Caution around thinking your 3 is locked

Caution around thinking your 3 is locked

So just a heads up. Today my wife and I were in Costco. About half way through she realized she left her phone in the car. We don’t have walk away lock turned on, we use our phones as a fob to manually lock it when we park it outside anywhere. So when we were walking to the car she wanted to see if the locked car would unlock based on the phone (key) being inside and it did. When we got home we tried again but this time turned my phone that was outside the car off after we locked it so there is no way it would receive signal from the phone that was outside. Still unlocked when we walked up. Anyway just an FYI, be carful not to leave any phones that are paired as keys in the car.

Lbanworth | 2019年9月13日


LuckyStar | 2019年9月13日

I did the same ways of your to test it out and my car is still locked with the phone off.

LuckyStar | 2019年9月13日

Oop, just read it again, you mentioned that you didn't enable walk away lock. My bad.

gwolnik | 2019年9月13日

I accidentally did that a week ago. My phone slipped down into the gap behind the center console and I didn't realize it was there. Later that night, I couldn't find my phone and finally discovered it the second time I checked the car. I had run a couple of errands thinking the phone was in my purse when it was actually left in the car and I didn't realize it because I always use the key card to lock, but walk up and open the door to unlock. So, I added Pin to Drive in case I did that again. The very next time I used the car, my spouse and I took another couple to a show. My phone connected first and I drove, so I unlocked by entering the PIN. Then we went to the theater. When we returned, my spouse's phone connected first and that confused the car. It would not go into drive, but the keypad did not pop up, even when manually reconnecting to my phone, so we could not enter the PIN! It was very frustrating and in desperation, we rebooted the screen, which amused our passengers, but probably convinced this elderly couple to not trust a "computer on wheels!" The reboot fixed the problem and the keypad finally came up so I was able to enter the pin. We turned off Pin To Drive because with 2 phones, this apparently has a bug. We previously gave up trying to pair our phones to our driver profiles, that also has bugs and never worked right. The problem is that we usually are both in the car with both our phones, but take turns driving. Sometimes we even pull over and switch drivers in the middle of a local trip because we both love driving our beloved "Toonces" so much!

coleAK | 2019年9月13日

So I just tried it with walk away lock on and with a phone key in the car it wouldn’t lock when I walked away with the other phone.

Bighorn | 2019年9月13日

The car is not only unlocked, but able to be driven away by the first person who gets in the car.

82bert | 2019年9月13日

I guess I’m not surprised at all. This has always been a thing as far as I’m aware with our 3s. We use our phones as keys, so we are very diligent about never leaving them in the car. I’ve always assumed that if either phone is left behind, the car will stay unlocked as a safety feature for your key.

Joseb | 2019年9月13日

Title and scenario are a little weird.
"careful thinking is locked" but you don't have Walk Away Lock.

that means is working by design. Not just that, but you left your key inside the car (your phone), it'll be even worse if you lock yourself out with no phone.

When loading stuff into my car, or strapping my kids, I leave my phone in my car on purpose so it doesn't lock and I don't have to lock/unlock every time I come back and access my car.

Also remember to follow the advice in the Owner's Manual, to always carry the key card in case your phone dies, breaks, or whatever.

billlake2000 | 2019年9月13日

Left my phone in the car, walked away and saw the mirrors fold and the car beep. Thought it might be locked. Hahaha. Walked back and opened it with no problem, got in and drove away, drove like I stole it. Hahaha

eyaloren | 2019年9月14日

Had this happen to me recently and the 3rd party STATS app saved me.

Arrived at work with iPhone on the Nomad charger and walked away like I always do only didn't pay attention to the beep to tell me car was locked. Got inside and still didn't think anything of it until my Watch alerted me via the STATs app that it detected I had left my car and automatically locked it for me. I walked back to the car and used my keycard to unlock and grab my iPhone.

Wrote it up as a 5 star review and later contacted the developer for a different issue and mentioned this awesome feature. He said he accidentally left his phone in the car once and decided to enable this option in the app afterwards.

gadget63 | 2019年9月14日

enable the passcode to start the car. this way as soon as you leave your seat the car will be disabled and your code needed to start

coleAK | 2019年9月14日

@bighorn. Same First thing I thought when she unlocked it
@joseb. This wasn’t a accidental locking keys in the car scenario. As we walked away from the car I locked it from my phone app. The car was locked and I had the key and was outside the car.

majassow | 2019年9月14日

Sometimes one of us will want to leave a phone in the car on purpose. If you disable Bluetooth, it will ignore the phone in the car and lock like normal. I have turned on pin to drive in the event that one of us forgets the phone in the car.

dh91108 | 2019年9月14日

How about adding facial recognition to drive?

don.lind | 2019年9月15日

We finally played around a little with our two phones and our two profiles (with drastically different seat configurations). My seat configuration is... um... good. My wife's is (to steal another forum member's description) more like the Death Star Trash Compactor.

ANYWAY... it, my little testing showed that it all works great. I get in and it selects my profile. I park and get out. She opens the door to drive and the Model 3 automatically selects her profile and the seat goes to her settings. She gets out... I get in and boom... it knows it's me and it goes back to my settings. So I did the normal reaction... I grinned.

Daryl | 2019年9月15日

This is old news. We used to talk about this last year.

I no longer put my phone in the charging port unless I am on my way home, because I've walked away and left it before. Someone could easily steal both my phone and my car. It's too easy to forget.

calvin940 | 2019年9月15日

So leaving your car keys in the car will result in an unlocked car. Uhm ya. This is news or not known about any car? What am I missing here!?

