Charger holder

Charger holder

Anyone know of a charger plug holder that sits more vertical?

Most holders, including Teslas, seem to poke out from the wall quite a bit and are very horizontal.

I am looking for something much more vertical, like the Tesla superchargers, so that they do not poke out from the wall so much.

posinator | 2019年9月9日

i 3d-printed one of these and have been using it for about a year and still like it...

rkalbiarEV | 2019年9月9日

No 3D printer but thanks.
I was also hoping for something with a cable hanger built in too.

alisse | 2019年9月10日

Hose hanger are cheap and work great. I have this one.

This is also an option, but I can't speak the quality of it.

surfpearl | 2019年9月10日

I recall a custom-made holder (impressive woodworking) by one of the posters who shared photos a while ago. Do a search.

I just coil my cable and hang it over the Tesla Wall Connector housing (hose-hanger style) so the plug hangs vertically, but it points down rather than up. Pros: workout getting it on and off, securely stowed and off the ground, less dust collection in the contacts.

jimglas | 2019年9月10日

I use the handlebars of my bike which is hung on the wall
works great

ODWms | 2019年9月11日

I just do this. No need for any extra equipment for me.

ODWms | 2019年9月11日

^^^^ Sorry. Meant to just show the bottom photo there. Just scroll down.

rkalbiarEV | 2019年9月12日

Ha. Using the plug is genius.