Canadian Summon what can it do?

Canadian Summon what can it do?

My 2015 Ap1 85D just has the regular boring Canadian version summon
Do the new 3.0 cars have some cool Summon features yet in Canada..?
Canadians use a cell phone to control Tesla Summon which is very clumsy and prone to error
Thanks in advance

raffidesigns | 2019年8月20日

It really depends on what Canada’s laws approved of. 3.0 summon when released will be able drive around a parking lot to find you. This is the U.S version. Canada’s version may differ. As of right now summon only goes forward and backward regardless of AP version. AP3 is when your start to see the differences.

kerryglittle | 2019年8月20日

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evaandmarty | 2019年8月20日

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Bighorn | 2019年8月21日

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GHammer | 2019年8月21日

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Bighorn | 2019年8月21日

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thranx | 2019年8月21日

On the Easter Egg screen, look for "moose call".

kerryglittle | 2019年8月23日

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