrons via the A'C or Heating systems.

johncrab | 2019年8月8日

@dougk71, I don't think this is a reprise of the bug ware that was 2019.24.1 which nailed me good and hard with over a mile loss per hour. Get in the car when things are very, very quiet and see if you hear a faint humming noise coming from out front. In my case, they had the battery coolant pump running 24/7 and while that is happening the car can't go to sleep. A 12v battery ages slowly so the drain to keep it charged as it ages is a gradual thing, not a big change overnight. In my case, when those batteries fail it gets to about a 7-8 mile loss per 24hrs and then the battery warning comes on in the instrument panel. A mile an hour is something else and it looks like that bug is going around yet again. I stopped at 2019.24.2 which has my car working fine. The updates this summer have had a lot of issues and I'm not installing any more of them until T gets its act together. PS. Ignore the update screen for about 9 days and it just disappears and so does the nag in the phone app. In your case though, install the next one and hope it fixes the problem.

johncrab | 2019年8月8日

Autocorrect changed "do" to "don't" in the first line.

spineeric | 2019年8月8日

December 2016 75D. I downloaded 28.2 today, and I notice the headlight flashes when I brought up the new Chess game. When I tap the Tesla arcade icon, the headlights flash very quickly and randomly. It could be right, left. The next time just the left. But the flashes are very quick. When I tap the T logo to exit the Easter eggs, both headlights flash once - the same longer flash as when Sentry mode detects movement.

I just did the reboot, just the scroll wheels, and the quick flashes when accessing the games stopped. But pressing the T logo still causes the longer left and right headlights flash.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月9日

My car did it again at 11:27 PM then again at 4:27 AM. It seems someone on FaceBook posted a video of their car doing the same. Others chimed in to say their cars are also doing the same. I find it interesting that the time is always the same. This sounds like the beginning of a "Dr. Who" episode.

dougk71 | 2019年8月9日

Thanks for the empathy I'm also seeing 8 miles overnight loss on my December 2018 2019.28.2.
I mile per hour or 24 miles per day if left unplugged. I have the ghostly flashing headlights and random chirping.
Not all owners seem to have this problem so far.
I wish there was someway to save working software to a flash drive so if a buggy update is forced into the car the working software can be restored.
As of now it would be foolish on me to leave my Tesla unplugged for anything longer than one week.
So far the software is messing real functionality up at the expense of games and other trinkets.
I hope Tesla understands the anxiety owners like myself feel when pulling the trigger on a new release installation.

NKYTA | 2019年8月9日

"Not all owners seem to have this problem so far."

Not all owners DO have this problem.

There, FIFY.

dougk71 | 2019年8月9日

English is a complex language perhaps from your asides it seems it is not your natural language.
At least you are trying to learn the language.
In time it with work it seems you have a good chance of mastering the subtleties.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月10日

It did it again yearterday. This only happened one time at 4:27 AM. Funny how it is always at 4:27 AM.

As dougk71 wrote I worry more about the high Vampire Drain. I definitely don't trust leaving my car unplugged for more than a week.

NKYTA | 2019年8月10日


I don’t have the problem, so not all owners “seem” to. What is so hard to grasp?

“In time it with work it seems you have a good chance of mastering the subtleties.”

Your English is too complex for me, for sure. Or it is wrong. Try reading that sentence above, aloud.

EVRider | 2019年8月10日

@Anthony: If your car has HW2.5 and you have the dashcam set up, check to see if there’s any footage from the overnight events. Just another data point to help with the investigation. BTW, what time zone are you in?

EVRider | 2019年8月14日

@Anthony: My wife just went into the garage, and she said my Model S turned on the passenger headlight for a few seconds and then it turned off. Sentry Mode is off. Model 3 didn’t do anything. Running 2019.28.2. Don’t know if this is related to what you’re seeing, and it wasn’t 4:27 AM, but strange anyway.

One thought: I just started using TeslaFi yesterday. Are you? Wonder if TeslaFi (or some other third party app) is causing this. I also use Tesla Remote, but not much.

glennv | 2019年8月14日

Another data point for the discussion- let me know if I left something out.

The sequence appears to be similar - passenger side headlight blinks twice, then driver side.

Seems to happen when the car wakes up. First time I noticed was when I went out to the garage this AM (approx 5:05). Car was plugged in, but not charging. Second time was this evening approx 6:45. I asked Siri to unlock the charge port so I could plug it in for the night. Car woke up, lights blinked, port opened.

HW 2.5
Only third party app is Stats
Sentry model not set

2019 100d pre raven.

glennv | 2019年8月14日


Model S and did reboot after the 2019.28.2 install

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月15日

My car is a HW2..0. So no Sentry Mode for me. Funny how the car still flashes it's lights every morning at 4:27 AM. Also the car is draining at about 6 miles a day. It use to be 1 or 2 miles. Something is not right.

EVRider | 2019年8月15日

@Anthony: You do have Sentry Mode, but just the alarm part without the video recording. You didn’t say if you’re using any third party apps.

