Spotify Premium (v10 Tesla) NOT syncing albums and other choices from iOS

Spotify Premium (v10 Tesla) NOT syncing albums and other choices from iOS

Has anyone else noticed this problem? I recently started using Spotify Premium and have added various albums, etc. to Spotify on my computer and on my iOS device. However, when I log into Spotify on my Tesla using the same account info (V10 latest update), none of this info is retained/synced. Thanks for any help!
- D.D.

cascadiadesign | 2019年10月1日

I have Spotify on my Win10 PC and made a lot of changes to my playlists over the last 3 days. When I get in my Model 3, everything is up to date. Car is on wifi when I do this (don't know if that matters). Don't know what to advise.

Effopec | 2019年10月1日

Mine has synced over OK. I'm new to premium, but what I absolutely hate is that if you like an album you still have to like all the songs individually to get them i your songs library. There doesn't even seem to be a like all button. From researching this issue it looks like this used to work fine until earlier this year when they had a software "improvement". Who the hell would think that was improved?

dmastro | 2019年10月1日

My songs, albums, and playlists seem to be accessible.

I can't figure out how to find my podcasts. For example, I'm following Golic & Wingo and it pops up in my app on my phone, but I don't see how to access it from the car.

katyp79 | 2019年10月2日

I can only seem to get spotify working when I'm on wifi. It wont load while I'm on mobile.

vishious911 | 2019年10月2日

@dd: Same here.
Not all my playlists show up in the car. And I can't figure out the reasons why some would and some don't (I have a ton of collaborative playlists etc etc) -- in other words, I wondered if it's my settings, but there seems to be no unifying theory.

vishious911 | 2019年10月2日

Clarification: I'm on Android 10 (haha. props to all the v10s) and I have the same issue.

TranzNDance | 2019年10月2日

I had trouble getting Spotify to work this morning, and Slacker still worked. The Spotify screen would alternate between being blank, and then showing playlists, but not playing songs when I selected them.

dgcan75 | 2019年10月2日

Does Spotify use the car data or does it use your phone data? I don't like how my Spotify app on my pixel 3 brings up a notification for what's playing on the car and when I go into the app it defaults playback to last used device which would be my model 3. Makes me think the phone is the data source unlike slacker which uses the car cell data.

vishious911 | 2019年10月2日

@dgcan75 Not cellphone data. It uses Tesla's LTE.

Spotify apps also show what's being played (regardless of which app is playing). Say, I'm playing a song on my phone.. it immediately shows up when I open the Spotify app on my computer.

Finoguy | 2019年10月2日

@dd yes--having the same problem. Have logged in and out multiple times on both the car and my phone/computer with no change. Odd that it's working for some and not for others (yes, I have premium, too).

calvin940 | 2019年10月2日

@cascadiadesign | October 1, 2019

I have Spotify on my Win10 PC and made a lot of changes to my playlists over the last 3 days. When I get in my Model 3, everything is up to date.
Works perfectly for me too. I have even created new test playlists and these show up no problem even when I am only on LTE

coselectric | 2019年10月2日

I have noticed Spotify having problems loading when I first start driving. But if I switch over to normal streaming (slacker) and back, it seems to load. After about the first minute it seems caught up and fine. I do think there is a minor issue with the initial load after startup though.

andy | 2019年10月2日

I’ve been using Apple for many years and I really can’t get on with Spotify. It seems to revolve around individual songs rather than albums.

melmartin | 2019年10月3日

I have exactly the same problem... saved albums and playlists made at home never show up on my Model 3. I talked to Spotify, they blamed Tesla. Tesla hasn't responded to my query. I'm on the 90 day Spotify trial... I won't renew unless this can be fixed. I've also noticed when I save albums in the car, they vanish the next day. Something is seriously broken. Synching between my laptop and iPhone works perfectly. The car gets nothing.

calvin940 | 2019年10月3日

@andy | October 2, 2019
I’ve been using Apple for many years and I really can’t get on with Spotify. It seems to revolve around individual songs rather than albums.
Not sure I understand what you mean nor how it impacts you. I can get any album up and playing for any artist in their catalog when I choose.

