HomeLink - Automatic Close When Leaving

HomeLink - Automatic Close When Leaving

Hey everyone!

Does anyone else have an issue with their HomeLink when leaving the house? I have had it for about 2 weeks now and I have not yet had it successfully close the garage door a single time. It works 100% of the time when I come home, but 0% of the time when I leave.

Yes, I have the option turned on lol (I’ve even tried with the box unchecked thinking a software update made it works backwards haha)

I have tried it while on WiFi. I have tried it with WiFi turned off. I have reset my location dozens of time and completely removed and reset up HomeLink as well, tons of times. I really don’t know what else it could be?

Thanks in advance for the input everyone!

Kary993 | 2019年9月15日

I have the issue even manually. I back the car into the garage. So when leaving when I come out of the garage the homelink will not communicate to the garage very often successfully. When I arrive the front the of car is forward before I back in so it opens always. Not sure if it is homelink or our garage door remote/antenna. My wife's Porsche Macan has the exact same issue so it could be the garage door opener or it could be where the homelink is broadcasting the signal. Not sure.

gadget63 | 2019年9月15日

i find that if I manually open the garage door before entering the car, then I have to manually close it when driving away using the cars homelink button. But if I get into the car, then use homelink to open the garage, then when I am leaving it will close behind me.

don.lind | 2019年9月15日

Miy model 3's homelink stuff opens the garage door nicely as I approach the garage. When I leave, I usually/often open the garage door with the hardwired button in the garage before I get in the car. But sometimes I open it using the homelink thing from inside the model 3. Either way, when I back out of the garage and get maybe 20 feet out into my driveway, the homelink stuff always closes the garage door. So it works nicely for me. Just a data point.

model3AZ42 | 2019年9月15日

Change the distance to close. I played around with it and then found the perfect distance. Either increase or decrease it a few feet at a time.

okcazure | 2019年9月15日

What works for me is opening the garage door in the car before engaging drive mode. Once I go in drive the "auto close" feature enables. If you open the garage door after going into drive it won't enable (at least for me). NOTE: I have "auto close" set to 20 feet.

pjwheeler83 | 2019年9月15日

I started a thread about this same issue a couple weeks ago. It works properly about 5% of the time. When pulling in forward everything works fine but if I approach the garage in reverse the distance "countdown" starts but stays at 50 ft the entire length of my driveway. If i shift into drive while I'm rolling backwards... automatic open! Since I've had the homelink it has automatically closed twice i think. Im really hoping they can fix this through software because at this point I paid 300 to replace a garage door opener with a button on my screen. The "automatic" portion is non-existent right now.

Ngm98 | 2019年9月15日

My Homelink was working at the beginning and it stopped and after the last update it’s working again.

These are the guidelines that I needed to follow in order to make it work.

Homelink works in Drive mode only. As in like driving forward only, not backing into the garage.

Now like previous post have mentioned - play around with the distance to engage the Homelink.

When trying to auto close - you can manually open the garage door, must have the garage door open almost all the way for the message to auto close to pop up, otherwise it will not activate auto close.

When setting up the Homelink, make sure to have a new battery on the garage door opener. (Sometimes it makes a difference)

Hope this helps.

Atoms | 2019年9月15日

The Homelink antenna/radio does not put out enough power. Can’t tell you if it is an antenna design issue or radio issue, but definitely a weak design. I tried to replace the bulbs with low EMI LED bulbs but that still left it failing about 5-10% of the time. I put in an 860LM remote receiver and that solved the problem. You can also buy it with a transformer for power and a coax cable for remoting the antenna. Much more reliable but the wife said it failed on her once. But much better. Really recommend moving the antenna away from the LED bulbs. The coax cable comes in 2 lengths.

Too bad Tesla did not check the received power from their arrangement to see that it is subpar. Maybe this is why they made it optional since it was causing so many issues. Possibly simply a change in impedance matching components would have solved it.....

jrweiss98020 | 2019年9月18日

I cannot find the HomeLink icon (looks like a house?) on my Model 3 touchscreen to program my garage door! Am I missing something on when it should show?

CharleyBC | 2019年9月18日

This is gonna sound wacky, but I had a similar problem last year when the car was new. Change the light bulb in your garage door opener. I told you it would sound wacky.

When you're coming home, the opener has been quiet for a long time, and its automatic light is off. Homelink works.

When you're leaving home, you've probably just opened the garage door a moment ago, and the automatic light is still on at the time your car sends the Homelink signal to close. And apparently some light bulbs (CFLs or LEDs) emit electronic noise that can interfere with the signal. I unscrewed the LED bulb and put in an old-fashioned tungsten bulb and it started working reliably.

I was skeptical. But in my frustration I tried this and it worked. Give it a go!

jrweiss98020 | 2019年9月18日

I'll try it, but I have 2 garage doors, and the icon doesn't even come up on the touchscreen so I can try to program it...

jrweiss98020 | 2019年9月18日

Silly me! I just found out through chat that it is a $300 extra, sold in the shop!

Switchmon | 2019年9月18日

@jrweiss98020 Yeah, that's one reason I decided not to purchase it - $300 just doesn't justify me pressing a button on the clicker a couple of times a day.

posinator | 2019年9月18日

in case @OP is still reading, what @CharleyBC said

CharleyBC | 2019年9月18日

"the icon doesn't even come up on the touchscreen"

For others wandering in late to this thread, If you don't see the Homelink icon, or you do, but you don't see Homelink animating its icon to show it is transmitting and you don't hear the accompanying "bong", then what I described about the light bulb isn't your problem. The light bulb trick is for when Homelink is actually trying, but not working.