Things I want to see in my Model X

Things I want to see in my Model X

So I just switched from a 2017 BMW X6 to a Model X.
While the BMW was not a bad car at all, the overall feeling is like switching from a horse carriage to a car.
That said, there are a couple of things that I was surprised to not find in the Tesla:

1. Apple CarPlay. Come on people, it's almost 2020, every hyundai has it. I do want my Siri and Waze. It's just software.
2. Birdview when parking. I know it can park itself, but when I'm the one parking – it's very useful. I'm sure there's enough cameras on the tesla to put together a birdview around the car.

dave | 2019年9月30日

3. Ability to remotely close all windows.
4. Ability to enable the rear camera when in "D"rive . Would help greatly when pulling out into traffic.
5. Ability when "Passive entry" is disabled to step out of the car, leave door open, (to get the mail) and re-enter without, double cliccking the remote and reentering the PIN evry freaking time.

hootan.roosta | 2019年9月30日

I second taralex77 with the Birdview

Also would like:
1)The Ability to pair the car with my apple watch via Bluetooth and be able to open it without having the key. (Not via broadband.) I want to be able to open the car when there is no cellular coverage available, such as in a parking garage underground, etc..
2)Ability to view any or all Camera's remotely on the app (Like Sentry mode on demand)
3)Open/close windows remotely and show status
4)Tell the Bug Report what the issue is. and report it to you guys. LOL (It only records the time. right?)

MTC | 2019年10月2日

Activate 360 view camera for easy parking!
Show % of battery set limit
Provide navigation route options

breathkeeper | 2019年10月2日

Dave, #3 is coming with v10. #4 (enable rear camera in D) has been available for a long time.

hoffenberg | 2019年10月2日

I want to see a supermodel in the passenger seat

jimglas | 2019年10月2日

A pile of large, unmarked bills

Vawlkus | 2019年10月3日

You want carplay, talk to Apple about making it work in a Linux environment.

Mike | 2019年10月3日

sentry alerts displayable on screen

X-Treme | 2019年10月3日

Arm rests on the 2nd row of the six seat option.

Model X Guy | 2019年10月5日

An on/off switch for the heater just like the A/C switch.

jmsb1960 | 2019年10月5日

Powered open and close Frunk
Just ditch 499.00 for that option
and still have to install it myself or pay 280.00 for the installation.

vprelovac | 2019年10月5日

- Dedicated socket so I can use my Tesla battery as a mobile power station in case of natural distaster (it could probably power my fridge for a week)
- Play "song" actually playing that song and not something similar
- 250KW supercharging like in model 3
- 3rd party apps for big screen

sacfan | 2019年10月5日

The view using the rear view mirror is way too dark for me to use. I wish there was a way to have less tint or no tint in the small area on the back window that the mirror looks through.

sacfan | 2019年10月5日

An option to have the rear camera be full screen. I’d especially like the option to hide the music controls and the navigation, or just have the rear camera view and the nav display without the music controls.

CrazyHorse | 2019年10月9日

Automatic emergency braking whether in AP, EAP, FSD, or regular driving. Teslas should not be allowed to crash into someone or something....standard on lesser priced vehicles.

jessica | 2019年10月10日

I need comfy grab handles above doors, and grips on armrests, like my 20 year old Camry XL has.
When the Tesla X ac/decelerates or rocks side to side, I am thrown around like a rag doll in the right front seat. I am struggling to bend my knee enough to brace my right foot in that door cutout, and reach behind the seats to hold onto whatever miserable vertical surfaces that I can locate.
I am 5'4" and at its highest seat setting, I am still not high enough to even see the hood.
The back rear right seat, does have a vertical window support, that I can brace myself on
that is good. The rest of the car lacks any grip or bracing handles.
There is no middle back armrest on the 5 seat design
and the front middle armrest is skimpy and hard.
Needs arm-rests on doors, which provide shelf-like ease and comfort,
not the slanted thin miserable TESLA hard armrests from which my arm falls off.
Needs right front grip on armrest, not the sleek, sliding unsupportive TESLA
grip - which provides no way to feel safe and secure.
There is no resting my arm on it. It is a slanted cutout.
Needs right side window sun visor, as we live in Sacramento
and the sun's glare is horrendous thru the bare front and side windows,
in morning and afternoons, especially to elderly eyes.
The person who is driving, can hold onto the steering wheel but the passenger is adrift.
The seats need to be accommodating.
My Camry seats kind of nestle down and are not so hard and flat.
Tesla needs some easy places for passengers to stow things..
like in the middle-armrest in front or storage pockets which are reachable on doors.
This is the most uncomfortable car I have ridden in.
Please give some thought to passenger comfort, and ergonomics for passengers.
The seat belt in back, kind of cuts me across the neck.
Hyundai Kona Electric is a good one to look at, to find examples of a thoughtful design
with passenger comfort and accommodation taken into consideration.
Camrys are designed with women in mind. Look at any Camry for comfort and ease.
Have a woman sit in the passenger seat and listen to her feedback about what is missing for her.
Please provide some aftermarket add-ons for these features - as this will be our car for the rest of our life.
By the way, the first time I got into the car, my knee was left scraped and bloody, by the rough speaker surface on the door. Someone on the outside triggered the door to not open properly as I exited the car.
I have learned to stay far away from it. Women in skirts need to be wary of this automatic door.
I also find the lack of an outside door handle annoying, as I press that flat door opening sensor with my tiny fingers, and it does not open. Perhaps men do not experience that problem.
I don't want to have to get out a key fob, or depend on someone else with a keyfob to open my door.
a regular handle on the outside of the door would be more functional and appreciated.
This is a good car to drive, but miserable for right front passengers.
for $130,000 total? Oy.

