Latest update disabled air conditioning

Latest update disabled air conditioning


I received an update recently (2019.28.3.1.f9e95acd) and now the AC does not work.

Since Tesla no longer answers phones or provides and service I was directed to make a on-line appointment. The next available appointment is Sept. 11, 2019.

Basically, that means my car is out of commission for two weeks.

Two major issues here:

1. Another update was pushed that disabled the car or affected it in a VERY negative way.

2. With Tesla's introduction of NO SERVICE via telephone you are basically out of commission with any problems until an appointment is open with the service center. BTW: I was told roadside assistance with a Ranger is now minimum $100.00.

Don't install any updates if you live in a hot climate. Your car may be made undrivable.

--- Soon to be 'former Model S owner'


PrescottRichard | 2019年8月26日

Take your car to a service center, smile and explain what has happened. I know people who live in Phoenix and have done just exactly this when their AC had issues, which were not related to this update.

My AC works fine with that update, so perhaps you have other issues. With your car. | 2019年8月26日

@beady - Mine's fine with this update. Did you try a reboot? It often fixes problems.

beady | 2019年8月26日

Hi. Tried multiple soft and hard reboots.

I was told by someone in their Vegas call center that the update caused a problem on early model cars. He couldn't do anything other than have me setup a self-service appointment and instruct on how to perform multiple hard boots by going to settings and "turning off" car for 60 seconds and then restarting.

Multiple calls and the best I have at this point is to drive an hour and try and talk my way into getting my car serviced. If that works, likely no loaner will be available which means paying for a rental car to get to work and other commitments since last scheduled service had to be 3 weeks out to get a loaner.

I was told this is the new 'service model' that everything is self-scheduled. Unfortunately, that is not what I was sold and paid for 4.5 years ago when I purchased my car. At that time there was valet service; service centers you could talk to; folks that actually helped when you spoke to them and were willing to run remote diagnostics or look at logs and generally, treated you like a customer.

Those days appear to be over based on my experiences today. That is unfortunate.

johncrab | 2019年8月26日

@beady - I truly feel your pain and after the coolant pump bug hit me in June which was fixed with another update five days later, I have declined every one since (now up to 7 total (no, not nag screens folks - pushed updates)). I would also show up at the service center and begin with the carrot and if that doesn't work, put some stick about until this gets attention. They should at least be able to plug into the car and tell if it is a hardware problem.

We go back to about the same era with Tesla and I agree that things are not good at present and the "shut up and go away" approach is not how six figure owners should be treated. I hear Kia owners get better support than we are getting these days. Tesla SCs keep using the phrase, "Our cars never break down" which is a stretch, especially when updates make them break. but this seems to be a delusional mantra they use to justify removal of any safety net. To quote Queen Victoria, "We are not amused."

S75RedRidingHood | 2019年8月26日

Coincident? Not sure but I just posted my issue here
May be I am facing the same bug?

avesraggiana | 2019年8月26日

I've noticed that on our Model X, the a/c doesn't come back right away after a hard reset. It does work though, I just have to turn it on myself.

Is this an update bug, or just how it works now, everything coming back EXCEPT the a/c, which you now have to reach over and turn on?

rxlawdude | 2019年8月26日

"Since Tesla no longer answers phones or provides and service..."
"I was told by someone in their Vegas call center that the update caused a problem..."

What's wrong with this picture?

freeewilly | 2019年8月26日

@bead, does AC buttons still works? not blowing cold air?

mickel.werner | 2019年8月27日

2018 Tésla 100D, same firmware, since I installed it 2 days ago, the airco works but has a regular growling sound that lasts 3 seconds. Just off the phone with roadside assistance who re-sent the firmware ("just in case"), and made an appointment with the service center (October... :-( ). If the re-install firmware doesn't solve it (and all the appropriate reboots/power offs), then he said the service center will have to check. We're just back from a 20K km drive across most of Europe, 6 months on the road, and NO problems. I come home, install the latest release, and my first problem..

Boonedocks | 2019年8月27日

I wonder what ever became of this:

I wish Tesla would either follow thorough or just not say some things to begin with. OP seems like a perfect example that this should have "kicked in"

Pungoteague_Dave | 2019年8月27日

Develop a relationship with a person at your local Tesla Service Center, or with your ranger at next service. Our ranger (we're 200 miles from nearest service) gave me his cell number. Great guy (he's also a M3 owner), we don't abuse it, and he responds every time, either schedules an appointment to come by our place, or at a Service Center. Very old-school, almost as good as our local Ford dealer (who picks up our trucks and drops them off, no charge).

AIA304 | 2019年8月29日

Agree with P_Dave, take your local SC techs some ‘treats’, this has got me many times where I drive in and they come out and look, then either a quick fix is done, or an appointment is made right then. Most of the times I try and go to the SC between 2-3pm which seems to the best times to get immediate attention.
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