coselectric | 2019年10月3日

Can't compare to iTunes, but I have used Google Play Music for several years and just started using Spotify Premium over the past week. Early impression is that Spotify is much better than GPM, and here's why I think that:

- Spotify cellphone interface seems more intuitive
- Spotify catalog seems larger. Several artists that I follow have albums and/or songs that are available on Spotify but not available on GPM.
- Spotify classical music is hands-down superior to GPM. GPM classical tracks are often mislabeled, often there are multiple spellings for composers, sometimes using the first name sometimes not. Spotify classical catalog is broader with more mainstream performers; GPM has a lot of obscure (think low-cost) performers.

I have noticed minor issues with Tesla's Spotify implementation, most notably that it loads very slowly at times when I first start driving. But given that this is their first release, I'm expecting improvements with future software updates. (As a point of comparison, remember that the web browser used to be useless, now it is fast and stable).

howard | 2019年10月3日

coselectric I have noticed Spotify having problems loading when I first start driving. But if I switch over to normal streaming (slacker) and back, it seems to load.

+1 It seems like I have to restart it half the time instead of it playing where it was previously. Hoping we will see updates soon or no renewal.

ToansModel3 | 2019年10月3日

Spotify on my Tesla been wacky lately. It would freeze up, loading error or just stopped. I would have to switch to slacker then back to Spotify. My playlist would play the same 4 songs over and over and I have about 102 songs on the playlist. Today however those problems are gone so not sure if something was fixed but its a lot better now.

andrewsjra | 2019年10月4日

Having major issues as well. If I add albums on my phone it doesn’t display in my car. If I add albums in my car it does display on my phone. When I log off in the car the albums I did add in the car also disappear. Besides syncing issues, there are lots of errors. I like how the artists display with their images however it takes a while to display and is not in alphabetical order. Would be nice to have options for display other than the recent adds. Good start but I don’t think it was ready for release.

Effopec | 2019年10月4日

Mine has been a bit wonky as well. Will just stop, generally between songs. I've just been going by their genre playlists to build my own "liked" song library but it keeps crashing requiring me to go out then back in where the playlist starts at the first song again. Hopefully this bug is fixed soon, but I'm already on my third V10 revision, so who knows when they'll get to it.

sechen43 | 2019年10月4日

My MS will not display my collaborative playlists but will show standard playlists. If I change a collaborative playlist to a standard playlist on my PC (right click on playlist toggle on/off) it will then show up in the Tesla. If I then change it back to a collaborative playlist it disappears again in the Tesla. Seeing that most of my playlists are collaborative and shared among family and friends, this lack of functionality severely cripples the Tesla Spotify implementation from my point of view.

andrewsjra | 2019年10月4日

Yeah it’s a real bummer. Spent all night adding albums on my iPhone and it was all for nothing. Well at least for now it is until they fix this issue.

ricksli | 2019年10月4日

Same problem. Although they were there after the initial logon. However, adding albums from the Tesla Screen does work.

andrewsjra | 2019年10月5日

@Effopec I tried your suggestion of adding individual songs. It seems to have worked. The only problem I have now is Spotify caps the limit of liked songs to 10,000 so I reached my limit already 3/4 of the way through the albums I liked. Still better than Slacker but not as good as Apple Music which has no limit to adding albums and songs. Once the loading issue gets fixed and they add a better way to view artists alphabetically it will be awesome.

melmartin | 2019年10月5日

Spent an hour online with Spotify. They are really clueless. They told me the best way to use Spotify in the Tesla was to stream from your phone. So what's the purpose of the built in version? They got another guy in the conversation who told me Spotify only works on the Model S. Truly great customer service. If you like uninformed people.

terrymaniatis | 2019年10月5日

I read somewhere that playlists with greater than 400 songs will not sync. Have not confirmed this but my playlist is quite large and won't sync.

danagoulet5 | 2019年10月5日

All my list synced to the new upgrade, however i hit play and it plays one song and then it loses the connection, and the circle just keeps spinning.... even over wifi. is this happening to anyone??

calvin940 | 2019年10月5日

I think that a playlist that exceeds 400 songs likely does not subscribe to the spirit of a playlist.

