Sirius XM does not work intermittently

Sirius XM does not work intermittently

Generally it works well but maybe every fifth day or so I drive out of my garage and SXM has 0 bars and doesn’t work. The next time I use the car or park it, it starts working.

I expect someone will say it is the antenna but I am doubtful of this. The reason is that it gets solid four bars, the highest that any of the bands gets (though none ever get 5 bars) when it works and almost never fluctuates when working. Anyhow, has anyone else observed a similar problem and know of a fix? I have been hesitant to bring it in for service since I expect it will
be working perfectly when I get to Tesla service. | 2019年9月3日

What year is your car? MCU1 or MCU2? Have you tried a reboot?

I did read your title as XM always works fine (you're sort of using a double negative), but understand what you meant.

selbstsa | 2019年9月3日

2019 Long Range just purchased in June of this year. Yes I have rebooted and it has no effect whatsoever on the problem of SXM not working every so often. I am now switching the radio to FM when I pull in the garage since I wonder if the problem is due to the antenna not getting an SXM signal in the garage then it has trouble connecting with a clear view as I pull out of the garage. I can’t figure out the cause but, as I suggested, when it works it works well and consistently so I doubt it is a problem with the antenna being able to connect.

bp | 2019年9月4日

We have seen intermittent XM issues with the recent software updates, when the XM media player will stop playing - which is corrected by rebooting the console processor.

But overall, we haven't experienced the problems reported by the OP. When pulling out of our garage, it can take a minute or two for the XM radio to begin playing after it acquires a satellite signal.

selbstsa | 2019年9月4日

I notice, too, that both the FM Radio and SXM get a maximum of 4 bar signal strength, not five bars. Is this normal?

henry | 2019年11月6日

I have EXACTLY the same issue. Intermittent loss of XM that spontaneously corrects after the care has been parked a while. Must be some sort of software glitch that needs to be fixed.

neil | 2020年1月3日

I also have the same issue with my LD MS delivered this past summer. There have been numerous times the SXM radio option is missing from the if it never existed. There are other times that I push an existing Favorite and the radio doesn't respond at all. This has been going on for months and appears to be completely independent of my MS software version.
My SC told me this is a 'known issue' which makes me feel worse. The engineers have time to make the Easter eggs like whoopy cushions working but not something i actually paid for.


wayneiac | 2020年1月17日

I've only owned my Model S less than 1 month, and just experienced this bug today. Exactly as @neil was saying: it was working yesterday, and then today, Sirius XM is totally absent from the menu. My favourites are still there, but when I tune to them the speakers are silent. I tried a reboot, but no joy.
If this is a known bug, I wish they would fix it!

iwasfuzz | 2020年2月9日

I have a 2020 Model S I bought in November 2019. The SXM works most of the time. Sometimes at night it is as if it does not exist. I think I figured out the problem. When the rear window fog up, the SXM does not work. Is that where the antenna is located? During the day it works fine.

awajr31 | 2020年2月11日

I have the same SXM issue. The only resolution to date is to shut off power and get out of the car for at least 15 minutes. This lets the car go to sleep. Upon awakening, software is apparently reloaded which restored SXM radio. At least it has worked for me. Tesla service suggested this procedure.

Lanagan | 2020年4月11日

I’ve had the same issue with my 2020 Model X since the day it was delivered. Tesla is aware of the issue. I’ve been told that there is a firmware update coming, not the 10-April-2020 version, that will correct the issue. No date or compensation has been offered.

mikem | 2020年4月19日

I have the same issue with my 2019 Model S Long Range. Tesla actually replaced the XM antennae but to no avail. It is an intermittent issue and goes out for hours some days and some days it is fine, like NEIL described. Today it has been out all day. Tesla service never mentioned a bug.

Abkinkc | 2020年4月20日

I have the same problem. MX 2020 long range. Problem is unpredictable and usually self corrects (but not always) the next tiime the car restarts

MEAllard | 2020年4月21日

I have a 2020 MX delivered in March. Same issue - I think I see a pattern though - it happens when I am using SXM, then shut the car off for a short period (5-10 minutes), upon return the SXM is out. Does not always happen when car is shut off for short time, but when SXM is out, it is always after a short shutdown. (for me) The fix is either to re-boot, or wait until the next day (always resolves itself).

marcustcohn | 2020年5月18日

Same XM intermittent reception issue on my 2020 MS - you can see the station numbers but there is no audio. Then after a few hours of driving audio suddenly started working. This happened twice in 3 days of a road trip.

jerwells88 | 2020年5月19日

Same problem on my 2020 MS (V: 2020.12.11.1) Took delivery on 2/10/2020 and it has been a consistent issue. Very annoying - happened again today during a road trip which is when I would most like to listen to XM for which I pay a monthly fee. Pulled over and tried reboot - no luck - tried voice command and everything else I could think of but no luck. I know - a first world problem - but you would think something this simple would work consistently on an $83K high tech vehicle. Sounds like it has been a problem for a while - thanks for listening.

marcustcohn | 2020年5月20日

I reported this to Tesla and got this as a response.

Hello Marcus,

Thank you for contacting Tesla Customer Support. We do apologize that you have this concern with your Tesla. That is definitely not the experience we wanted you to have.

Please follow the steps below for troubleshooting and resetting the touchscreen:
Power Cycle (please do not attempt while driving)
1. Select controls on your screen (the car icon)
2. Select Safety and security
3. Select power off
it will ask you if you are sure
The car will shut down, you will want to leave it in this status for about 3 minutes. During that time you will want to avoid waking the car, please do not open any doors, push the brakes, or grab the steering wheel. Try to remain as still as possible. After about 3 minutes you can wake the car, either push the brakes or open and close the door.

Once the car has rebooted you will perform a scroll wheel reset
1. Hold the scroll wheels on your steering wheel for about 20-30 seconds
2. You will see your touch screen shut down, continue to hold the scroll wheels until the Tesla "T" comes back on the screen.

If the issue still persists, please at your earliest convenience, set up an appointment for further diagnosis.
You now have access to schedule an appointment via your Tesla App. If you are wanting a Mobile appointment, please advise in your appointment notes you would prefer Mobile if possible, as not all repairs are able to be done via Mobile/Ranger.

Anichka S. | Tesla Support

I am trading in my Model S so do not want to fiddle with this just now but if you feel inclined to try it I would love to know if it helps or not.