drivers seat cushion removal?

drivers seat cushion removal?

I have been having a ton of problems with the driver's seat as the bucket seats seam to pinch a nerve causing a lot of sciatic pain. I purchased a used seat bottom on ebay and am having it modded. does anyone know how i go about removing the bottom seat cushion so i can put the new one on when its done?

RedShift | 2019年10月4日

This guy removed all seats and reupholstered them. Great for anyone looking to do modifications of seats for the Model 3.

scotilac1 | 2019年10月4日

@RedShift awesome, thank you. this looks like its going to be a big project.

mknewman | 2019年10月7日

I have some damage on the edge where my pants rub and was thinking about trying to replace just the bottom. I think I'll forget that for now.

lbowroom | 2019年10月7日

I would advise taking it to any competent vehicle upholstery shop.

scotilac1 | 2019年10月10日

@Ibowroom meh. i got this. maybe ill make my own youtube video.