EVRider | 2019年8月15日

This just happened again. I went into the garage at about 11:40am, Model S slow blinked the passenger headlight twice, then the driver headlight twice (my wife only saw the passenger headlight come on last night). I went outside to bring in recycling bins, and when I came back into the garage a couple of minutes later, it happened again, though I only saw the passenger light blink once before the driver side blinked twice (I might have missed it when I was behind the car).

bhanuk99 | 2019年8月15日

EVRider-I have been downloading the Nest camera clips as mp4 files. If there is way I can upload. AP 2.5, MCU2, and on 28.2. It is happening numerous times in a day but not at any set time. For example, I have seen it at 10 pm or around 1 am or even at 5:30 am. I do have TeslaFi App installed. Another data point, my car is set not to be on sleep but randomly sleeps during day time and/or in the evenings. The clips are about 17 secs with both lights ( I think both by looking at the bright light) blinking first and then the driver side two times and the clip ends. That is consistent.

bhanuk99 | 2019年8月15日

EVRider-looked at the clip again. Stand corrected-first it is passenger side (not both) two flashes followed by driver side 2 flashes.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月15日

EVRider ,
Yes I use Tesla Remote on my I Phone and Apple watch. However I always shut the app down on both devices after I close them.

EVRider | 2019年8月15日

@bhanuk99: You can't upload photos or videos here, but you can upload to other sites and then post a link here.

EVRider | 2019年8月15日

Found a long thread about this in the TMC forum: | 2019年8月15日

My 2019 Model S (2019.28.2) does this when it wakes up. The second driver’s side blink is longer than the first. Odd.

EVRider | 2019年8月16日

Some more data points on this issue: I no longer think the headlights blink randomly. In the last few days, the lights have blinked when my wife or I entered the garage (not every time), and today it also happened when I was parking my wife's car in the garage, as I was pulling (I think I just caught the end of that one).

This can't be a coincidence. Either the car is responding to motion or light. That doesn't mean it doesn't also happen randomly, but there's definitely a pattern here. The mystery continues....

eggbert747 | 2019年8月16日

My wife entered the garage, no cell phone, no key fob. The Tesla headlights come on and even worse, the doors unlock!. Happened to me about a month ago also. 2014, no radar, no external sensors, no AP. The car definitely sensed my approach and the fob was no where near. Weird happenings.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月17日

Just got 2019.28.3.1 last night. No blinking last night. To soon tell but maybe even less Vampire Drain. We shall see.

EVRider | 2019年8月17日

I also got 2019.28.3.1 yesterday. No blinks since then, but too soon to tell. I didn’t mention this before, but I did not have the key fob with me when the car blinked.

dougk71 | 2019年8月17日

I decided not to risk leaving my S100D HW2.5 2019.24.2 at the airport. Instead it was left in the garage for 7 days.
It was charged to 295 mile range and cabin overheat was off as was Sentry mode. The car prior to leaving and in the same state unplugged Sentry off and cabin over heat off would wink the headlights and if I walked around the car with the fob in a tin can 150 ft away it would always blink on the either the first or second lap I made around the car. The results for a 7 day isolation in the garage was a drop from 295 miles range to 240 mile range. It used to be just 3 mile per day now it is just under 8 miles per day. This is better than the 20 mile loss per day I was extrapolating based on a 1 day calculation. It seems the car never sleeps since sentry mode was introduced at least for the first 24 hours.I suspect that after a day or two it does sleep and this explains the 7 day numbers. Tesla needs to give owners a way to switch the car into maximum battery conservation mode when the owner will be away from the car for many days, As of now the sensors don't sleep over night but may sleep after a longer period. I now feel I can leave the car at least 1 week at an airport and just possibly two weeks.
I now have 2019.,24,3.1 just maybe it might be less wasteful of the battery. I'll do an overnight test and peek in on it to see if it still winks incessantly.

EVRider | 2019年8月17日

@dougk71: Do you use the Tesla Remote app (aka Remote S) by any chance, and if so, do you use it on an Apple Watch?

This has nothing to do with the blinking lights, but I discovered yesterday that the Remote app's Apple Watch complication, which shows the car's SOC, prevents the car from sleeping because it has to poll frequently. I reported this in the Tesla Remote thread and the developer confirmed this behavior. I removed the complication from my watch and the car can sleep now, and doesn't lose as much range.

By the way, the only reason I discovered that my car wasn't sleeping is because I started using TeslaFi a few days earlier. I confirmed that TeslaFi was not the culprit.

dougk71 | 2019年8月17日

Good news with 2019 28.3.1.
I was able to walk around the car tree times with the key fob in a tin can 150 ft away and not have the headlights wink. The prior software would never let me walk around the car without touching it but always with in 2 feet of it any more than two times without blinking and making buzzing sounds.
If the drain goes back to 3 miles overnight all can be forgiven.
I still think we need a storage ( or airport) mode) choice that will assure that none of this blinking nonsense occurs and that will minimize battery drain.
We all should be able to park at airports and not have the anxiety of returning to a car that died by winking too much at every passerby.