R3d0x | 2019年10月5日

I have the same problem. Library entries on my IOS devices are all shared but not on the Model 3. Strangely, I liked a song in my car and that song showed up immediately on my IOS device.

Hopefully an OTA will take care of this.

arnaldo | 2019年10月5日

For everyone that is having issues on not seeing you spotify playlist like myself the solution is to right click on top of your playlist and make it public. Playlist has to be public to show on your tesla playlists. Good luck TINO

melmartin | 2019年10月5日

Good idea, but my playlists are set to public.. they still don't make it to the Tesla... and still, and albums I save fail to appear on the Tesla. When I save an album on the Tesla, it vanishes in a few hours.

Obviously not the way this system should work...

grossman.irwin | 2019年10月7日

Playlists from my Spotify premium account all sync with Spotify on my Model 3 (V10), but albums and artists do not as yet. Note that the Spotify app on my phone syncs with the Tesla Spotify app and streams directly to it.

peter | 2019年10月7日

I usually login Via-facebook which is not an option.
i had to login resetting Spotify device password
None of my playlists showed up. Nothing.

Noost | 2019年10月8日

Same problem. Spotify won’t sync. When logging out and in again the playlists are reloaded but the albums are not.

Sjohnson1975 | 2019年10月9日

I’ve been using the + button to add favorite songs to the songs folder in the car. I saved around 70 of them so far. But for some reason even though I picked 70, the list starts repeating after the last song that was added. So when I have the shuffle button on it plays a bunch of the same songs since they are repeated in the list. I can’t figure out how to fix.

ultimatearin | 2019年10月9日

Have my Spotify Premium custom playlists sorted on Android app and Chrome Browser alphabetically. As I add new songs, they go to the very end of the playlist in my M3. So I have my playlist as of last week sorted alphabetically in the car, but then the last ~25 songs I added are all at the very end of the playlist in the car (instead of being mixed in alphabetically). No issues on Android or Chrome Browser (Windows PC), but the car will not grab the new songs and sort them into the playlist alphabetically. I've tried toggling the sorting no the app/browser, then sorting back, no matter what the playlist in the car is stuck the way it is. Also tried logging out, logging in, etc. and nothing seems to work.

conlaoch | 2019年10月10日

danagoulet5 yes its happening to me too. paylists sync, album images load, but when i hit play it plays one song and then it loses the connection, and the circle just keeps spinning.

dgstan | 2019年10月10日

FWIW - I'm seeing the same behavior as melmartin. If I save an album using the Tesla interface, it might show up in the "favorites" list or it might not. It might be there for a while, then disappear. However, whatever I add in the car shows up on the Spotify app on my phone and the web interface on my laptop.

Also, when starting the car, Spotify is always hung, even though the car is within WiFi range. Spotify will not play until I hit the reload button (the circular arrow over the album art), at which point, it starts the album all over again, despite where I left off.

This is a shame. I was hoping for a more seamless interface. I've got a six month free trial (Thanks AT&T!), so I hope they get it ironed out. After playing entire albums, I'm not sure I could go back to Slacker.

BTW - If you're on AT&T, log into your account on their page and got to the "My Offers" page. You should see a link for six free months of Spotify Premium. You might have to make a new Spotify account if you've had a free trial previously.

toddwolenski | 2019年10月11日

Same issue. All Albums will not fully sync. Can't tell if what is syncing is an old cache of my library or if my current library is being cut off/capped on the car. But it always starts about midway into my library and doesn't include any of the new albums i've added in the last few months. Very odd. I've been just using spotify connect via my iphone to play in car. Sounds wayyyyyyyy better than connecting via bluetooth.

melmartin | 2019年10月11日

The worst part is I got on a chat with Spotify, where she followed an irrelevant script. She insisted Tesla is the problem. and I dropped a note to Telsa, so far unanswered. I always though software was actually tested a few times before release... it's not like these are obscure features.

