Pearl White Touch up paint

Pearl White Touch up paint

The pearl white paint, PPSW, is not available in the tesla store. Not sure if it is available in the service centers yet.

gmr6415 | 2019年8月11日

I've used it and it's a good match. A little difficult because of all of the different coats required.

Wattsworth | 2019年8月11日 and others offer PPSW.

Google is your friend. =^)

Goodnight_LO | 2019年8月11日

HI Guys PPSW pearl white is available on the Tesla shop just ordered one

gmr6415 | 2019年8月11日

@lionsquall1705, Thanks, it must have just been added. I've looked for it there many times and went with the because it wasn't there.

If it matches and is a one step process it would certainly be easier than the 4 coat process from

JPPTM | 2019年8月11日

Try Dr. Color Chip. Tesla just repackages this system.

gmr6415 | 2019年8月11日

@JPPTM, then I wouldn't use it. Dr. Color Chip has the following disclaimer for the PPSW:

"This is a tri-coat pearl / 3-stage color, meaning it was painted with a base coat, pearl coat and tinted clear coat. There is not a single color formula that exactly matches. However, the paint you receive should allow for a very close color match and yield far better results than using regular touch-up paint. Please check the box to acknowledge this."

4barkie | 2019年8月11日

Sorry, I did mean the paint is in the tesla store. Not enough sleep !

ST70 | 2019年8月12日

Yes! @4barkie- finally! :-)

Goodnight_LO | 2019年8月12日

You're welcome gmr6415, yeah it's the same for me as well. I kept visiting that Tesla shop, was about ready to check out touchupdirect but interesting enough saw a tweet regarding paint for all s/3/x and saw pearl white. As the OP mentioned about the typo, just in case there was no doubt I thought I could contribute as well.

It shipped out today, hopefully well try to apply it this weekend and let you guys know! I plan on doing a rim rash repair/protection too!

JPPTM | 2019年8月12日

I don't think any aftermarket touch-up system has 3 colors for the multi-coat paint. FWIW I use the Multi-Coat Red touch up from Dr. Color Chip and it works fine. YMMV.

Goodnight_LO | 2019年8月13日

thanks JPPTM for the information that's handy.

dimitri.anast | 2019年8月13日

So glad I read this, just placed my order. Been waiting forever for Tesla to sell it, thank you!

gmr6415 | 2019年8月13日

@JPPTM, The Touchupdirect kit does come with primer, base coat, mid coat and tinted clear coat separately.

The cheaper kit doesn't come with the primer, but still has the base coat, the mid coat and the tinted clear coat.