On a side note, I actually am far less likely to forget about my phone being in the car that any set of keys for any car I have ever had. I also enable P2D which stops the theft even in the event that I forget the phone.

coleAK | 2019年9月17日

@calvin. In my Lexus if I leave a key card in the car then use another key to lock it from the outside it stays locked if you walk up to it with out a key card in your pocket outside the car. It recognized inside/outside when it is locked.

CharleyBC | 2019年9月17日

Yeah, we did this "trick" a few times too. Never intentionally, of course. It was usually because the phone was in the dock charging, and we just forgot.

This is one reason we decided to turn on PIN to Drive. They can get in, but they don't know our secret code.

billlake2000 | 2019年9月17日

Even pin to drive won't stop them from farting in your car, stinking it up.

Tyerc | 2019年9月18日

I find using Bluetooth on my phone a lot runs the battery down so I’ve started using the key card when I drive the car. When my wife rides with me she usually opens her door first which I’ve found unlocks the car, I’ve wondered about having a setting that establishes which phone is the primary for the car? I do use Bluetooth inside the car to connect with the sound system.

calvin940 | 2019年9月18日

"if I leave a key card in the car then use another key to lock it from the outside it stays locked if you walk up to it with out a key card in your pocket outside the car."

I guess I don't really understand the use case for this. Just would never happen for me. I never leave keys in the car on purpose by manually locking them in using a second I personally find no value in doing it.

ken | 2019年9月18日

"I guess I don't really understand the use case for this. Just would never happen for me. I never leave keys in the car on purpose by manually locking them in using a second I personally find no value in doing it."
Use case is simple, My wife and I travel together she often does not want to carry her purse. In our previous cars that meant I needed to get the fob out of my pocket and lock the car instead of pressing the lock button on the door. It would stay locked until I unlocked it with the fob.

With the Model 3 if there is a phone enabled as key in the car it cannot be locked unless there is someone in the drivers seat. This also means that if she stays in the car when I go into a motel to register she cannot lock the doors.

The phone as key has been one of my favorite features, but I am rethinking its use.

calvin940 | 2019年9月18日

ya, so I just don't subscribe to keeping one's purse or phone in the car making it a sweet target for theft. Probably nice side effect of this not working as it may result in less break-ins.

bradbomb | 2019年9月18日

This whole thing is a known behavior because of how the Phone as Key function works. When your phone is in proximity (Including inside the car), the doors will unlock when you try to open them. The car lets you lock the car from keycards or other phones, but since the car detects the bluetooth LE signal of the phone, it will unlock when you try to open it. I know its not behaving the same as a Lexus with a remote key fob (which will not let you lock a key fob in the car if you hit the button on the outside door), but it is still technically preventing you from locking yourself out.

Now for those who would like to lock their phones in their car while they go for a run for instance, you can turn off bluetooth on the phone and then lock the car. The car will be locked with the phone inside the car.

andy | 2019年9月18日

I’d be concerned if the car worked in any other way. PIN to drive is a great feature and essential that it’s set whenever possible IMO.

ken | 2019年9月18日

The most concerning part is that it folds the mirrors and honks the horn as though it was locked, at least in my previous cars it would be obvious that the car did not lock. they make a different sound and the doors do not lock. In the model 3 if you have made a mistake and left your phone it will cheerfully lie to you and say yep I'm locked. PIN to drive is only part of the solution. I am a photographer and commonly carry several thousand dollars worth of camera equipment in the car, scares me how many times I tried to give all of it away because I did not know it was not locked. Maybe the owners manual makes this clear and I have not found it but until I found this thread I did not know

httran26 | 2019年9月18日

I too see this as expected behavior. If you really want to keep the phone in the car, then turn off the bluetooth on that phone. If you forget to set bluetooth off, that's about the same as saying you forgot to press the lock button on your other phone.

ken | 2019年9月18日

I don't understand how it can be expected behavior to get the lock confirmation beep when the car is not locked.

bradbomb | 2019年9月18日

@ken See he hit the lock button on another phone as if it was a Key FOB. The OP was specifically not using the walk away auto-lock. I don't think the car (mine hasn't) will honk and "lock" if the phone is left in the car and you are depending on walk-away auto lock to lock the car.

ken | 2019年9月18日

That's correct it will not auto lock when you walk away, (the manual is clear about this) but if you lock it with the app on the other phone or lock it with the key card you will get the mirrors to fold in and the horn lock confirmation. It's just not locked.

amusee12 | 2019年9月18日

My booty finally got a chance to review this car! Check it out :)

bradbomb | 2019年9月18日

What's the behavior on another car (genuinely asking)? Can someone who has a non-tesla with two key fobs that have the behavior of unlocking when pulling the handle with a key in proximity try this. Take Key 1, place it on the driver's seat. Use key 2 to try and lock the vehicle.

A. Does the vehicle let you lock with key 2 if key 1 is inside the vehicle.
B. If Key 2 can lock the vehicle, does the vehicle not open if you walk up to the vehicle without key 2 and key 1 is sitting on the driver seat.

ken | 2019年9月18日

I have had three Honda's and a Toyota all will allow you to lock with one FOB in the car and the second outside the car. They will not auto lock or lock with the lock button on the door, must be with the FOB button. Unlock the same, must be with the FOB button, not just pull on the door.

Notably, if the second FOB is in the car and you just press the door button, all would give a different response so you knew the car did not lock rather than make the lock sound and make you believe they locked.

In response to your questions above;
A Yes
B No the car does not unlock until you press the unlock button on the second FOB