bhein1973 | 2019年10月15日

Same issue here. It frequently stops playing and the loading circle spins. Maybe because it's a new adaptation to the Tesla software? I have faith they will resolve the compatibility issues though. (I hope anyways, because I really like Spotify). I hope the full Spotify Library becomes available so I can tune into my Podcasts. It seems like it's half finished to me. It has to be on Tesla. I doubt that Spotify has much to do with integration.

dgstan | 2019年10月15日

The latest update made it much worse. Hangs when just driving down the road. When I park, I get the "loading circle" and have to change to another source and then back to Spotify if I want to get it working again. Of course, you lose where you left off.

I've got a free six-month trial, so they've got some time to iron out the problems.

ultimatearin | 2019年10月16日

Does anyone know if there's simply a way to sort a Playlist you're in alphabetically A-Z? While you're in your Tesla? Seems like from the Spotify web interface there's not an option, from the desktop app there is, from the Android app there is. Kinda frustrating having playlists in different orders on your phone than in your car than on your desktop.. not entirely Tesla's fault here.. If I'm missing something, please let me know!

miles267 | 2019年10月17日

Also experiencing the dreadful Spotify performance with constant dropping of connectivity and spinning circle indicator. Works after a system restart, but not long before the issue returns. I love Spotify but consider it unusable. Am on 2019.32.12.2, hoped it would improve, but has not.

travismccracken11 | 2019年10月17日

Anyone see 2 dots over the letter "o" in the word "Spotify" in their Model an accent mark? I can't figure out why I have it but from other pics I've seen, everyone else doesn't.

dgstan | 2019年10月17日

miles - I agree completely with you. It's certainly not something I'm going to put up with on a daily basis, let alone actually subscribe to. I hope they get it working, but there doesn't seem to be too much outcry.

Every time I get back in the car, it has no memory of what I was listening to. I either have to search for the album again or just start over with something else.

miles267 | 2019年10月18日

dgstan, I tried again this morning and the experience was worse than the time before. Had to reboot the car before I left the driveway just to start a song in Spotify. After it played 2 songs, I was unable to even restart the same two songs without the spinning circle. So far, I've found a restart to be the only option between Spotify. Surely there's a better way?

synfendia | 2019年10月22日

Known Common Issues in Tesla's Spotify App:
(these are definite *bugs*, not just the lack of wanted features)

1) Voice Command Search - Voice command search does not always work. Type in the search and it appears. Voice search with the same criteria and, although the voice-to-text accurately captures the search, it yields no search results. One work around is to play a song from a Spotify playlist, then try searching again. Sometimes that seems to reset the search function.

2) Album/Artist/Playlist Sync - The Tesla app does not stay in sync with the albums, artists, or playlists that you Favorite in another app. These items will appear if you access your Spotify account from another device (e.g. your phone) but not necessarily on the Tesla app. Sometimes there is a sync delay. Sometimes it never brings items over. There doesn't seem to be a pattern as to why it works or doesn't work. No known work around.

3) Locks up during playback- While playing a song from Spotify, the app may stop playing the song. Sometimes it looks like it is playing a song, showing track progress, but nothing comes out of the speakers even while at full volume. Other times it just gives the spinning donut and never plays. The known workaround for this is to start a song from Slacker and then go back into Spotify and try again.

dd | 2019年10月22日

To me this feels like a serious "beta" release and not quite ready for primetime. Frankly, I'd simply be happy to be able to use voice commands to tell it to play a song, without it having to subsequently require me to tap on the resulting search results (distractedly) and hit "song" and then a song choice. With my iPhone/Apple Music it's as simple as "hey siri, play x" and it generally plays (albeit with what I perceive to be inferior sound quality via Bluetooth compared to the built-in Spotify, at least when Spotify is working). I do hope they'll address the issues with Spotify and improve it's utility (happy it's at least there now, though!)
- D.D.

msjs45414 | 2019年10月23日

We are on the 90 day thing with Spotify and have yet to get it to work in our X. It seems curious that Spotify is pointing at Tesla since unresolved issues will result in people cancelling Spotify.