dougk71 | 2019年8月17日

No I don't use the apple remote app. However I do use a PC based app. Now it most likely is not polling especially since the PC is off overnight. I suspect a sensor and Sentry mode connection. The sensor ( ultrasonic) sense distance and maybe distance and time the sensor is triggered. As I walk around the car without the fob and with Sentry mode turned off the car would sense me at least by the second circuit. I'm not seeing that behavior with 2019.28.3.1. I'll do some testing with the remote PC app. I was also surmising I was interrupting the WiFi signal as I walked around. Again Tesla should give us control to put the car to bed and not have to rely on the car getting sleepy by itself.

dougk71 | 2019年8月17日

Well I can't test the app because maybe 2019 28.3.1 has disabled all internet apps. I have tried resetting the Home WiFi and the car says it is connected but it is rejecting access according to my android app and my PC app.
Now the car had WiFi before Sentry Mode and only lost 3 miles of range per day and never displayed the ghostly weirdness Sentry mode seemed to introduce. Sentry Mode does little for me and I prefer to leave it turned off since the best I ever get are false positives that I have to continuously delete. Sure others may love it but I see it as the biggest pain in the neck. Nevertheless I hope I eventually will get back to the well functioning software that came with the car. If I have to give up WiFi just to have the Sentry Mode that I don't really want it will be unpleasant.
Initially I was excited to see what an update would bring now at times I wished that I never got one.
The beta testing seems substandard and alarming bugs are getting into the wild.

EVRider | 2019年8月17日

@dougk71: I don't think other people are experiencing the same issues that you are. 2019.28.3.1 didn't cause any new problems for me, so your connectivity issue is something else. I assume you already tried rebooting, but if not, do that. You also keep mentioning Sentry Mode, but if it's not enabled it shouldn't be causing any extra phantom drain, especially since that isn't happening to other people.

Which PC app are you using? Maybe stop using it for a few days and see what happens. Or maybe you have a hardware issue.

dougk71 | 2019年8月17日

Yes I won't be using either the Android app or the PC app since neither will connect. All the home WiFi has been rebooted and the Tesla connection was deleted and reentered. I'll try a reboot of the Tesla.
It is suspicious that all of the issues are coincidental to the introduction of the Sentry Mode update that allowed Sentry mode to be turned on or off from the top of the display.
Anyway I'd still love to have a physical switch that put the Tesla to sleep. This multi-parameter decision tree that Tesla is using doesn't appear to be mathematically complete nor sufficient to guaranteed a successful sleep state.

loganx1122 | 2019年8月17日

I'm having the same issue also, lights flickering on and off every 15-20 minutes at night. I'm pretty sure it's causing battery drain thus range shortage. I rebooted it, I'm not using the sentry mode. What is being done about it? These are very expensive vehicles we should not be experiencing these issues. I have a 2018 MS 75D with only 7k miles on it, I should not be having these issues with a nearly 100k vehicle.

dougk71 | 2019年8月18日

The remote connect issue was an ISP issue. My ISP reset its equipment and the Tesla reconnected fully. It was connect before in that the Tesla got a download of new software but the ISP had a glitch with the remote access.
With 2019.28.3.1 I'm still seeing a 10 mile per day loss of range. No longer does it flash lights incessantly.
It used to lose up to 20 miles per day even so upon delivery in Dec 2018 the S100D only lost 3 miles per day.
If remote apps make contact by polling then they have a design flaw. Nevertheless it doesn't take 10 miles of range loss or say 3 Kwh of power to run WiFi 24 hours.

Anthony J. Parisio | 2019年8月18日

dougk71 +1. No blinking but still about a 10 mile per day drain.

EVRider | 2019年8月18日

@dougk71: When you were using the PC app to monitor the car, did you determine that the car wasn’t sleeping? Which PC app dud you use?

According to TeslaFi, my S100D lost about 6 miles of range yesterday excluding driving, and 1 mile of that was from using Sentry Mode for an hour. That was starting with about 90% SOC. 10 miles a day is not normal. I don’t have any energy-saving settings turned on. My car is in a garage when parked at home so Cabin Overheat Protection isn’t kicking in. Can you think of anything in your settings that could account for what you’re seeing?

bhanuk99 | 2019年8月18日

Still on 2019.28.2. Blinking lights sometimes every 10 mins, 3 times between 12 and 12:30 am today. Nobody was near the car on the driveway. Caught on camera. Losing 10 miles/day without sentry mode as per TeslaFi.

EVRider | 2019年8月18日

There has to be a common thread here to explain the 10 mile/day loss.

Some thoughts:

1. Do you keep your car locked at home? If so, is the Security Alarm (not Sentry Mode) enabled? The setting is under Controls > Safety & Security. I don't lock my car at home.

2. I don't know if devices plugged into the USB ports or 12V outlet draw power from the main battery or the 12V battery, but do you keep anything plugged in there (other than flash drives)?

3. Do you have a separate dashcam or any other hard-wired device?

bhanuk99 | 2019年8月18日

Here are my answers:
1. Yes-Auto locked at home (driveway) and at work (huge surface lot with occasional stack parking by attendants). But I do not turn on Security Alarm, based in the Settings.

2. No devices plugged into USB port

3. No separate dashcam.

But it has been very hot and not much shade. For instance just this afternoon lost 8 miles in 6-7 hrs.