My rear seat passenger complaint about A/C

My rear seat passenger complaint about A/C

Just about everybody loves being driven around in my MX100D with one exception. Several people complain that the A/C does not cool the rear seat area at all efficiently. I have searched the forums looking for a solution, but found nothing - so I have to assume that it's driver error. (unlikely though that seems....).

Seriously, does anyone have any idea at all what I may be doing wrong?

lilbean | 2019年8月28日

It has been that way since day one, as far as I know. I took ours in and was told by the service center that it was operating as normal like all the others. I was like, "so they are all bad"? Smh! The air that comes out between the front seats is weak. | 2019年8月28日

Depends on the model. The 5 seater has one A/C unit, and the 6/7 seater has two. With two A/C units, one is just for the rear seats. I expect it is one of the reasons the 6/7 seater option costs so much more than the 5 seat version.

Uncle Paul | 2019年8月28日

Believe the second A/C unit for 6/7 seaters is a myth.

Understand that there is only an extra set of vents for the way back seats, with a booster fan. No extra compressor etc.

When I have back seat passengers I usually just turn the temp down. A little cooler for the front passenger, but a better ride for those in back. Gotta be sure the 2nd row center console and B Pillar vents are open and flowing. | 2019年8月29日

@Uncle Paul - Looking at the 2016 schematics, there is a lot of electronics and wiring for the rear HVAC separate from the front with notations that some of this is optional. I can't quite confirm if there are two compressors or not. I suspect one compressor and maybe two condensers. There are two separate fans. The schematics don't show the mechanical details, and the design may have changed since 2016 - so it may be just an extra fan today. | 2019年8月29日

Aren't there also vents on the side door post? I'd have to go out and look, but I'm pretty sure they are there. I've asked my rear seat passengers several times and they always say it's fine. Also, aren't there separate controls for the rear seats? I think they are only visible when someone is sitting in the rear. Again, not certain, but I know there are at least heated seats in the rear in my car (6 seater).

I try to aim the dash vents up and away from me since when I crank up the AC it's a bit much. Then more goes to the rear passengers.

I'm not happy with the climate control in general. For example, it won't tell you the current inside temperature other than through your phone. The vents are small and noisy. The louvers don't aim very well. My Toyota truck is better and I paid $8,000 for it used. Just be glad your AC isn't making noises and vibrating the steering wheel like mine... intermittently so they won't do anything about it.

While in general I like driving the car, in most ways it is the worst money I've ever spent. As a car it is incredibly overpriced for the level of quality. When the Asian companies get real with EVs, you can expect Tesla to pale in comparison.

foamcows | 2019年8月29日

Something to consider is the stock window coloring does nothing to block heat. It’s just a dark tinted glass. If you are having issues with heat you could always add ceramic tinting to the windows and block out 75% of your heat from getting there in the first place.

COrich | 2019年8月30日

There is a second AC system with the 6/7 seat configuration. You also use more energy with the rear climate control turned on (significantly more than what the fans would use). | 2019年9月4日

I checked the other day and there are vents in the pillars in front of the mid seats and in the pillars by the rear seats. So four in the back and whatever is in the dash.