Supercharger in Lancaster PA

Supercharger in Lancaster PA

Does anyone else find it astonishing that lancaster PA doesn’t have a supercharger? We’ve got a service center but not a supercharger anywhere in Lancaster. I’m aware that landlords would have to agree to let TESLA install a supercharger. But surprised no one has offered.

If anyone lives around Mechanicsburg as long as TESLA allows a supercharger between the Harrisburg and Carlisle one we may have one coming to the old Ollies in the near future.

Morseth | 2019年9月7日

I live east of Lancaster. Yes, the lack of a Supercharger in Lancaster does seem a bit odd. Especially given the amount of tourism in the area.

Bighorn | 2019年9月7日

Mostly horse and buggy traffic though:)

texxx | 2019年9月7日

Guess they figure York is close enough. Hoping Sheetz will keep adding them to other stores. That's a great match.

jimglas | 2019年9月7日

@bighorn: the buggy whip outlet store is doing great there

alisse | 2019年9月8日

There's no SC in Lancaster? Amish have missed that. :)

jordanrichard | 2019年9月8日

CS96, how do you know that Tesla hasn’t approached any property owners about placing a charger site? There is another factor that no one thinks about, a location may look ideal, have the blessing of a property owner, but there isn’t sufficient power available, especially in light of all new chargers being V3 chargers.

CS96 | 2019年9月8日

I never said they haven’t?? I simply made a thread saying I find it strange that there isn’t a super charger location. Or any level 3 charging of any kind in the area.

roger.klurfeld | 2019年9月9日

I happened to be in Lancaster a month after the SC opened and talked to them about a supercharger. They said there were no plans for one, which i find odd given the touristy nature of the area. The York supercharger is at a Sheetz station. And the Lancaster SC is behind a Sheetz station! It is just across an access road from the Sheetz station.

aasandsas | 2019年9月9日

I am 1 hour east of Lancaster and yes I miss SC in that region. Unbelievable that Tesla now has service center in Lancaster but no SC around that area. Apparently there is also new service center coming up in Northern Delaware area by end of the year.

neows6 | 2019年9月11日

I don't mean to hijack your thread but even stranger is Staten Island for many reasons but as one of the 5 NYC boroughs with 750,000 population doesn't have one Supercharger. Just funny to note. I too visit Lancaster and Lahaska PA and it's very sparse there too.

kevin_rf | 2019年9月12日

Could be worse, they opened a service center in Henrietta NY and had to close it the same day. They forgot to get all the required inspections from the town. Last I checked, nearest Super Charger is down the road over in Victor.

roger.klurfeld | 2019年9月13日

When I visited the Lancaster service center and was given a tour, I found that most of the center was dedicated to the solar cell and roof operation of Tesla. The part that was the car service center was less than half the square footage of the building.

bddaughe | 2019年9月13日

One reason may be because Amish use solar panels in various uses. I was shocked to find that out during a recent tour in Millersburg, OH. Apparently they don't mind electricity. They just don't want to be "connected" to the rest of the word via the grid.