Windshield tint

Windshield tint

Questions about windshield tint:

What percent did you go with?
Does it affect the dash cam anyway?
How much did you pay?
Was it worth it?

Hal Fisher | 2019年9月26日

I just did 70% crystalline (sp?) only on the windshield. Paid $300. You can’t even tell it was done even with no other windows tinted. I just wanted it done for now because that lets in most of the heat anyway. It does not go over the lenses. In the long run it should certainly be worth it.

jordanrichard | 2019年9月27日

Do you where sunglasses at night?

foodking | 2019年9月27日

I also went with 3M crystalline CR70. The film doesn't cover the front cameras. mine was ~250 and well worth it. I have CR90 on a different car and prefer the 70

howard | 2019年9月27日

Huper Optik 80%. Huge difference to me. I don’t use the windshield sun shade unless really blaring and it is going to be more than an hour or so.

cybergrafx | 2019年9月27日

I did Spectra Photosync 70 on my windshield. I dont remember the exact price as it was part of a package deal. Probably $300-$500 for the windshield portion. I did 30% on the rest of the windows but now I wish I would have done 20%
I was worried about tinting the windshield in California because it is illegal but you cannot tell it is tinted. The only difference is when you wear sunglasses with polarized lenses, it creates little rainbow colored artifacts because the tint is polarized as well... but you quickly get used to it.
I would tint my next vehicle as well.

cmkc89 | 2019年9月27日

Awesome thanks for the feedback i was thinking 70% myself i did 20 the whole car but wanted to complete it with the front

lbowroom | 2019年9月27日

“ Do you wear sunglasses at night?”

It’s mostly heat rejection, not darkening if that’s what you’re getting at.

tdwin2000 | 2019年9月29日

Spectra doesn't make a 70%...there #'s all end in a "5". I had Spectra 75% on my windshield and had a rock chip. Had the windshield replaced by Tesla service center. Going to re-tint my windshield but thinking of going 65% this time (also Spectra Photosync). I did their 45% on all my sides and left the rear top and rear window factory with no tint. As far as glare reduction on windshield with the 75% that was on there before it didn't seem to make much of a difference (reason I may drop to 65% this time).