Model X Guy | 2019年10月10日

Sure could use an "Always Low or Very Low at This Location Function". It would really be useful in my garage.

Carlos.j.jerez | 2019年10月11日

Who knows if what we write here gets to the designers or people making the decisions But these are my thoughts.

Here are some of the things that are STOPPING me from buying.

1. HUD --- like really such a tech car and no heads up display?
2. Apply/Android integration -- Like someone said is software really!? at least add waze to the car!
3. lack of entertainment on the back seats -- I have kids and there is no options or easy way to mount a table.
3. 4 zone climate control --- not even an option for heated rear seats!!!! come on
4. Rear Arm rest --- **FACEPALM**
5. Front middlearmrest --- Such a waste it could be used as a storage instead of dumb cup holders nobody uses

BMW X5 might be the the answer for me. Went for a test drive and really wanted to like the Model X but is either way to see IF they ever refresh it or go for something different

Pelicans | 2019年10月19日

I’d ask why on earth you would want a HUD in a family SUV? I’m quite familiar with personally using them in an aircraft, but never have I ever said, oh I wish I could see the ___on my hud.

The rest of the reasons for a BMW X5 are hard for me to take seriously and are ancillary to the purpose of a car. How about considering little things like in the purchase of a vehicle like, say, maintenance cost/ schedule, fill ups at the pump versus at home, carbon emissions, acceleration, handling, safety? Call me crazy.. | 2019年10月19日

On birds-eye view for parking - the cameras are optimized for AP and the side and front cameras do not have the immediate sides/front in view. Not something any amount of software can correct. Tesla could add three more cameras, but I doubt that will happen. Not saying it wouldn't be nice.

It would be like asking a vehicle with a birds-eye view to do AP. It's not possible as the cameras are pointing downward rather outward. I'm ignoring the fact the processor on those cars is also inadequate to handle AP.

@Carlos - Can't say if the X5 is a better fit for you, but you ought to test drive the S vs the BMW. I suspect you'll be totally surprised at the difference. The S has rear heated seats as standard for years now. Does the X5 not have cup holders? It seems almost a requirement nowadays in any car, but you don't have to use them. Fill them up with stuff instead. There is also a center storage area for about 2-3 years now. Sounds like you're looking at a 4 or 5 year old S vs a new X5?

As far as a tech car, I find a new BMW feels like an antique car in comparison with an S. You have to drive a Tesla to understand the difference. Specs don't come close to understanding the differences. | 2019年10月19日

Replace "S" above with "X". Sorry about that!

borodinj | 2019年10月20日

I just saw that the new MB GLS has a virtual reality feature integrated with the front camera such that when a turn is approaching, the screen will not just tell you about the turn, but will actually show you the actual real image for the upcoming intersection via the front camera on the center screen with large blue arrows literally pointing to the direction of the turn. Tesla should copy this. It's a great feature.

gene | 2019年10月20日

Driving on two lane roads, I don’t like how close the car is to the center line. How about having the ability to move the X closer to the fog line. This is on autopilot.

d.cherin | 2019年10月20日

I agree, manually set lane position then lock position with AP. Good for lane splitting motorcycles in stop and go traffic.

X-Treme | 2019年10月20日

Agree with gene. The number one reason we take control on right hand bends in the road. Not sure if our X is going to turn properly or in time (which of course it does). Starting the bend a little earlier, moving to the right slightly would go a long way in making more 'human' like.

info | 2019年10月21日

Apple CarPlay would be greatly appreciated

grsamy | 2019年10月24日

We can keep on add to the list .. but Elon Musk says Model X is in production only for "sentiment" reasons.. May be no more improvements in X (and S)? Better to pay less and get Model 3 with all new features? Or wait for Y?

bruno | 2019年10月25日

DAB radio stations has no RDS informations like FM radio stations.

Bagzzz | 2019年10月25日

I agree Bruno. Tesla is in the 1980’s with infotainment technology. I had a 1989 car with speed dependent volume. It is hilarious when they criticize other EV manufacturers for being 6 years behind in EV technology when Tesla is up to 25 years behind on infotainment.